Would You Help Him ?

what's up guys Sean here with Spencer's lawn care today's video guys is not the video I intended it to be me and TQ actually went out plowing this morning this situation I'm about to show you in this video that is unedited and pretty much raw the way I'm bringing it to you happen just a little bit after we got done with our plow let's go ahead and hop into the video right now and I'll come back to talk to you guys in a minute [Applause] oh boy Sammy and TQ got befalling done then we're gonna hit to the bank and run up here to a rural King and see what else we get into oh look at this holy moly I got stopping help me this guy lost his entire skid assault guys tire skid he turned on before ways beg my help I'm real quick he looks Homer oh my goodness he lost the entire see you need some help I just heard him say that it broke the brand-new tailgate that was just put on the truck hopefully I can get his tailgate back on because if not that stuff's just gonna slide out again he's freaking me out mmm-hmm that looks safe I really been up his tailgate he's actually from pretty much where I grew up or where my family is from the West Virginia yeah yeah yeah that's great he's going to West Virginia oh wow yeah he's 72 years old said nobody stopped he's like I've been on here for almost an hour he lost an entire skin of salt grit it slid back and hit the tailgate you can literally rip the entire tailgate off the truck and his crazy my hands are numb boys a cotton my breath after helping that gentleman out 72 years old guys out there loading an entire skid assault back up that slid out of the bed of that truck what I think happened is the bed liner there had ice on it and they set that skid assault on top of that ice on top of that plastic bed liner and I think he got going on that gas and they slid back hit that tailgate they literally ripped the tailgate right off the truck right out onto the road he said he said luckily when it hit it slid to the side off of the road but could you imagine if he was like in the center lane of the highway around a major part of the highway he's heading back to West Virginia right now but uh I wanted to kind of elaborate a little bit it was I felt so bad he said he's 72 years old and he had been out there over an hour trying to load that skid back up he's like I'd do a bag and then I have to take a break he said not one person stopped I mean come on guys out there an hour you see an elderly man out there for an hour all these people driving by hundreds of people and not one person stops to help this man out I mean it is it's extremely disappointing I mean and there's a lot of good people I truly still believe there are a lot of good people out there but I mean it just makes you think one hour he's out there standing loading this saw hundreds of people driving by and not one person other than myself just happened to see him get hopping on the on-ramp there I mean if I wouldn't have seen him he too loaded every every visit edit by himself probably you know and I mean he was out of breath boys you could tell he had been huffing 72 year old man loaded a 50-pound bags of salt back up and those come with 49 on a pallet and that whole pallet was on the floor on the ground but just crazy sad too a little bit I'm glad I came I'm glad I came up there and seen him help him out real quick he was done I mean he was Wolfe he was wore out and he's still driving another three hours back to West Virginia all right guys I hope you enjoyed the video I wanted to show this video raw and unedited for the simple fact guys I hope that if any of you were in the exact situation that I was in that you would pull over and lend a helping hand that gentleman could have been any of our fathers you know our grandfathers anything like that and I know a lot of you guys are good hearted people and I would just hope that you would do the same thing in that situation I could not drive by that gentleman and just allow him to stay out there in the cold it was roughly 27 degrees guys at that time this morning I couldn't allow him to just be out there by himself loading that salt up so I just went ahead and pulled over I lend a helping hand it took us roughly about seven eight minutes the load s skid back up on you know what he didn't already have done and you know the appreciation guys came at the very end I just wanted to I went to shake his hand and he couldn't just end it with that you know I would have been happy with just shaking my hand and a thank you you know and moving on with my day but I went to shake his hand and he literally pulled me in because he felt like he needed to give me a hug and I felt the appreciation in his in his handshake and in his hug guys it was sincere you know it was heart you know heartfelt and you know I just wanted you guys to see that from the beginning to the end and you know I just I really hope you guys this enjoyed the video it it made me feel warm on the inside watching it again here you know as I'm editing the video so as always guys keep plowing keep sowing keep making money boys I'll talk to you later peace

47 thoughts on “Would You Help Him ?

  1. Yeh bro definitely a good thing to do , helped a few of them over the years . Help a brother out 👍

  2. I would give the shirt off my back if it was needed. We are all we are all brothers and sisters of God and we are supposed to help one another no questions asked if a rich person asks you for food he says he's hungry feed him that's our job we're not supposed to pick and choose this how life was intended to be not what we live now people would rather spit on you and scold you in the cast judgment then help you or accept you for who you are good job for stopping and helping that man cuz obviously the 50 cars that went by before you didn't God bless had a good day

  3. God moves in mysterious ways I bet something good happened to you within a week eg a new contract well done mate

  4. I'm glad you were able to help him. Personally I'm in a wheelchair so I couldn't have been a drop of help. In the end I can't believe he couldn't have gotten it closer to home. Fuel and time would eat any savings unless he got it for free.

