okay this might be a mistake as of recording this 24 hours ago I asked you guys to make quizzes on myself and then I'll play those quizzes for a video and every time I get a question wrong about myself I have to donate 5 quid to charity and a few you actually did look we go 1 2 3 4 5 6 that's all right innit now I've not looked through any of these quizzes yet they might be completely rubbish they might be really easy there might be full of incorrect answers but even if the answer that I put is correct if the quiz maker thinks that it's incorrect then I still have to pay the five quid to charity do you understand whatever that's enough waffling on shall we get on with it this one apparently I have to register for Jack's looks at life quiz was he gonna be getting spammed up the wazoo for this one Anna welcome to my Chuck's looks at life quiz hope you enjoy there are five questions altogether it's 10:20 7:00 p.m. for me I'm tired okay no problem how many subscribers to Jack have on the 20th of November and I'm not allowed to cheat I can't look into it until I've locked in my answer alright 28th of November was yesterday when I'm recording this and I'm very confident that it's 529 K whatever sort of one life was it when Jack set loose for with his that's easy it was episode 19 because I remember thinking that I wish I'd done it on episode 20 scratching at the door like a little I'm frightened and I all saw a more each that you saw the hole in me trousers okay this is the one that I've done actually no unsocial blade what great is Jack I think better when I'm doing this with my mouth I reckon probably be reckon be right it's locked in now we can check I am hahahaha we are be will be thank goodness ceremony there sorry children in need it's a joke I've made a joke like that before and a lot of people kicked off it's clearly a joke if I didn't want to donate to charity I wouldn't do a video where I'm donating to charity work when did Jack make his channel oh now this is a tricky one because they're all in 2013 what one is three John you've every March oh ma I've got 20th 20th in merde it's locked in CAI editor CAI every time I say it's locked in could you add like a cool sound effect it's locked in locked in oh cool thanks guy about and oh no it was 10th it was C that's five big ones right there alright how many videos has Jack applauded on his channel on the day of the 20th of bloody November I donno um how am I supposed to know that's not locked in just cuz I've clicked it doesn't mean it's locked in I just clicked it for comical effect it's definitely not 1400 that's too high it's between these top two I'm gonna go away 1204 okay should we submit three out of five what did I get wrong alright I've got these first three all correct 1340 fuck now I'm check oh well you can't argue with that one okay let's keep track about that is 10 pounds so far to charity and we've still got another five quizzes to go let's move on to the next one looks at life quiz do you know everything about famous youtuber Jack's looks at life take this quiz to find out every question is worth five points there's a total of 50 points okay easy one to start off with who is Jack I'm a gamer I guess out of those ones where does Jack currently live that would be Britain you care what Chuck's birth sign that's cancer I feel quite good about this one so far Oh when was Juxt Witter created right cue the dramatic build-up quiz music you can see all me pause now I've got a good light look at me ring light by the way it's nice innit I think it's 2011 rather than 2012 you know I don't think it is I think it's 2012 I'm gonna go with January 2012 that's locked it nice sound effect okay so now it's locked in we can take a look oh all right men oh look at this Wendy Jack join you too easy if I remembered what it was March it was March wasn't it Jeremiah yeah yeah yeah March March what is Jack's second viewable to the public video Jack's second public upload I'm not quite sure I feel like a couple of the jacksFilms might be private it I think it's the pink with a challenge yeah I think I did sucks at parkour after I got a bit of practice doing videos I'm gonna go with the pink with a challenge that might be wrong whatever when was global rank introduced to sky kid now mom and to know that I'm just gonna have to blindly guess will build up tension with the dramatic music anywhere though I'm just gonna off the guests there we'll go with April 22nd no presumably because they've got 15th and 16th so close together it's gonna be one of the top two I've always sixteenth why not locked in looks likes view cunt you bloody love your numbers don't you you guys if I'm not mistaken I think it's 139 million so I guess it would be 130 plus that's locked in so I'm gonna check and it is haha excellent poor how many five videos has Jack done too many what are we gonna go with here 16 feels like quite a lot but you know that's what I'm liking it I'll go with 14 I don't think I'm gonna do two earlier what was the first ever mod the jack showcased Alex mod pretty confident on that one how many fun male walking videos is jacked on nine eleven nine let's go with nine Wilke I like editing this this five-pound at stake here you guys don't give me opinion based answers yes it's very short no it's so long and I'll have to make him track me fingers try please put comments on this question on screen for 0.1 second oh it's a bloody Gumbel Adorno will you Kai will ya all right that was a sharp if text on the screen so I'm gonna go with the bottom one did you like this quiz knockout towards points no I hate it submit Oh 45 out 60 that means I got three wrong does it Oh none of