Ys VIII Full Playthrough (Part 30)

Leyna with the ancient coin as a gift
why are you giving me this for your hard work effort I feel like it I see going
with your gut is crucial even in the world of business wait a minute
you got your eye on me or something well joking aside these coins from the
kingdom of Eternia I bet I could get a mountain of gold if I sold it on the
mainland but since I won’t come across another one maybe I’ll hold onto it as a
keepsake Oh shocking you won’t sell it well I don’t know how else to describe
it other than a memento from this island I think it’s important to have feelings
like that and cherish them if you want a prof prosperous business anyway that
aside I bet this coin is extremely valuable if I show it to the collectors
I know I’d net a tidy profit then I wouldn’t have to work for several months
but don’t force yourself I’m not forcing
myself for anything I’ll try not to think about it thank you a doll I’ll
keep it as a nice memento okay cool so she’s at the limit now
sounds of thingy approval material sorry people out
okay so lakhs here still needs to go grades so hard at the max Hummels really
Sonia to star the code is free star Donna’s only up one star bogey max on
Allison on star an edge to Stark a friend three stars on Dina two stars and
Erin I didn’t want to try and get them all to max approval oh you can actually
upgrade the approval of the bird yeah I did have the maximum approval off the
captain but rip I didn’t get the maximum approval on so Carlin because I didn’t
finish that quest for him rip my fries been so long hey good fellow you doing
buddy long time no she how are you okay let’s see I didn’t know we could actually talk to
the parents those are odds are the max already right to bogey we got crimson bracelet nice next
the jury witnesses in the game of the capture caught by the way so let’s give
him the patronal badge good man had just been broke for a few weeks
damn bills I got a Reis up to 14 when I get the money again yeah you know
believe me I’ve been there know that feeling yeah
thankfully I’m finally getting out of that cycle but it wasn’t easy I only
took like what a whole year and I’ll present an errand with the Roland badge
as a gift this is it was on the beach I see if this washed ashore then that must
mean my colleague must have been killed by the nameless before he boarded rip if
only I had arrived a little bit sooner what was he like you’re buying into my
business – he was Paul was a very skilled man he was soft he always said
that if I don’t act more friendly towards others I’ll have a hard goal of
things he got promoted and then passed away soon after so anyway I should give
this to those he left behind thank you okay so now Aaron is at the
max cos you I don’t think cash you can be
upgraded let’s see you’re missing one person you could have
got from chapter one she is in the water and Forest Hills oh really
whoops is it too late now for water on Forest Hills we’re forests where is Forest Hills
nameless sure coral forest how is that what these colors mean like the yellow
and the red or is that just my imagination water and forest hills
I haven’t actually gone there yet where you supposed to have gone there in
chapter one anyway let’s quickly teleport to here so I can get this egg
delivery quest over with is this like Sur code and um I don’t know does anyone else know was I supposed to go to the water and
he’ll falls I’ll go there after this let me just do the same class get over here Capri Rebecca mixin pruno hunger Gavin busier by men are usually under a
night to collect okay in this game is I think they’ll have the limit is like 20
or something yeah I will go to the wards and Forest
Hills NSA let me just finish this quest yes y-you go now will you’ll die before
you can switch characters anytime you like
hello I can switch between my PI members as I wish and you can also change who is
in your party so this I’ve got six people available at the moment and I’ve
chosen the girls just because they’re better tank thank you for the host buddy
we show you okay so she’s the best in this area
partly is there a main character yeah it’s a
gold crystal and the car was a red path also this go over the coal played
he’s Donna she’s like her name’s in the title of the game so she’s obviously
incredibly important to the story I don’t want to spoil too much if you
haven’t played it come on I miss remedy isn’t home in spermatic
why is quite poor anyway I need to I assume climb up and
up and up so I can put the egg No test oh right fish thank you listen to me I am your master Oh Samson II have able to pull off this
thing I’ll make sure I got the treasure chest
on the way back off he for the fall off preciate here so I spoke more of this weight that’s is that the
and that spicy late everybody thank you there’s a master could this be the place the Petrus oars
nest that we were looking for yes the pan of eggs match is this where Farva
was captured oh yeah forgot about that how does an egg fall into an ocean from
here maybe some pretzel saw tried to steal them rang a species seemed to fly
a lot back in my time I see anyways my duty is Falls all right said sir hoping you dollars
going well for you yeah it’s all good dude
I know let’s get out it’s gonna know that we return the egg
suspect be nice to us his fine King Bravo yes it
looks like it I can’t believe it well it looks like it was worried about
his egg they calm down you can actually safely now this be a lesson to keep your eyes we’ve got a life of except oh this is I
guess this is my reward they’re communicating that’s amazing
this Petrus or knows that homo is a nice person
ha that’s my brother she completed
we got five energy stars okay so now we have to go down I guess
there’s no fall damage in this game we just finished in core in the cave and
then I’ll go to the farm also in the Pentium Plains there’s a
bonefire next to the dinos in the water that used to help to find another person
