Zakk Wylde opowiada o strojeniu gitary (napisy PL)

all seven swindlers and I we’ve all for me what I’ll do is I’ll just take the of the low E and D tuning so whether we’re in love my drop D or I’ll drop drop it down to a B string but all the rest of those friends are too normal the only thing I do is just mess with lowly Paul I got a Down and B then the cores will be impedance all those scales on your normal position you know I mean usually do any crazy open you know open string tunings and stuff like that but I mean I can still play slide on my guitars you know I’m into action so I mean it’s not it’s not so load to the point you know otherwise if it’s too long I can’t get the pings you know they won’t pop out and you know for a long way and stuff but at the same time you know you don’t want the acts of ten feet all the thing you know so you’re playing as you said it like if you just specifically play slide guitar yeah you know so I said that I get it as low as I can without it either frettin out or and also it’s got to be especially for the low strings if you’re gonna be the pants everything that’s bid they’re never going to come out if he if you think authority well

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