the above we are throwing trick questions for I actually got the five one which I'm quite pleased with none of the Apothecary you serious and then this one there were two correct answers I looked myself off there didn't write well that's free wrong so that's another 15 quid Oh dear me 25 big ones going to charity and we are only on the second quiz oh no ok next one we've got enter your name obviously it's Jack sucks at life tick quiz I'm ready oh I was a nice transition where do I live where does the quiz maker live or where do I live I live in the UK oh it gives me the correct answer instantly that's cool I like this this is a nice site who is Becky that's his girlfriend good we're doing ok here birth sign is cancer oh yeah was I born 1996 this is a good quiz this one guy is my editor when was druks first one life episode cue the dramatic build-up music I'm gonna go with September 7th 2018 fine lunch yes Chris yes it is oh oh yeah bloody you alright on another five get in there 30 big ones and that's the quiz well that could have been worse we got one wrong there I like the look of this quiz already these are some interesting answers who was the well known player who got caught using x-ray during hockey catching 51 oh that was obviously been zhis that's from Lee this hacker took five days to ban vid but it's not a rule about posting a comment in a Q&A this is getting annoyed people pause and stupid questions no inside jokes that is a rule no jokes in the question that's a rule no saying pin me no random humor he has no rules all there's definitely rules so it's he has no rules when will Chuck make his next episode of Jack's farm it's 70 subscribers they're tuned Jack's farm episode for coming out with a million subscribers hmmm oh yeah I'm gonna release that video and I'm just gonna record it as if I'm just carrying on from the previous episode and there hasn't been a 6 year cup and I'm not going to acknowledge that it's a million subscribers special it's just gonna be an inside joke for you people that remember when Jack rima is the game show Golden Balls final game split or steal did senior mod at the time society split or steal she stole she stole all over insert clip so I'll totally split I will cry ok but it's gonna split okay okay yeah right well you've both made a decision so what I'm gonna do is on the count of three you both need to place the Block on the gold okay I'll do the countdown zoom I'm the just the car in this scenario you've got just right it's fine I know it's your first time on the show it's alright okay yeah right you ready yeah three two one split ice field [Applause] no I'm gonna unsubscribe ok I'm upset now ok oh my god society honestly I thought you were like the cycle of the group zoom I thought society was too nice my brother wanted me to steal I'm just like what was aftermath a mouse game made by jakka give my best affections to go removed after a short period of time on sky care definitely it's definitely that one how did eggplants become a meme when he saw her play with an eggplant skin when he saw someone eat an eggplant when he built eggplant eyes yeah yeah it's that one what was Jack's favorite trait back in the day this guy's been subscribed for a while that is definitely jaffa cakes who did a haka blamin haka catching episode 67 every time he raided a base its king has one two three definitely I remember this well this is real why did Jack want a headphone sponsor his headphones didn't fit properly this is such a good quiz I'm loving this it was the same skin as Jack it was Ben mascot he actually changed his skin following abuse from all of you guys it's good you're blessed alright let's submit I think I did well there 9 out of 10 what did I get wrong nor sing pin me I thought he was the pin me one but you said he has no rules and there are rules whatever you can't argue with the quizmaster in this game that's just out on another bloody 5+5 thirty five big ones also the reason for the calculator it's not because I don't know what thirty plus five is it's just because it's a convenient way to keep track of how much I or leave me alone alright this one is from cattle over 9000 they say hi this is my first quiz I hope Jack sees this there are some quite hard questions in this quiz okay then how old is Jack mental age equals five cattle bear come on I'm 22 am i 20 um yeah I'm doing once you get past 21 I feel like they all just kind of blur together until you hit 30 what is his minecraft skin based on that would be a mooshroom how many subs to the thousand as of the 20th of November does his old channel Sam smells very cuts half ooh right last time I checked it was 10,000 but I reckon it was something like ten thousand six hundred and twenty years so I'm gonna go with eleven thousand I've just noticed the unreal pictures sorry that I've not been pointing this out or how many kazoos did he put on the air kgm 220 headphones link in his description that's right air kgem 220 headphones beautiful sound quality link in the description buy them now and you get them in time for Christmas I'm just saying thrown that all out there thanks very much you have a good Christmas there I think it was six it was either five or six I might have tried six and six was too many I'm gonna go with six I've locked it in how many people have sent him an eggplant in his pure box that would be two ones on his way Jack please no what was the first video uploaded to his channel that would be Jack's farm episode one what hot brought in the birthday fan mail opening video with Becky mooshroom ask partyhat old headphones penguin mask crown that would be a party huh yeah it wasn't the crown I didn't