Yves Saint Laurent + Octoly | Influencer Marketing Partnership

My name is Verane de Marffy and I am the Vice
President of Marketing at Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. So, the Octoly concept was very strong for me. It’s talking to micro-influencers on a broad scale in one shot. You know, when we think about
Yves Saint Laurent specifically, the biggest challenge for us is that
we’re a heritage brand. We’re a couture, upscale brand from France, etc. we’re not an indie brand so the fact that
my team can go in and have one place where they can manage their inventory,
message with the influencers, look at the profiles, build the pages I think is invaluable. Making sure that the people we can choose to engage
with our brand are the right people with the right image is a really critical thing for us. So, since we started working with Octoly,
we’ve seen a 50% uptick in influencer mentions which really goes to testify
to the performance of the Octoly platform. Certainly micro influencers are amazing, but when you have one that sticks out
and it has a brushfire effect and you get half a million views on a video I think that’s always really exciting
for the entire team. The faster we can get to the influencers
the faster the sales are going to be driven the faster we can actually create buzz and awareness. I think YSL Beauty prides itself on looking forward and I really believe the Octoly concept
is a concept of the future.

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