xQc Solves Ethical Trolley Problems with Chat!

27 thoughts on “xQc Solves Ethical Trolley Problems with Chat!

  1. How brainless do you have to be to say "it's legal lol"

    Such a dumb moral belief. The business dude is a robbery, but far worse, just because his actions are legal doesn't make him less worse then a robber who can do less harm in a smaller scale

  2. Why value the lives of the bystanders? How little must you value a workers life, the 88% must be some real pepegas

  3. 30:00 xqc literally goes against what he was saying earlier, I can't for the love of God comprehend anything that is going on inside of his head.
    (He does this multiple times in the video)

  4. I understand that everyone has their own ideology and crap, but in many cases I just completely disagree with xqc. Why is having everyone die the correct option when you can save 3 people and have one die?

  5. 3:45 you just killed the guy for no reason. He knew he wouldnt get hit by train, because he actually payed attention to where the train would go. The woman on the other hand was just a dumb bitch, not seeing that there is a giant fucking train coming her way.
    Shame on you!

  6. he would save chat. adept is just some girl he likes to bang and has no emotional attachments for her. Chat is his income and saving them would give him a lot more money.

  7. Okay here's the thing. Yes, it's okay to pick between one or the other. Like, let's give an example. You have to pick between
    (A) Saving an old lady from getting hit by a car.
    (B) Saving a newborn from falling(B). What would you choose?

    A or B. The simple choice would be B. Why, cause letting an old lady get hit by a car, yes that will be tragic, but also letting a baby die when it has so many years to live, die would be worse. But I'll let you decide what you would pick.

    Now let's do another example. This includes the theory of the Trolley (Aka Railroad).
    (A) – You have 3 people standing on the right side, and 3 people standing on the other. One side claims to be the nice group, but they've secretly just got out of prison for committing several murders but have dressed up all fancy, in 3 a piece suit.
    (B) – The people standing on the left have done nothing wrong, but have been accused of committing the murders that the right side has done, but they dress up in worn-out clothes, baggy shirts and ripped jogging pants.

    Now, A: Are criminals, but dressed nice, B: are innocent people but dressed like criminals. What would you choose? A or B. That would be a tough one, but as the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover.

    Now, that choice would be difficult so, I'll put a poll here to see, what would you chose.
    Example 1: https://strawpoll.com/agpc7dr7
    Example 2: https://strawpoll.com/ffcdae5c

    Now you have to pick between A and B. It's like a game of "Would you Rather" pick one, but the other has repercussions. Pick wisely, and pick smart.

  8. For me the ethical choice is to do nothing. Fundamentally i look at all lives as invaluable, doesn't matter how many it is that dies over the single one that you saved.

    If the people that dies were on the main track, they deserved to die more than the people that was on the track that were not in use.
    Same thing on the road. The people on the road deserve the death more than the people walking on the side of the road.

    I am a truck driver and one of the things we learnt is that you never try to avoid collision by swerving, you attempt to stop but always keep your lane, this is to avoid being legally responsible.

  9. I usually agree with lots of stuff Felix says, but this video he seemed retarded lol "hard choice to kill 3 or 1"hahahaha

  10. Broken logic lol. Making the conscious decision to do nothing is just as much a decision as deciding to change tracks. It would still keep you up at night thinking “maybe I should have switched the tracks that day”.

  11. Incident happens, person on the other side of the planet does nothing about it.

    Chat: blames person for not doing anything about it.

    Chat is pepega as fuck

  12. The ethical way of handling this is to decide from the start.

    To have bias, is unfair and unethical no matter the other’s life “value”. By having any thought into changing or leaving as is constantly throughout the course, is unfair.

  13. It’s basically an experiment asking if you would interfere with who dies and who lives. Having any say in this is wrong, no matter if the person is younger or smarter than the other.

    By letting death take its toll and flow naturally, you aren’t accountable. You are controlling the situation via third-person, not first-person, so you are technically not accountable for anything to come if you do nothing.

    Then again, let’s say there’s an old lady and a young man. “Save the younger guy because that lady is gon’ die soon anyways.” Ok, he’s saved and what if he goes on to murder five people and the old lady is a nurse who saves lives? Again, these factors or any factors at all SHOULD NOT change if we decide to make a decision or not. Let the trolley continue to go and take what it will.

    You shouldn’t change what is already going to happen. The trolley is going straight already, I’m deciding to let it take its course every single time. I’m not deciding between the two anytime, it’s going to keep being the default situation regardless. If the trolley is turning as default, then I don’t switch it to straight as an example.

  14. I agree with Xqc. Only time his high iq has shown through in a real world situation. Not doing something is better than doing something and having the same terrible outcome. Either stand back and watch and know nothing could’ve gone better or think you shouldn’t have done something.

  15. The way I look at it is that you should do anything to save the most lives. If human life has a value then you save as much value as you can. If you have to make a decision where other people die but it's less people, then you saved lives.

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