ZTE Sponsor Interview

My name is Li Guozhen. We always talk about leading 5G innovations. 5G expands the usage of those human-centric and emotional-centric communications including the intelligent manufacturing, the virtualX, AR, VR also cloud games. ZTE has established a solid
cooperation with over 60 operators globally. We have an understanding, how to
help our customers to build an ideal 5G network. We think this event is helpful and very important. We all know that South Korea is the first country to commercially launch 5G And now Japan and China. Yearly investment of telecom in
this region is around a 35% of the investment globally. As a major global standard contributor,
ZTE has submitted more than 7,000 proposals. We are keeping on research and
development on 5G technologies including wireless, 5G core, the bearer network, terminals and also chipsets. ZTE also takes the lead of 5G technology massive MIMO We are ready and willing to serve our customers with ZTE’s leading 5G end-to-end solutions. And helping people to enjoy
the digital life.

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