Zero days – Security leaks for sale – Docu – 2014

44 thoughts on “Zero days – Security leaks for sale – Docu – 2014

  1. those who sell zero days to goverments are rat dickheads. Why not sell it to the Red-Hat, mozilla, google but not goverments – they do not maintain any project, but just wanna spy on agorists, crypto-anarchists or just peeps they don't like, terrorism is just a cloak.

  2. VPRO makes some of the best documentaries i've seen, great topics great coverage. The ones on high speed trading/Wall Street are awesome.

  3. Already happening, Locky ransomware virus has attacked mulitple hospitals. TOR is a very real problem. The pluses unfortunately dont outweigh the very real negatives.

  4. I agree that the guy talking at the shooting range is a "cyber analist"

  5. the woman narrator in the beginning has the kind of voice/accent that would normally irritate me, but it doesn't, it's really perfect for the job.

  6. "As long as humans write the code, there always be vulnerabilities in code"…well not for long. My intuition tells me that we are very close to the point when computer algorithms can write their own code or at least update it dynamically.

  7. I find it incredible that nuclear reactors' use a computing system that leaves them vulnerable to attacks
    from outside the facilities. Wouldn't it be much wiser and safer to operate using a main-frame inside the facility only system?

  8. Very interesting, but hard to follow if all you want is to put it in the background and listen. It's mostly in Dutch, which is quite annoying.

  9. sorry but it was only you not bothering about the whole issue we knew it already in the early 90´s that this will come up one day as it is today , don´t sleep so much ( it´s not healthy and you loose track of the important developments in the cyber area ) i would say a little bit outdated documentary

  10. Why didn't you attribute STUXNET to its creators, the US and Israel, the documentary spends a good deal of time attributing viruses to 'online criminals' but not a peep about who produced STUXNET and why…a rather glaring omission, if I may be so bold, sir.

  11. Absolutely nothing less than appreciation for this unparalleled, and incredibly made resource for humanity. You have my support.

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