Youtuber Putting Up A Fake Gofundme 😱For Bambi A Natureboy Member Of Carbonnation 😏

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okay so listen for the people is in the chair I’m not going to put anybody who
wants read with them but if you want to show some questions I’ll read them all
and then they can answer them as they choose Lucar
and so we can clear all of the air and there will be any any room for those
people who like the console and try to figure it out and got big you know
cutting they trying to figure out what’s wrong why not all the wisdom so I’m a
highlight some oh okay we’re gonna ask these questions we’ll deal with the
streamers later thank you for deep thank you everyone please send me your questions okay
back what I’d like you to do is actually if somebody will put my email up instead
of me trying to read all of these these message is going you don’t sin if
somebody will put my email up you’ll send me your questions and I’ll read
them all that way I know if I get you know a carload of reasonable men will do
you know a certain number of them and they they’re here I could turn off my
mic and just let them talk okay so if anybody would be so nice as to
this my email and that is it if you would like to send a question via email
for me to this beautiful true my lady see I like when she’s articulate I must
pray about me okay yeah I want you to do I want you to make
it clear make it cleaner and I think I think anybody Latonya John is talking
about nothing don’t fuck me or PayPal anything this
thing is saying please don’t donate to that if you would like to help them they
have their own cash and PayPal if you want to assist them you don’t have to go
through the tiger jaws that is alive we don’t need that if you want to help this
family give it to them directly an upper jaw to
make it very clear this is not just me saying it if that’s how you feel just
stated very clearly don’t give nothing on your job that’s a big you

12 thoughts on “Youtuber Putting Up A Fake Gofundme 😱For Bambi A Natureboy Member Of Carbonnation 😏

  1. This is so sad man they cry for there mom omg how could u do that I'm just stunned I would go crazy without my babies

  2. Mother instinct is to protect and die for our kids not abandon them and I'm happy they putting abandonment charges on her she deserves it this is unbelievable

  3. Fyi SL just so u know now your boy said in a live one day I caught that he don't mess with NB no more cuz he seen some stuff ppl sent him he can't agree with that's disturbing I told u none of his followers was playing it or sticking up for anything this nut job was promoting or saying !!! He was getting heat from the family is what happend!!!!!

  4. The thing is they needed 1000$ and raised 400 they need more I think we should all come together and do more fund raisers for them on other channels

  5. I feel so bad for them they gotta move now to a bigger house just to go to court to follow through because the court will say they don't have room at the current place smh look what this whack job is doing to families

  6. ✌🏿SL πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’—

  7. Question….if Bambi was already living there with the kids paying them 100….Why did they have to get the kids in school…N why now with one person down…do they need a bigger place? It's a messed up situation but I believe their going to say whats needed for the donations!! At first he said they use to her running off and they put a stop to Bambi getting the check….whos getting the money now?

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