Would you recommend becoming a member of Women in Business?

I would recommend Women in Business 100% and
I do all the time. For the price it is and for the amount of
events that are run, I just think it is brilliant value for money and I would definitely recommend
anyone who is thinking about it just to go head and do it. The events, the lunches, the dinners, the
fact that you can enter the competition as well, you know that runs in November, I think
it’s really really good value for money. And you get so much out of it, if you run
a business but also if you are in a corporate, again I think the networking opportunities
are absolutely invaluable. Absolutely I would recommend it. Please join, it is a great organisation. You will get value from it but you will also
provide value to others so I would say, join up, it’s a great place to be. I’ve always encouraged people to join, it’s
not even very expensive and it’s a good way to get to know more people.And the more people
you know, the more you network, the more beneficial it is for you own business. I would definitely recommend becoming a member
a Women in Business. Number one it is so reasonably priced so you
couldn’t certainly qualm about how much it costs, secondly it brings you together with
similar women, you are given so many different networking events and the Mentoring Programme,
and the likes of Grit & Grace and Back to Business for women, there’s just so much to
choose from so there would be something that fits you, whether it’s on a personal level
or it’s on a corporate level there will be something there for you to choose from. You will benefit so much from being a member. Joining Women in Business is really important. All women in this Province should join it. It’s good really for, it’s not going to cost
you much money but you will meet people, you will make connections, you will learn something
and it will help you not just in your business but it will help you in your life. It will give you more connections and more

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