get the other thing so it was definitely the part yeah what color is his editors hair it's red and black isn't that right out of the KY come on get in here there he is how are you doing by the way I'm doing that's lovely I'm glad why you still here KY get out v1 why was he demoted from his server plate at Sky kidnet he stumped his funds he didn't want to do any more he's an idiot he was an abusive order a million views on that one Justin how popular is he on famous birthdays I don't know I honestly have no idea on that one let's go with three thousand eight hundred and sixty-four right test results seven out of ten that's not good that's a bloody extra 15 right okay I got my age correct that's always reassuring it was six kazoos that I can fit on the air kgm to 20 we should probably test that though let's be honest one two three four five I think we're gonna get way more than six six oh my goodness someone call Guinness World Records I think I see what the issue was all my kazoos from this point onwards they're not as goofy so they slip out of the kazoo holder you can't really count that maybe you can't you seems free in there to be fair well there we go new records get your answers updated cut lover unfortunately didn't pick the right answer the correct answer would be one you're bloody wrong I was sent to eggplant sky insert the two clip skies gonna have a great time haven't looked back for all these videos from JP rewind rewind what have you got for me here is there anyone else frightened is oh my god it's an eggplant isn't it it is a legitimate aubergine I was sent an aubergine all right we're getting ah for crying out loud so what sent me another eggplant an actual real eggplant what am I meant to do with that thought unfortunately we have to go with what the quizmaster thought was correct and that's that one what was the first video uploaded to his channel it was not the pink with a challenge it was Jack's farm episode one but we got to go with a quiz master and famous birthdays correct dance was 3909 there I am sharing my birthday with Lionel Messi and Tana Mongoose oh dear let's add another 15 thank goodness for December ad revenue we need to get every single one of these right let's blast through them what is his full name this quiz was developed by Stenner extend stentorian his full name is Jack Massey Welsh that one is locked in I'm good when did he start YouTube channel they love this question don't they March 2013 where am i from I'm from Bishop Auckland oh yeah knowledge is getting a little bit more in-depth iam what is the black bears name he's actually a grizzly bear but whatever Augustus is his name how many members to Skye kick discord I've I don't bloody know oh it's definitely not 2.5 k it's higher than that but I don't think it's anywhere near as high as 24 K so I'll go with 16 locked in that one yeah it's locked in battle or cked space in bow locked in what server did you first start making factions videos on that was evil PvP what CPU just jack up on his PC I don't know it's a GTX something I don't think it's this one cuz this is like newer and I got mine in 2014 so I'm going 980 or hold on I know this one from the previous quiz I didn't think about this we're learning this is good I think we might get 10 out of 10 in this on how many videos did Jack have on his channel its 1.3 kid 1345 to be specific and what was the first video that is still public I'm sure Jack's farms public isn't it I mean I private Andrew back in 2013 but I thought for old times sake I made a public again yeah it's definitely Jack's family those ones anyway how much is Jack's red hoodie 27001 I'm pretty sure available link in the description if you're interested order now in time for Christmas I think I did well on this one I'm thinking 10 out of 10 you ready test results 9 oh you naughty little Nelly judging by my calculations you either cheated or just watch way too much track I think you need to calm down on the Jack for a moment just hop on to Sky kid for a bit to relax your mind I like this guy they did a good quiz what did I get wrong what did I get wrong what did I get wrong I forgot this bloody all the tests website doesn't give you a breakdown I'll be laid awake at night wondering what it is I don't know about myself some questions are never answered but they would go that is the grand total so that means I have to add another 5 so what what is that just just to confirm 55 is the firon ally so I'm gonna be donating to NSPCC the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children they say we donate to more this 250 was back from our war robots sponsor a few weeks ago not today I'm afraid 55 big ones single donation donate now let's do it and there we have it thank you your generous support will help change children's lives it's thanks to people like you that we can continue our fight for every childhood but obviously I wouldn't been able to donate that if it wasn't for you guys watching this video so really do appreciate that hopefully that goes too so my good thank you to everybody that created a quiz really do appreciate it thank you so much to you for watching this video thanks so much to Kai for editing this video can I get in here what now to my nevermind ceiling kite nor your place if you looking for cracking a pair of headphones EKG em 220 link is in the description I like through maze every few months so I'll probably do it no there if you wanna make a quiz just make sure you don't make it on all the tests calm because I like to be able to see my result I think I like what if you wanna see more videos like this and I guess

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