  5. I heard you say something in another video that made me question where you were from, which was a man's good word and a hand shake is all a man has. I grew up hearing these exact words and now I hear your family is from West Virginia and it made sense to hear that. Your family has no doubt seen very hard times and have learnt that it's true a man's good word and his hand shake is all we have if you can't be trusted or are known for lying or simply just being dishonest in the Appalachian mountains it's very hard to find a job or keep one and once your name is damaged you'll never restore it because good word never travels as far or as fast as the bad. BTW I know some Spencer's here so maybe some of your distant family members idk that but in this world anything is possible.

  6. I’m 64 now and it brought tears. 72 and in better shape than I. I’ve had a stroke and heart stents, back issues,rotator cuff, and I still would have stopped to help this guy, I would’ve been in a lot of pain after,but I would’ve felt great in my ❤️ I know the feeling you got out of doing the right thing. I was Amish for the first ten years of my life, so maybe that has something to do with it. It’s the greatest feeling ever to help strangers and not accept anything other than a hug. The hug part got me 😢. Hopefully you inspired others. May the Lord Bless You in many ways. 🤓

  7. There is a good reason why nobody else helped …… Well when I say good I mean well understood reason! It boils down to group psychology. People assume that as there are many people there somebody will help and that because someone else will they don't have to! …… The same reason you see crimes being filmed and posted on youtube where everyone films and nobody steps in!
    It takes a conscious effort of will (or mindset if you prefer) to be that special one! Many will claim they would have helped but the truth is that few would.
    If I find myself in this type of situation I like to think I would help and in the past I have done so ….. but I always leave a little caveat to them as I leave. I tell them the help I have just given was not free! As soon as they start to look troubled I tell them the cost to them will be that if they see someone in need They Must help …. and pass the same "cost" on!
    Random acts of kindness, or points in the Karma bank …. it matters little which, as long as you help (and get them to do what they can too)!
    All the best to you and yours!

  8. Its gotten very scary anymore to stop and help people on side of road. Everybody’s scared on account of all the frauds and bad people that do that for you to pull over then rob you, car jack, you and even murder people. I will stop and help someone though, with extreme caution I see something or just don’t feel right I’m gone. I don’t carry a firearm, but some days I wish I did

  9. Nice job young man! At 72 he needed help. I am 65 and would have greatly appreciated your act of kindness! Regardless if he should have tied down the pallet is a moot point. We all make mistakes and this guy needed help.

  10. Just ran across your channel. Different from what I normally watch, but this video made me a sub! Great of you to do that. Yes, I would have stopped too. I would hope someone would do the same for me, if the shoe was on the other foot!

  11. Good job good videos it's good to help but a lot of highway patrol and police aren't around because of traffic not getting over in video u watched but a lot didn't move over into other lane take care be careful!

  12. Glad nobody got hurt…the highway is a very dangerous place. Not worth risking anyone’s life for a few bags of salt. Helped plenty a needy sole…changed tires pulled out of ditches etc but not worth risking my or my wife’s life.

  13. Giving the risky and dangerous spit yes I most definitely would have helped sets if hands loading is much faster and safer than one set if hands given the circumstances

  14. At 72, he is probably a Vietnam Veteran, good for you to help him out. How can there be 17 people that dislike this video?

  15. I’ve got a long story where some Texas boys helped me out when I blew a tire over 1,000 miles from home pulling a RV. There are still some very good people out there. I will always love Texas after that day.

  16. If you have time and see someone that is pull over, pull over and ask if they been help. On this case obviously he need it help. Never know what could be happening specially on hot and cold days.

  17. I doesn’t surprise me in the least. 95% of people these days don’t care what happens to you or me. I almost positive if a cop would have drove by him he would have gotten a fine. There just aren’t too many people that have any compassion for there nabber anymore.

  18. I once ran across a fellow and his lady who lost almost an entire bundle of 2x4s smack dab in the middle of the main intersection going into the Greensboro High Point airport. Another guy and myself stopped and helped these poor people out of this jam. Not only does doing something like that help the people but it also makes you feel good for helping someone. I've done this sort of thing many times over the years and learned it from my dad and uncle who were always willing to help someone out. Maybe it's pushing a car off the road or out of a ditch, what ever! Do it!!! It will make you feel good too!!!!

  19. I stopped and helped a guy with a pallet of mulch that tipped and fell off his truck. He was about 80 years old.

  20. Those old timers from west Virginia are all about respect! He probably went back home and told everyone he knows about you and how thankful he was….

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