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Oh, hey! I know it’s super early, but I’m
already packing for the D23 Expo. I’ve got most of the necessities… lightsaber,
Infinity Gauntlet, Frozen body spray… Eau de Elsa. That’s it! On this episode, I’m gonna talk about one thing you really want to have with you at the Expo, your
D23 Gold Member card, and I’ll share five benefits exclusive to the D23 Expo—just
for Gold Members. Let’s start with a big one. The only way to buy discounted
tickets for the Expo is to be a Gold or Gold Family Member. This can help you
save a lot, especially if you bring the whole family. And great news! The D23 Expo show floor will be open to all ticket holders whether you’re a Gold Member or
general admission from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. each day. Once you’re inside, D23
Gold Members will enjoy a lot of perks! That leads me to benefit number two: Only D23 Gold Members receive an Expo exclusive gift created by Disney artist
Eric Tan. Another amazing perk is priority queuing for presentations at Hall D23 and the Arena Stage, giving you first access to general seating at some
of the biggest shows at the Expo. Gold Members may bring one guest and Gold Family may bring up to 3. Perk number 4 for Gold Member guests: Access to the D23 Ultimate Fan Lounge. Located on the main show floor, it will be exclusive to D23
Gold and Gold Family Members this year. Stop by to charge your phone, snap a
photo at one of our photo spots, or just take a break from the show floor. After
all that rest and relaxation you might want to head back out onto the show
floor to maybe do some shopping. You’ll get many exclusive discounts and offers
from some of our Disney and Disney partner retail locations throughout the
event. Check back closer to the Expo and on the Expo mobile app coming this summer for more details on those. So don’t forget to bring your current Gold
Membership card to the D23 Expo. If you’re not a Gold Member what are you
waiting for? It’s best to purchase or upgrade your Membership now at, so you’ll have an up-to-date card for the Expo. And this year make sure you
activate your badge online before you arrive. We’ll have more instructions on
that for you very soon. These exclusive perks are just the beginning of all the
great benefits that D23 Gold Members get as part of their
Membership including this year’s stunning Gold Membership gift. The 10
Fantastic Milestone Pin Set, our quarterly publication Disney twenty-three, year round events, and exclusive discounts and offers. Check it all out at That’s it for now. Be sure to check back here regularly and be sure to
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experience. From one Disney fan to another, thanks for watching and see you
real soon!

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  2. I am totally ready and ahead of everything for the expo in August and I will be bringing my friend so she and I can make it a girls weekend getaway!

  3. Hi ! I would like to know if i can buy the tickets for the d23 expo in the same place where this event is gonna be held .

  4. I know it's coming up soon, but I cant find my D23 card! 😭 what do I do? Can I take my certificate and give my membership number? Also would it be an issue with queuing up for the panels?😥

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