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HEY! What’s up ya’ll!? I bet you’re wondering what that “join” button is on our YouTube channel. YouTube has recently launched “Channel Memberships” and you can now become a member of our YouTube channel! BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN!!!? For about the cost of a cup of coffee you’ll get EARLY ACCESS to our music videos. Behind the scenes videos! FREE mp3’s and karaoke tracks of our music! Access to our Discord Server. Exclusive badges and emoji’s JUST for our YouTube channel members. This one’s our favorite. It’s a Twinkie. Also Earl’s face. Your support will help us make more videos and more music more often. It’ll help us pay for things like studio time, camera operators, and bread cream. BEARD cream. That’s a typo. There’s absolutely NO obligation to join and our videos will always be free to watch right here on YouTube But if you’re able and you’d like some extra VoicePlay goodness Consider becoming a Member of our YouTube Channel; we would ABSOLUTELY appreciate it. And we’ll see you right back here on YouTube. Thanks so much for watching! See ya!

47 thoughts on “YouTube Channel Membership! | VoicePlay

  1. I Wish I could join, but I don't have money, a shame you guys make amazing music and I can't support. Either way keep up the great work!

  2. Since I'm pretty early, when can I secure my copy of the next album? 🤔🤔🤔 It better have trapped on it. Also love you guys and keep up the amazing work!!! -That one long-haired kid from the Lied Center Concert

  3. @VoicePlay – How does this relate to Patreon? Is there any overlap? The messaging optics of having both don't really go over well.

  4. As soon as i get paid ill try and join. I have to see how much I have left over. I am already a patron for you guys but would love the exclusives here too.

  5. Ugh…. I LOVE VoicePlay, and I really wanna support you guys on Patreon, but I am Not allowed to donate $1 per month… It's called: Parents 😭😭🤬😠

  6. Sooooo, I'm a singer and an aranger, doubled with a karaoke fanatic (I work in a karaoke bar 3 nights a week). What does a karaoke track mean for an A Cappella group? Is it juste the lead voice being out of the mix? Or could you choose your voice? Because my low baritone can't reach to Earl tenor…

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