Tis the season. Oh my gosh, I love this time of year so much. And I know it also comes with a lot of pressure. I know you enjoy my video so much on the one
thing I learned that helped me become a millionaire. You check that out here. I wanted to continue on that theme because
so many of you are asking, “How do you actually focus? How do you actually minimize?” So, as we head into a brand new year, this
video is all about how to actually have your best year ever. And I’ve actually come up with an equation
that will help you create your best year in a very intentional way. Here’s the thing. Every single thing that you do is an opportunity
that has a cost, so I like to call it opportunity cost, and you probably heard that term before. But basically, if I decide that I want to
go hang out with my friends, the cost of that is that I’m taking time away from focusing
on the things that are true goals for me. Now, it depends on what you really want to
do in the next year. If your focus is on building really strong
relationships, then you should be doing that and you shouldn’t be spending as much time
on your business. But everybody’s goals are so unique. And I think at this time of year we’re so
used to everybody saying, “I got to get healthy. I got to build a million-dollar business,
I got to do all the same things.” But you really have to tap into what you actually
want. This video is not about goal setting. I actually want you to stop doing things,
and I want you to subtract things off your list of things to do because a lot of the
things that you probably would goal set around really don’t matter to you, and if things
don’t matter to you, you’re not actually going to do them because you don’t have the motivation
to take the actions on them. So, understanding first and foremost, what
is it that you truly want, and what is distracting you from getting that, and what are the goals
that you think you want but you don’t really want, and also would distract you from the
thing you actually want. Are you with me? That’s how I look at the opportunity cost
of it. Then the next thing is minimizing and focusing,
which can feel really, really difficult. But this comes back to keeping a log of your
time. Taking a look at how you spend your days and
your weeks and your months and what time are you missing out on spending time on things
that don’t really matter to you and are taking away from the goals. Because here’s the thing. I know you have big goals, I have big goals. You have things you want to achieve. But just adding goals on top of goals on top
of goals and just trying to set all the goals in the world, is actually a huge distraction
from achieving the thing that you really want. So, what can you minimize? What can you subtract from your life? What can you take away? Instead of goal-setting, let’s talk about
subtracting some stuff off the list of things to do. For me, I had my biggest year ever in my business. We doubled our revenue, we generate multiple
millions last year in the business. I am the healthiest I’ve ever been, which
I’m really proud of and the fittest, and I have the best relationships I’ve had really
in my life. How I did all of that was that I stopped doing
things. I stopped doing a lot of things, and I started
just getting help on things that I didn’t want to do or I knew weren’t really in my
genius zone because I know what’s in my genius zone and I know it helps me live my best life. Those are the things that I focus on. Anything else, ie, cooking, don’t really do
that anymore because I started outsourcing it and getting my meals prepped, as well as
cleaning. I hired a cleaner. Even if you can’t hire people to do this right
now, there are tasks you’re doing in your life that are taking you away from what you
really want to do. And those things are costing you your goals
and your dreams. So find a way. Ask your friends or your family for help. Ask people you know in your network. There are so many amazing groups even on Facebook
where you can reach out to find help on specific things. That’s a really good place to start. Figuring out what can you subtract from yourself
this year and what can you take away from your to do list this year, because that is
going to actually help you way more than setting a bunch of arbitrary goals. Now, the next thing is real relationships. The more that you can focus on actually connecting
with people in a deep way, as opposed to just through a camera, or just through social media,
or just through Instagram, the more magic opens up. We are all craving real relationships. So, make them a priority. Make your friends and your family and the
people who lift you up, a priority. You know what you can also subtract though? The people who don’t believe in you, the people
who don’t believe in your goals, the people who are toxic, and the people who aren’t doing
the things that you actually want to be doing and can’t support you in the things you want
to do because they’re jealous. Those are all people that you probably want
to get out of your circle as well. I guess my point is, the whole thing here
is about subtraction, not addition. I know that you’re probably being fed a lot
of messages right now to set goals and you should have all of these big, audacious things
you want to achieve next year, but I really think that’s a trap and we need to avoid it
because you know what you want. Now it’s about just minimizing anything that
takes away from that goal and from what you actually want to achieve. So, really important to understand that as
we head into the new year. The equation that I came up with for achieving
your goals, and when I looked back at this last year for me, which was so monumental
and just a really magical year. And to recreate that for myself and for you
is basically this. You want to look at what do you really, really,
really want. Spice girls, thank you. What do you really want? Plus, what are you willing to work for? Because you might be sitting there saying,
“I want to build a million-dollar business.” Well, that takes work, my friend. How hard are you willing to work for it and
how much can you subtract from your life and sacrifice from your life to actually be able
to do that? So, what you really want plus what are you
willing to work for minus any distractions from getting those things. That’s the equation for your best year ever. You can do it. I believe in you. I’ll be here every step of the way with you. Let me know what you want to see from me so
I can help you do the things that you want to do. But really, truly, and honestly, goal setting
is a farce. It’s all about subtraction, minimizing, and
focusing on the one thing that you can master that’s going to make you magnetic to do all
the things that you want to do in your life. I’m so excited for you. Let’s head into this new year strong and bossy
AF. Okay? I love you. If you like this, hit the like button, subscribe,
hit the bell to be notified for new videos every single week, and check out these videos
next. Thanks guys. Bye.

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    Focus on what really matters! Subtract all the distractions!!! I’m going to Kill it in 2020 !!!
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    Less is more…I do believe that.

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  10. Yes!! You are always dropping gems!! It is so huge to cut out everything that isn't helping us get to where we are going! And the biggest thing I've learned is to break it down into small steps (S.M.A.R.T goals) so we can do only what WE (YOU) want to do and achieve in life!! Love the content Sunny!
    I believe in you all!
    This is your time!

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    Thank you for the truth you let me see

    Thank you for the facts from A to Z
    Thank you for the sunshine bouquet
    Thank you for the love you brought my way
    You gave to me your all and all
    And now I feel ten feet tall
    Sunny one so true, I love you

  24. Great advice! I'm totally guilty of spreading myself too thin doing so many things. I like it most of the time, but it can get overwhelming fast.

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    Again Sunny's content is amazing and very inspiring, I always look forward to honest, genuine future videos

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  39. Yes! I've experienced in my own life that when you focus on That One Thing, everything starts to realign. You lose some (unnecessary) things, but you also gain so much. Thank you, Sunny, for spreading this to so many people. Have an amazing 2020!

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