Zakk Wylde’s new Epiphone Graveyard Disciple guitar

You’re getting better!
>>Oh yeah working on it brother. the blood thinners are kicking in.
>>This is Joe Bosso with Music Radar and I’m here with Zakk Wylde, guitarist extrodinaire,
fashion plate, master tweeter, blood clot survivor, sex change err…
>>Survivor.>>Survivor. How are you doing Zakk.
>>I’m doing good brother.>>Fantastic, well we are here to take a look
at your brand new creation, the Epiphone Graveyard Disciple guitar.
>>Oh yes, yes.>>Now you’re of course primarily known as
a Les Paul player so this is a radical change for you.
>>The guys said that, I mean for me it was a, what the guys did, I mean I’ve been working with Gibson before
Epiphone and they did the, obviously when they made the ZV, it’s like a SGV foreign BTEC, Obviously I’ve been playing Flying V
for a bit now and obviously, I mean, I just love guitars. my Les Paul’s so. The way this thing came
about was pretty exciting, we were sitting around, just talking old guitars, Billy Gibbons did the
The Bo Diddley guitar, the guitar got well you know, it got off lightly, it’s like that’s the whole
charm of the guitar so umm, but I’ve just been looking at things on ebay and Vintage
Guitar magazine, just old guitars and stuff like that. I just really liked these odd shaped
moulds, like 50’s 60’s guitars and stuff like that, almost like the uglier the better. It
was just for s**ts and giggles buying new guitars. I was sitting there hanging out one
day with my buddies, I was looking for like an old, a bo diddley thing or something, I don’t know if
they sold them, I was just thinking about just picking up one of the Billy Bo things, Billy
Gibbon’s guitar, just buy one of those, move around on it, jam, just see like I would if
I was on tour I mean it’s a great guitar. So I was just talking with the guys over at
epiphone. I got this merchandise company Bravado ended up giving us for halloween, they ended
up making this coffin with a black label logo on it and then on the inside of it was was
a bunch of lollypops with song titles on it; House of Doom, Damage is Done, all the songs,
it was beyond amazing, the whole thing. So I ended up taking that, put it on a piece of paper
the coffin, the coffin shape and just put a guitar neck on it and everything, took a
picture of it and sent it to Ephiphone and said ‘guys, do you think you could make a
guitar out of this?’. I was just doing it for s**ts and giggles for them to make me
something but they did an amazing job with the thing and basically what it is, the body
is just like a Gibson SG, so this is all mahogany, just one piece. Then the neck is just like
my Les Paul’s, it feels like a Les Paul, like a classic one, it’s a bit thinner and flatter
so the thing feels great. It’s got an ebony fret board and then we’ve got maple on the
back. So I mean I love the guitar, they did an amazing job, so I’ve been jamming on this
thing most of the time.>>And you have the EMGs
>>The EMGs obviously in there and then you have the toggle switch up there and they also
put the kick stand on it. So you’re not going to be playing this thing sitting down.
>>I was going to say now, as primarily a Les Paul player was it odd for you to get used
to the feel of this guitar?>>Umm, no. When I sit down with it like this
it feels like you’re playing an SG, that’s what it feels like. But what’s special is
the neck you get every fret with this thing and for me it’s similar, sitting down playing,
I think if you ask anybody who plays an SG or anything or plays Les Paul’s if you sit
down with this thing, it feels more like an SG the way the neck feels in this position.
>>Now this is a special model that you have, right over here we have the production model.
>>Yeah. All I did was, hopefully down the line they’ll start making a production model
of this, it’s just with a metal front. I asked one of my buddies, who does a lot of guitars
to, he just stuck this on the front for me, but the production models are striaght up
with the pinstripe on it, it’s the same exact guitar I’m playing right now.
>>Absolutely looks beautiful, now you’re going to be playing on this tomorrow, halloween.
And I see you already have your clockwork orange look started right?!
>>Yeah, without a doubt. So tomorrow we’re hanging out with the New York chapter.
>>With Black Label Society.>>Yeah, so we’ll be knocking that out tomorrow,
so that ought to be, pretty much every one of our shows is a halloween only event, god
only knows what it’s going to be like tomorrow night. It will be pretty awesome.
>>Well it’s always a party, oh and by the way thanks very much for letting me beat you
at arm wrestling a few minutes ago, I do appreciate that!
>>No problem. You know it’s amazing I can even play right now, I think you broke something
maybe a fibia, meniscus or something, something’s broken.
>>Well Zakk before we go, why don’t you take us out with a little more jamming on the… [music]>>The guy’s getting better.
>>Working on it.>>Hey Zakk thank you very much, this is Joe Bosso with Music
Radar with Zakk Wylde, thank you very much buddy.

