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  1. Marxist monsters definitely have to be cultivated , I don't even see this adhorant Nature in the animal kingdoms species of cold blooded reptilians

  2. Marxism has nothing to do with culture, it’s a economic theory that can be applied to most cultures as long as they have some sort of labor system.

  3. I would think cultural marxism is a kind of marxism which deals a lot about issues such as ideology, art and more general mass or socialized culture rather than with economics or with a restricted politological lens. As such authors such as Marcuse, Benjamin, Adorno, Horkheimer, but also Fredric Jameson, Terry Eagleton, Mikhail Bakhtin, Antonio Gramsci, Raymond Williams and others like them and of course Marx´s own work "The German Ideology". The phrase cultural marxism as used within the western right wing is to me more of a superficial peyorative internet meme than anything else used mostly by people who have never in their life read an actual single paragraph by those previously mentioned authors.

  4. Well Zizek misses the dialectic. You can acknowledge that capitalist society is wrong and its overcome is necessary but at the same time criticise the Regressive left of the 68' movement which falls back behind capitalism.


    facepalm. Its just a matter of privilege. most 1st world socialists do act out of guilt and don't want to move away from capitalism. its not because of some conspiracy or some spooky shit, its because they're mostly petit bourgeois- being net beneficiaries of globalisation, imperialism and the global class division between the core of capitalism and its exploited peripheries.

  6. For another take on Cultural Marxism go to (Cultural Marxism and the Alt-Right) Youtube William Kay


    UE PARLAMENT!!! SPINELLI was Trotskyist (most deadly Communism the
    same like in North Korea, Cambodia etc) There is two major school of
    Marxism. Trotskyists want to revolt a society against authority by using
    terrorist, strike, false ideas to cause economic sabotage to push
    desperate masses of poors against authoryty, then take over the country,
    then use terror against people. Look ZSSR, North Korea more than 500
    000 000 Murdered People! They can't do that in Europe because "Miracle
    at The Wisla River" western and eastern Marxist were marching to unite
    to take over and start terror on ruined Europe after IWW, only Poland
    was bettwen them and decided to fight for justice and freedom, everyone
    were sure they will lose it but Miracle on the Wisla River turn fate of
    war, they started pushing Commies back to their "Lenin''s utopia pit"
    One of the most important war of all times for many historians. Polish
    saved the planet from fall into ages of darkness, that is why they call
    that MIRACLE) also thanks to USA occupation of western europe after
    IIWW, and finally industrial develop (people lifed fine, so no enought
    angry people to use them for murdering) Marxist loses, so they
    transformed to Democrats. Soviets transfered revolutionary, money,
    weapon, ideas and drugs to whole world but especially to western Europe.
    Rudi Dutschke found idea of "great march through institution" instead
    of standard leftist terrorism, that was few decades ago. Also Altiero
    Spinelli organized base of European Union (that is why so much commes
    are there) like I said, they always want Europe but can't win by terror
    so they decided to take over universities, media, subcultural (thanks to
    soviet's money) Then they easly won democratic election just by
    promised free money, or other fair talles. Left plan is 1) use
    sexual/race minorities against their own nation (REPRESIVE TOLERANCE is
    just camuflage for persecution) 2) destroy patriarchy family model to
    cause demographic injury (in 2017 women born non enought babies in
    europe, average 1.4 per woman, to survive every nation need >2.1)
    Lack of workers they fixing by imigration from africa/asia 3)
    Multiculturalism is needed to divide people create
    cultural/race/religion conflicts, terrorist, violent, martial law
    4)sexual education for babies to injury their motivation to get work or
    study. Also injury production by high taxes, demoralize people by
    benefits. Making more poors. Because they want MARTIAL LAW, they need
    terror violent, rapes. Nations will give up their freedom and accept New
    Ultra Totalitarism. They knew people will run away from their "utopia"
    or struggle it. Marxists always understand the final stage is Global
    Goverment to take over the planet in order to erase idea of freedom,
    wipeout it from history and language, erase any diffrent perspective.
    George Orwell was naive anarchist but he saw how creapy next stages of
    marxism look like, so he wrote a book " year 1984"" in hope to wake up
    other naive leftists. His book was so similar to Marxist's utopia so guy
    who translated it in eastern europe was afraid to get murdered by
    Commies! Marxists want to build utipian society, so they example tried
    to breed human with APES! to breed perfect slave for their utopia. No
    place to run away, nowhere to hide if they ever succeed. There are two
    types of leftists: 1) Naive good useful tools like LGBT, Ecologists or
    Workers(many of them were murdered by Marxists when they late woke up)
    2) people who doing that for power and also really hate us like
    pedophiles (we opressing them for their sexual preference, just look at
    pizza gatesUSA or englandhouse of lords pedophile bordels afairs) but
    who really know?

  8. Sounds a lot like his fair trade coffee spiel (where people only buy fair trade coffee to alleviate their capitalist guilt). I feel like Zizek often applies his own cynicism/guilt to all emotional exchanges. "When people complain, they are really complaining about how good life is"….

    …I think in this clip he is entirely ignoring the 1960s civil rights backdrop for the Frankfurt school's writing (as well as their focus on anti-fascism). Of course; that's another thing about Zizek – he's a Stalinist, so that fascism of his occasionally manifests. Much like his view that to get to know someone of another race you must joke with them about race.

    Don't know how the black panthers would have taken that. But again he is commenting from the modern era, and somewhat ignoring the cultural backdrop the frankfurt school were in (late 50s early 60s America, having just escaped the nazis and the holocaust).

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