WWE Shield TEASE NEW Member?! | WWE Raw, Sept. 24, 2018 Review

Are the Shield getting a fourth member? The
Authors of Pain get a main event! And Liv Morgan, welcome to BOTCH MODE!
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Awe, Cor, AVRAWGE, Poor and Bore – as I review the 24th September, 2018 edition of Monday
Night Raw …in about 4 minutes. WWE have a new ‘Then, Now, Forever’ opening
sting ! I hate change! Baron Corbin eagerly greeting his boss Stephanie
McMahon opened the actual episode, with the Constable singing Happy Birthday as she got
out a limo. One funny Triple H ‘I’m just here to call out the Undertaker’ cameo later,
and Steph laid out Corbz with her Emasculator finishing move. Even though he’s a heel,
Steph said he’s rubbish at his job. As was the last guy. And the guy before tha-Stephanie,
I’m starting to think you’re the problem here. McMahon then booked a main event of
The Shield vs Corbin and two mystery tag partners. Who, going by the match graphic, are both
The Miz. The Shield came out through the crowd to mild
applause next. Or, if you’re going by Michael Cole’s commentary: “What an ovation! Oh
my!” Roman Reigns explained how the Shield are
the bestest people in WWE right now, because they’ve all got titles. He’s the Universal
Champion, Seth Rollins is Intercontinental Champion, and Dean is…oh, awkward.
This was the first chapter in Raw’s night-long narrative: playing on Ambrose as the Shield
member taken for granted. The Dogs of War later pointed out that Dean became WWE Champion
all by himself on SmackDown, but has played second fiddle to Seth and Roman since coming
to Raw – and look how quickly Rollins replaced him with Jason Jordan earlier this year. To actually build Mixed Match Challenge on
a main show – so it is in main roster continuity? – Finn Balor took on Jinder Mahal ahead of
their Mixed Tag with Bayley and Alicia Fox. After some Sunil Singh shenanigans, Bayley
grabbed Jinder’s leg for one of the biggest pops of the night, helping Finn win off the
distraction. Brie Bella also got a decent pop with her
Yes Kicks in the Bellas and Natalya vs the Riott Squad. Unfortunately, one of those pops
was Liv Morgan’s jaw likely being knocked off. Twice. Botch Mode! The Riott Squad dealt
with Morgan being taken out injured very well, and Ruby picked up the win. I’m all for charity, and Connor’s Cure
appears to be a very worthy cause. But I have absolutely no time for the entire roster breaking
kayfabe in the middle of a show – babyfaces standing alongside blood feud heels – for
Stephane and Triple H to announce a corporate relationship between Hyundai and WWE. This
was patronising and had no place on Raw. Chad Gable has a new catchphrase – WWBRD?
What would Bobby Roode do? STOP FACING THE ASCENSION FOR A START. How can you get people
excited for a new act by having the same match over and over again? It makes their segments
repetitive, like white noise. And then you derail whatever winning streak Gable had going
by having Konnor beat him in a few minutes? Corey Graves called the reaction a “stunned
silence in the arena”. Which is sales speak for ‘bored’. The crowd were brought back alive by a surprisingly
good tag title match next though, between Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre against The
Revival. Not ‘surprising’ because it was great in-ring, all four men are very, very
good at wrestling. ‘Surprising’ because WWE actually gave them time for the heel vs
heel dynamic to connect with the crowd. Several genuinely believable Revival near-falls eventually
succumbed to the Zigmore for the champions to retain. Despite wasting Kevin Owens in this storyline,
Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush are really cementing themselves as an effective double act. Just
three weeks into their pairing, and their routine is already down – Rush is all hype
and highspots, whereas Bobby is the muscle and power.
Owens attacked Lashley for the DQ, but Bobby still fought them off, building to Lashly
and John Cena against Owens and Elias at Super Showdown. Nia Jax beat Alicia Fox with one Samoan Drop.
Looks like Jax and Ember Moon are the Women’s Division’s latest best friends. The rest of the show continued teasing Ambrose
splitting from The Shield, with Seth Rollins trying to get Drew McIntyre to leave the Dogs
of War backstage – for Drew to flip that on Rollins by telling Dean either Seth’s trying
to replace him… or my much preferred storyline – that Seth was trying to recruit Drew as
the new fourth member of the Shield – sorry Kurt. Then you could have all the drama of
Dean slowly turning on the Shield after McIntyre gets added.
The main event saw Roman, Seth and Dean’s first match together this year, and despite
not having the cool auro of their first run, they still put on excellent six-man tags.
And to make it even better, WWE made the inspired choice of AOP as Corbin’s mystery tag partners
– which is a fantastic way to elevate them as a dominant team.
Strowman, Drew and Dolph sat backwards on some steel chairs like hip supply teachers
at the top of the stage to watch the match, which told the story of Reigns and Seth being
taken out, for Ambrose to save the team, for them all coming together again at the end.
After winning, Dean briefly teased siding with the Dogs of War, but got into celebrate
with The Shield instead. I’m sure that’s the last we’ll hear of that long-rumoured
Dean Ambrose heel turn. The Dean Ambrose narrative, elevating AOP
and a decent tag match made this a solid episode, meaning this week’s Raw is AvRAWge.