100 thoughts on “Zakk Wylde’s new Epiphone Graveyard Disciple guitar

  1. "hi, this is Zak Wylde *sniff, Ozzy Oz Bourne, Black Label Society, *sniff, yeah, this is a cool guitar, uh, for breakfast I usually eat small animals, you know, puppies and kittens, shit like that…*sniff, 'bout dinner time it's usually small children, you know….(guitar) WEEE WEEE WEEEEE E E E E EE E

  2. What is propably more bad-ass than playing a live show of Heavy fucken Metal with a Graveyard guitar?? and no im not advertising xD

  3. if you want diffrent sound of improvisation you must leave paentatonic scale for some time……or learn all 5 shapes not just one that help……and dont repeat lick that you now always you must learn new licks

  4. @anotherBluesBrother A scratch plate? Did you just ask for a scratch plate? I…I don't even have a comment to that.

  5. all the comments you are making is not good have you ever seen anyone else play a epiphone guitar on video? NO he does not mind taking a cheap guitar and showing it he does not need to to he has the gibson line give the guy credit for endorsing a cheaper line.

  6. @13isaacz1 thats what I thought, his playing sucks, he rapes the guitar. his playing looks like he's trying to destroy the guitar

  7. @MMZen

    I can't play any of the shit he plays probably, I don't give a flying fuck about his technical abilities. Being technically proficient doesn't mean you can write something I want to listen to.

  8. I love the guitar too…especially the whammy…I just met and saw Zakk the other day in Richmond…and the man stays true to his word…he does play with Epiphones live on stage…so he doesn't bullshit around…He plays everything he endorses whether live or backstage.

  9. I'm tired of seeing people bitch over Zakk only playing pentatonics…I don't think anyone realizes he only played guitar about 4 years before joining Ozzy…2 of which he had a minor stint of lessons…all these guys you guys bitch and compare him to like Vai…Satch…Guthrie Govan…all have had probably 3 times the years of experience playing and professional lessons under their belt and had the time to learn all these exotic scales everyone is crying about.

  10. Zakk took what he learned and ran with it…some of the best solos were written using Pentatonic Minor…the point is…he took a very aggressive…wide vibrato style of pentatonic playing and it made him famous…bottom line…if you don't like pentatonics or his playing…don't click on his videos just to bitch about it…go home, turn the lights down, and jerk off to some sweep picking.

  11. @1bol1: I just want everyone to know that the all mighty 1bol1 has spoken…everybody go on and disregard your own opinion and listen to whatever he says…

  12. aint afraid to say it but i think Zak is one of the most overrated players n is one of the many reasons why most gutiar products today sound like shit n mass-produced.

  13. its sounds a lot more metal. not the genre but the sond is metallic. you get a lot of high end with it. i want one… alot

  14. @6672rock yeah you should really give him advice seeing as how he's one of the premier lead guitar player's in the world and you're…. probably working at k-mart.

  15. If you bitch about his technique …go watch something else

    I'd rather watch this guy who next to his playing also has a entertaining quality then watching steve vai play a 13 minute long solo which sounds like a song you hear on your gameboy

  16. i don't get y people make fun of zakk wylde and slash and people like that for using the pentatonic scale when jimmy page, jimi hendrix, and eric clapton, tony iommi, and pretty much every other guitarist from the late 60s and early 70s used the pentatonic scale more than zakk wylde or slash

  17. Funny how Zakk mysteriously went from a hair mettle bitch to being the southern tough guy with a thick accent when he started with Oz he had no accent at all.

  18. I can understand his appeal. He was already a metal musician who knew only speed picking and squicking sounds, and now he has a butt ugly guitar just to get a bit more fame. Honestly there are a lot worse metal musician then him, but the whole modern metal thing in general is a joke. Black Sabbath was real metal. The metal we hear nowadays is just people pushing them amps high and trying to make the most noise possible while not always hitting them same note.

  19. lol 71 pouces négatifs lol !! les enfoirés !!
    bon certes, la guitare est juste affreuse, mais merde, c'est Zakk quand même !

  20. How do you come up with a dumb fucking idea like that. Then a companies is like yeah man, we will make this for you. Imagine you own a company. One of your employees said hey Boss let's invest time and money in this turd.

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