Your Involvement… Your Success

I would recommend a student to try everything
that you can while you’re here because we have so many clubs. We have like 1600 or something clubs. We have clubs for every single person, every single identity,
every single type of interest that you have. We also have different programs. We have different, like work experiences, on- campus. We have just different experiences that faculty and professors are interested in your life. There are so many
different initiatives that go on here as far as like, inclusion goes, being talkative,
outgoing, hard-working. I am an active part of the dance community on-campus
and there’s a very large dance community not only through, you know, the hip-hop
modern genre, but also through ballroom, through interpretive jazz. Just again,
diversity in the sphere of dance and so being able to express oneself in a
different manner in various different manners I think it’s very important. There are people here that are much more
open minded they’re much more accepting of others and that’s what I think I took
away from coming to Stonybrook. It’s my mentality that’s changed and that’s
something that is special about Storybrook. We make a very huge effort here to be very diverse, very inclusive of different backgrounds, and I think that
reflects in both the students and the University and the way the faculty
treats students and one another. If you’re speaking up, they’ll listen,
because Stonybrook is here for students. It’s here for for your education so if
you can just raise your voice and say, “Hey, you know what, I need this”. My reason for coming here with the MSA
on-campus. Like, I heard about the Muslim Student Association. I was like that’s
something I need to be a part of and I remember my freshman like week I was
looking around for this prayer room apparently that we have on-campus and where all these muslim
students are and stuff like that. And I found it. And you know I found like a group of people that could really relate to. And I felt included in like a family and I
didn’t feel like the minority anymore. I didn’t feel like oh I’m the only who’s different. I’ve never felt so involved in something
and like a part of something. I joined the LGBTA (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alliance) club we have on-campus, like about halfway through my first semester as a freshman and that’s really
helped to just have a community of people who have similar mindset. It’s
where I met that the people that I live with now in gender-neutral housing. Just to have that kind of base understanding is nice in a community. That was definitely a
positive. Pretty much networking is one aspect that I feel like Stonybrook
allowed me to hone in. So by networking with the, within the organization that I’m in now, networking with people and professors that I see. I’ve been able to get a job at the
administration building in the office of advancement. It’s good for like one type
of you to know another type. If you’re, say if you’re from the city and you’re from upstate that’s automatically should be roommates, well in my opinion. Because i feel like
people from different backgrounds should be roommates rather than, oh he went to
Bronx Science, he went to Bronx Science let’s be roommates, because I feel like
that’s just cheating the system. It’s an easy way to keep your friends rather
than making new ones. When I set foot in Stony Brook I didn’t know what I want to do, where I
wanted to be, all i know is I want to be involved in the community. So I did
join the Student African American Brotherhood freshman year, as chapter member. I was part of NSBE,
the national society of black engineers, as well as, SHPE, society of Hispanic engineers. So I was big into the cultural engineering scene here and it was there
that I found a lot of support. I’ve had other positions. I was the
president of the Student African American Brotherhood, while I was here at Stonybrook. I learned to guide a team, motivate people, and you know,
through them I’ve only grown as a professional. You know, I’ve learned how to talk. I’ve learned to walk the walk, so to
speak, and present myself and my brand as something worthy of my name. I’ve sort of ended up where I’ve ended
up by kind of putting myself out there and putting myself in a place that can
be uncomfortable because i like to be set number two. I don’t like to be the
president. I don’t like to be the most in charge, meanwhile I’m in charge of a club, which
I created. I have, in the past, been part of leadership for my dance team. I’m an RA, I’m in multiple peer education
program, or have been, in multiple peer education programs, and I am in one,
internships, things like, things of that nature I try to enjoy the different circles
every at least once a week. I like see what other people are thinking or how
other people react to certain issues or what their opinions are of certain topics
so I feel like if you stay in the same circle or the same niche then you
definitely are one-sided and you don’t really have a chance to develop. Eventually you do find,
like, you are accepted in one group or another, and ultimately you decide what that group is or they kind of help you to develop that that sense of belonging. My freshman year was awesome and then I applied to be an RA so I could continue to give back and make people feel
included. The skills that you get, like communication skills, leadership skills,
you know, you could always bring that up in anything. Like I’ve had job interviews
where they’re like, you have any conflicts skills and I go, let me tell you, I’ve dealt with
conflict, like you don’t understand room- mate conflict like I do. Also, that job is
very time-consuming so that mixed in with your schoolwork mixed in with every
other extracurricular activity you do has really taught me how to time manage.
Me being involved, I think, it helped, helped me but not only me, but also helped the
community to know that there is a leader out there, leaders, actually not just a leader, leaders out there that, that really want to help Stonybrook and help the community to achieve better success. For those seeking to go into these sort of
things, that’s kind of, you just have to get, push yourself to go that extra step.

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