a the pangaean Plains okay but when I get there let me do the
first one and then we’ll look for the second one yes that’s open Thanks Oh I thought down oh really okay by the test of their ah crap as for the hardest buddy preciate you
it’s like we split it sad I wonder if I should get like a wee splatty enough
I saw the host guys are really appreciative I get to this free can I like actually like tiptoe across a
green doubt I can’t my wife I wonder if I have to go all the
way to the top then just like jump down the right way okay I need to go higher thank you buddy vishay here right where is how am I supposed to get all the way
over there to that chest any opinions guys oh is that wine and I
like climb off it ah crap okay bleh stars Delta but now I know vomit it’s a
by a place as possible and I’ll let’s all the way there if I can okay from here maybe
let’s see if I can make it yeah we got a Saints ring Jesus is active half SP costs okay oh my god fuck dammit this game was supposed to come out on
Steam last month first on the house yeah yeah they delayed it because they wanted
to make sure the optimization was done properly for PC they didn’t want to pass
it because when I played ease origins on PC like it was lucky that I call it
working I say where’s when things are on PlayStation they just work which is good let’s try this again I just when I get
to an area I don’t want to have to come back to it that’s why crap fuck damn it mother F stop it
slut no no no lesbians I like I had made it I just had to do
nothing and I press a button one more time and I shouldn’t have got even
another release they announced yet now they just want to make sure it’s right I don’t even know about tree is for but
I’m assuming it’s for the acceleration percentage was I evil for that okay
they’re actually following me off the mountain are they that determined to going if they come up here let’s try again yeah boy that was worth it thoughts okay
so where did you say this thing was I think we did find someone in this
place Italy so let me scroll up to what you said before so also in the plains
there’s a bonfire next to the Dinos in the water that’s used I’ll find another
person I think I think I’ve already got that person car number especially young to know the name of the person
that’s here in this area right you summer took me nice do you have Silvia take a look no I do not they’re saying there’s a campfire next
to this water Wow okay Jax are they purring at what you were cursing at the hut so I have to
do something like mega mega jump to get on a little platform if they if you fail
you fall all the way down to the ground I was falling down this on the southeast side I don’t know where the southeast side is
so I’m just gonna is that is just is next to water right as carry-on as a campfire over there
it’s compiler let me booboo for Fox
I was not mopped I literally couldn’t move yeah so this is a bonfire we saw before it
looks like someone was here but yeah it’s still letting off heat it’s a
bonfire maker still nearby yes that possibility is high let’s search around
here okay so I got that bonfire now what don’t run those one better it’s fishing on a treasure chest let’s got this treasure chest the treasure is have you stretched the
last part hello have you stretched yes I have thank you I suggest big poem okay so I’ve opened the map now what do
I do so finally another treasure chests here
hello are these two areas up here that means something these question marks on the we go to those question before I go any far this whole thing
hopeful green let me just check what those question
marks are before I do anything I know they’re probably just beautiful
places but whatever guys we got this location thank you for the host free host how
many hosts today like four or five pre take you guys thank you very much there’s a lot of tasty fruit here this
place is if is in the place where you were feeding fruit to the animals Danna
yes it seems like the Seas from the fruit I gave them fell to the ground on
flourish I never expected that to happen anyway let’s put them to good use
yeah let’s take a lot of with us brother there would be two dinosaurs wouldn’t
company oh so did we find the master of bonfires
I believe so but she appears to be much older than I expected her to be oh my I finally met another person were
you the passengers on the Bombardier I don’t told the elder everything that has
happened since the ship was attacked I see so this island is called the Isle of
siren a lot has happened but now there is a possibility of escaping that’s
great yes so please do not worry being alone is dangerous you should come
to the village watch out all right it’s a beast don’t worry leave this to
me what do you mean well the finally she’s a powerful elder
huh our thing is finished rejoice everyone
tonight we feast who are you thank you for the meal and that’s how
every young person should I okay there Sophia there you go thank you buddy
ah she’s a Claudia interesting if only she wasn’t so old a but so
gladiate from the Colosseum no wonder you’re so strong well she’s a wicked old
lady that enormous blade and silver hair that flutters like wings you must be the
silver health horn oh you’ve heard of me the Silver Hawk is an undefeated
gladiator you’re a famous hero of the Coliseum well you must be a terrific
person you feel the same as my master now but that was all in the past anyway
since there is a village near here I think I would like to join so I’ll start
heading over there now you guys be no deal so we have sylvia and a team now
now looking at this area it says says one more treasure chest I’m missing just
one and I wonder where it is if it’s like also buried at sea somewhere let’s see if we can find out where the
last treasure chest is let’s examine the water it’s the last thing I need and then this
place will be a hundred percent then I can go find the 20th person are you guys gonna miss this game when I