100 thoughts on “WWE Shield TEASE NEW Member?! | WWE Raw, Sept. 24, 2018 Review

  1. People are complaining about The Ascension not getting enough exposure but are too quick to complain that they are wasting time on these matches. But I get it. It was to Gable’s expense. Been rooting for this guy for quite a while. He reminds me of a young Kurt Angle but more athletic and better speaking voice (not necessarily mic skills)

  2. the only who can save raw is The Shield feud with anything(AOP at last become a main event after a long time), the rest feud become meh from time to time as always

  3. Just to throw caution in the wind WWE need to do a njpw invasion against wwe both Industry big superstars face each other at survivor series

  4. I found it amusing that at the end of the Riott squad's match the commentators said Liv Morgan had been taken to the back to be checked on but she was still at ringside on the floor…oops

  5. Would it be too easy or nice, to have the entire episode of Monday Night Raw, not to be built around the Shield or Roman? Raw, has more than 3 wrestlers, and I wish WWE creative would realize that.

  6. All you Gas station attendants with fat and ugly girlfriends are so disrespectful! If Oli doesn't back off Brie I will find you and it won't be pleasant! Some things are much more important than being entertained, like PEDIATRIC CANCER!

  7. Brie. Shakes head in disappointment

    Hope Liv didn't suffer a concussion, that was scary bad.

    I enjoyed the Drew Zigg Vs Revival Tag match. Other then that.. meh … AvRAWge

  8. I'm up for it, if drew joined the shield they'd definitely be unstoppable. But I doubt it probably drew will go solo on his own, which I would be up for that as well, same for dean. But people have been saying that Finn Balor would join the shield that I can't see happening tbh, I wouldn't really like it at all. He's a good wrestler but he's better off by himself or with another partner tag team.

  9. Brie is super dangerous right now she botched a couple of rope dives a few weeks ago. She needs to stay out of wrestling and be a mom

  10. No disrespect but are the conor cure is a good segment. I'm happy they do that. If fans don't like get over it. But love your show keep up the good work guys.

  11. Geezzz I’m tired of hearing the Ambrose heel tease. The ambrose turning on the shield. For fucks sack just enjoy the shield while we can

  12. the comment about how fast rollins replaced him is uncalled for if people remember correctly he was forced into the union with JJ by KA in the begining

  13. I wish I felt the same about the show! Its been focusing on a small pool of people each week!!
    Personally I'm board of the shield and stroman, ziggler and McIntyre taking over raw each week.
    If anyone knew comes out that we havent seen for abit they're segment is quickly ended. Making it seem like they just through them out there to fill up time.

    Im more excited to watch smackdown each week because atleast their rivalries stand for something and it makes it entertaining- raw is massively letting itself down

  14. Turn on reigns and bring in Toma Tonga as a replacement being those 2 really don't see eye 2 eye what do you think, no one will ever see that coming

  15. Braun – WWE Champ
    Somoa Joe – WWE Champ
    AOP – Tag Champs
    Beck Lynch – Champ
    Asuka or Naomi – Champ
    Drew McIntyre- Intercontinental Champ

  16. 2:33 (pause) 1. K.O. was in character 2. Where are Faces/Heels standing next to eachother? Titus Worldwide is not together theyre blocking between the Shield. 3. Youre a dick for reviewing this segment. 4. Who cares?

  17. Brie should stay home and take care of Birdie, she's botching moves and is very stiff in the ring, if she can work on her flaws that would be cool. Otherwise she shouldn't put herself or others in danger…

  18. Drew Mcintyre being a 4th member would be intriguing. He has the look as if he could be a shield member, but will they do it? doubtful, but heres hoping. Of course I believe they should bring 3MB back as a aggressive heel group that would run rampant and face the shield and move back to Smackdown and start causing noise, not as jobbers anymore.

  19. Who was supposed to be the 4th member of the shield? Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero)? Or some other guy I probably don’t even know about?

  20. We may not hear any more teasing about Dean turning heel but I think they're waiting for the right opportune moment for him to turn heel. If I'm correct, it was Vince McMahon 's idea for Dean to turn heel. Thus the new look.

  21. U guys catch what i dont see. I didnt even get the vibe that a 4th member was seriously teased after watching the show. Good stuff.

  22. Yall need new story lines the writers yall have suck I'm so bored with wrestling now it's not fun remembering 10 years ago it was worth something what changed then and now forever yall need to go backwards because yall really suck now the attitude era made Vince wake up I guess we need another WWF and wcw Monday rating wars to make it better again yall killed ecw and wcw y yall suck now wcw would be bigger than WWF if we didn't get screwed over why not let John cena come back and beat Rick flairs record but bring him back as word life not this bs yall made him now and goldberg and Austin y not let it happen I've been a wrestling fan since Vince's dad was running thing and when nwa was the start of wcw in north Carolina Vince made money off of wcw to create the first wrestlemania if it wasn't for them buying it back would we ever seen a wrestlemania I believe in wrestling I have been to a lot of events live meet some wrestlers in real live do what wcw did to beat WWF make yall want it more or yall are going to go bankrupt soon cause I'm bout ready to say fuck wrestling when I started hating wrestling when yall let a bitch ass mma fighter beat the undertaker yall need to let undertaker go out and retire with a win over triple h I'm done now wrestling today sucks go back to the ninety and figure out something cause this shit sucks

  23. Hy-youn-dai? Lol it is spelled out that way, but pronounced Hun-day(at least when I hear it on TV). Not poking fun or anything, just wanted to play Grammar Police for once. I feel that this comment had no time put into it and if you read this, then I win.

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