Yes, we should deport the families of terrorists

so we got him we got him we got a mentor ami raha me I'm ed raha me we got him he's the guy who planted all the bombs his dad would like us to know that he told the FBI this guy was bad news then he took it back when the FBI said you never said that oh yeah I didn't Takia classic takea uh hey Achmed hey your dad who what are you guys doing here get out of here why do we still have terrorists in this country post-attack deport them immediately and more importantly deport their entire families every time there's an attack you need to deport everyone involved now Trump got in a lot of trouble for saying take them out do you think he really meant taking m16 and blow a toddler's head off no he meant get rid of him get him out of the equation get him gone sorry you have a fried chicken restaurant that the neighbors hated because was open to all hours no you're gone everyone is gone the tolerance for this act is disgusting 24 hours later I heard about it at a Mets game 24 hours later Sidney Kahn from London was throwing the opening pitch this is the guy who says social integration it doesn't work he said that Muslims immigrants should not assimilate he's here to stop Trump you know what Trump said Trump said I don't like Muslims coming in right now let's have a moratorium going back and forth a lot of these guys are getting radicalized post living in America so they have normal childhoods then they go ahead and get radicalized they're going back and forth to training camps they're getting brainwashed basically and coming in here and learning how to blow us up he said that's an issue they called him racist a guy does it and Hillary Clinton says it's Trump's fault Trump's fault for pointing out that this is happening and we should stop it get rid of them deport the entire family in World War two we took Japanese families separated them German families separated them took all their land that was pretty rich putting them in internment camps though michelle malkin creates a good argument that it wasn't that bad and it was very active America showed up late for World War two and won it but can we at least get rid of these families that's what Israel does it works everyone's gone now it's just a handful of bad Apple to keep hearing it's maybe 1% look at it they count up the actual people who set off the bombs and they go well that was 5 the odds of you being attacked and tare attack are one in 3.6 billion yeah great I'm concerned with the general pattern here Mohammad is a number one name in Britain right now for kids for babies we see an onslaught here of Islam Islamophobia phobia is killing us it might not kill you it might not kill me actually it's more likely to kill me than you but the big issue here is we have gone from assimilating immigrants and bringing in Muslims who love us and want to escape the shitty countries to immigrants Muslim immigrants to want to bring their shitty countries here and replace ours with theirs I assume they'll just want to leave when they make it theirs because they already left theirs oh it's just a tiny fraction no it's not a tiny fraction and what we have here is enablers Muslim enablers you look at any kind of statistic where you say is suicide bombing sometimes are often justified you often get one in four especially with young Palestinians it's one in four we just had a Palestinian by the way this weekend lacerated cops face to shreds because he was in a bad mood because they locked him la put a boot on his car a car he was living in how did you get here dude how did you why are you living in a car it took me ten years and ten thousand dollars to get a green card why do you get to come across the border how do these people get here I don't know but when they are definitely terrorists get them out of here and get their whole family out of here because one of our biggest problems is moderate Muslims you see what most of us are normal but we have these freaks on the fringe you have you know white people white nationalist but they like the Nazi skinheads because the Nazi skinheads are out there doing the dirty work they don't have to go out and do it get their hands dirty you see the same with Israelis they have the Jews on the settlements fighting the Palestinians they don't necessarily support the Zionists but they go that's good they're out there creating a mess you have normal homosexuals that are living their lives they don't wanna get married but they like that these activists are out there getting in the muck normal women who go yeah go out there and fight Indians Native Americans go fight for aquatic Lexi page away I don't really like it doesn't affect my life but I like that you're causing a us scuffle out there because it protects me so moderate Muslims are a big part of the problem because they are enabling terrorism by tolerating it now if you say you're gone if your nephew does any weird shit you're gone your husband's gone your kids are gone you know what you're gonna start seeing a lot more interest in a family's behavior so uh my nephew he went back and forth to Afghanistan again I don't like that I'm gonna call the FBI I'm gonna say something cuz I just saw something I'm not gonna lie about it like Achmed's father did or like Achmed remember the clock that was another lie they self deported thank God he shows up with something he knew was a bomb that was the crime by the way you're not allowed to bring something that looks like a bomb somewhere knowing that it's gonna cause a panic that's what he was charged with but the president goes come on in the Mets go come on in Sadiq throw the first pitch we tolerate it we think it's cool and we saw the same with the Minnesota stabbing too instead of saying get him out of here and get everyone remotely close to him out of here I want everyone he spoke to I want the mosque shutdown where he went to I want his entire family gone that way you send a message to the community not to tolerate this because they're clearly tolerating it what happened when they they raided all the mosques in Paris after the battle and they found problematic propaganda in every single mosque but you know what our reaction was when the Minnesota stabbing happened same as the mat same as the throwing the first pitch they said I'm really worried about how this might affect Somalis this confirms their worst fears there might be a backlash there might be Nazis that attack them that's the first thing we think when a Muslims randomly stabs people we worry about Muslims feelings I ain't have it anymore joy brighten is the author of Sharia ISM is here the battle to control women and everyone else and she summed it up beautifully when she said when a terrorist kills someone in this country or terrorizes someone in this country the entire extended family must be deported that way it is very humane you just get everybody and you put them on a plane it's only the family members and extended family members who want to stay in this country who can police their own family members the only way we can beat extremist Islam is from within Islam and I know that that sounds so mean to you that's precisely the problem you are so weak that you're laying out the red carpet to wipe you out when you're so nice and you're so Islamophobic phobic you actually create a vacuum for a much more fascist dictatorship to come in that's what Sharia law is we're begging for it look at these people look at these dancers aren't they saying bomb me look at that guy I think I might join jihad after all did you like that okay check it out I got a whole comedy show called how's it going eh you just have to click right here to subscribe

20 thoughts on “Yes, we should deport the families of terrorists

  1. I live for islamophobia… my favourite hobby… it's fun, get into it, enjoy it.. Islam is a freak show… bag people….sexual perversions I never dreamed of, shitty music and men bending over all in a row….

  2. Phobia is an irrational fear. You should be scared of Muslims because they are dangerous. Therefore islamphobia doesn't exist.

  3. the muslim culture is demented. why dont we allow imigrants who are mass murderes? well because we are not stupid.

  4. they left their home because of a failed system. now they want to force us to accept the same failed system

  5. back when i was a liberal i didnt know much about history. islam has been doing this jihad shit for 1000 years and we STILL let them in

  6. Or we could give , them , their own judicial system so , they can prosecute , their own people ?!

    Forgot what , they call it now 🙄

  7. Remember when Omar Khadr's mother and sister came on Canadian national news telling us how they despised the west and everything we stand for?

  8. Sorry, but you just highlighted the part which said social integration. He said that Lazzeies Faire integration doesn’t work

  9. Yes! That should most definitely be a requirement to finding someone who is a threat to our country. Get rid of the father or mother and sons and daughters and grandparents. They’re all the same anyways lol. All Muslims follow an ideology, not religion of so called peace, that kills people indefinitely! They follow a self proclaimed pedofile, murderer and Hell of a lot more.

  10. I have a phobia of people that want to murder me because their God told them to.I guess I’m weird like that.

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