finish with it I’ll miss but on to the next yes they have plenty of other
things I’m trying not to get overly excited
about my Odyssey with your chest
I was a treasure chest hiding from memory where would I be hiding the
stupid question yeah the water might not even be on the Waldos top of the hill
they may be missed treasure chest we’re poor out now okay there’s anyone new so if you look
at my map I found these free so one here one here one here does anyone know where
the fourth treasure chest is in this area anyway before I worry about that crap
let me just simply try and find the 20th person wherever they may be so we need
to do we have to go there anyway for the story destination so let’s go there so
nostalgic Cape I’ve not found the burner I even off I have to go through the Cape
for my after just backtrack a bit whatever Costas coke I already held our thing but whatever okay there was a cave we went into we
avoided actually lost my mommy huh we didn’t go into this cave did we he’s
okay given there’s a lot of white crates and
stuff in here I assume that there’s a person or pirates awesome is that the pirate ship right there the
ghost ship yeah that’s the ghost ship so we don’t want to go there just yet but
we know the way we need to go for the sake of the story so that cave is where
we go for the school okay so this is where we found Alison’s
of yeah so we have to back back a bit oknot
even but I can teleport straight there when
we want to carry on the story that’s not a problem
let’s backtrack a bit okay it might be up
there is a passageway that we missed what we avoided last time because we
didn’t want to go there yet a lot eggplants I read my mo number five you
but it’s up here that we go towards a forest you’re talking about yeah so this
is the water in Forest Hills so you said there’s someone in here
right it’s dangerous since we can’t see we have to be careful what the level 24
so whatever the question mark up here we can unblock this tree cool cutscene Oh so we found the camp oh this is the
tarpaulin and on a hatch roof it looks like a recent addition there’s no one in
sight I’m so glad that there are others here I hope she’s a cook sorry that was
uncalled for I stepped out to get some edible plants but don’t worry about me so this is a morale finally have a chef ship on my way back
from buying some ingredients but you guys were passengers on the Lombardy
right don’t introduce everyone explained the
situation to Mirada okay so this is a deserted island and no one not just any
Island the Isle of siren but still I’m glad that there are others in the same
situation as me so you’re a doll so bright red hair you must be the brave
young man from the ship who fought off the monster he looks so cool that at the
time anyway it looks as though you’ve been living a rather eventful life out
here yeah lucky for me I still have my favorite cooking knife twelve a
restaurant know of a wife is ground huh that’s for sure
men are helpless in any argument with their wife I’ve heard that such women
are extra tough I’m worried about my husband but I’m more worried about my
children I hope all six of them are safe and well indeed I also hope that your
six chil what you mean to tell me that you’ve given birth to six children I’ve
kept that figure can’t believe you’re married bold wife
thank you so I want to join castaway village right away cooking cleaning
laundry leave all the household chores to me why don’t I find out like three
years ago I asked to rank for the host buddy
SoDo called doggie over and asked what that he guide them around the back to
cast away that so we have about 20 people now right so yeah we have 20 cool
so we can finally unblock this thing right there
though we we got to this place like near the beginning of the game but we can
finally unblock it anyway save all right okay I just want to finish exploring
this area because I’ve know I’ve only got to 27% explore than there’s free
treasure chests in this area as well so if I just finished exploring it then
I’ll get to back to castaway village like I said the mobs on line level 24
here so it’s not a big deal fine bite I just don’t care I don’t like the client waste them off fishing ooh
fishing that treasure chest as well fine fine I don’t care stop hiding is 20 the maximum by the way but you can
have any one time or is there more nice Wow hello 56 so it must have been
dangerous when your first like to say level 20 going in the same about age 24 interesting mouth they will level 56
malts in an area with other like 24 yes I like gatekeeper reviving him really but my house let’s not forget so
my pictures motivational here on that okay wonderful gang some of these hills
because I’m flying level and physics moment me the malt Oh okay own if there’s any light holds enough
forces with this game also helps your lungs athlete I’ve never forty-five mice oh yay
so obviously the giving good exp if I’m leveling off that quake water be we got something it must’ve L something okay what else so let’s check the map again 66%
explored wrong I seem to remember this place yeah this
is the Shan jungle right yeah so I’ve already done that – two more treasure
chests in this area well whatever now that I’ve got 20 people let’s clear out
that entrance let’s see what happens I think this is the way so we got here
so close to the beginning of the game can finally get through it after all
these years okay Wow nice there we go loving
of the three about to close right so oh wow
apparently there’s still one treasure chest I haven’t caught yet
interesting where is unless it’s a place I requires
double-jump or something she comes up in of it there were some
areas I couldn’t get you without double jumping might be played before grounding this one as many areas hundred presented
as possible with your safe I’m my own we’re officially

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