Worlds Fastest 350HP Civic Sedan Goes For A 10 Second Pass!

hey guys we're at the track today and before we start this video I wanted to give a special shout out and thanks to action clutch for hooking us up with Jose's car they hooked us up with a twin disc no questions asked they saw that our car slipped on the track last time so we have this the super single in the car and it wasn't enough for the tire so they actually like I said without even hesitating shot us over free twin disc for us to try out on this car and man it's made a huge difference while I got someone to give a big shout out the action clutch drop with us out so let's go and get started on this video oh boy although you ready yeah I'm in oh boy we'll be ready for that new do oh shit are you ready it's probably ready so following bolo got belongs new four-piston 106 stroke motor here I put a little update on blonds car he went ahead and finished this upper radiator sport or the headlight sport there so if you look it actually breaks apart here the reason for this is so the ITV's can come right through here and not touch so it goes in super easy yeah nice weight savings it looks like factory when everything's said and done there we go right there guys 361 horsepower they ready to go to track see you side here bird it's not 350 361 255 let's see what she can do putting the postponed on which bond doesn't have to be is that a CRV CRV Motech over here lube it up some boats what's that look pretty good at that just get a looming up boats it's crazy this dude saw his car was getting dyno and then shows up with McDonald's oh shit love oh damn yeah [Applause] what is it crack yeah right here oh can see see it right there so I take the thing off reweld it throw back in Jose if you had a kaylynn manifold you don't even have that problem look who it is I thought I heard a turbo car outside hey I'm son all right so Manuel's gone ahead and reweld it up the manifold so following well we're gonna put everything back together real quick I also have to retune the fuel tables a lot stuff Falls checking the oil get the NASA shirt on your wood are you ready all right so Jose's manifolds been reweld it back up they get this thing back on the dyno to go back through what's that oh yeah I know it's crazy kid you how terribly built that we build this engine to run thirty-six pounds and only make 350 horsepower that's crazy oh yeah sorry was 360 361 that's wild doesn't make any sense what do you think Jose to make three into six I made three 6111 ah yeah so 361 at 36 pounds I'm ants that's ten horsepower per pound that's not a bad not a bad power rating at all to be fair tap ok so last pool sorry know where that was 350 horsepower 19 pounds sorry there's a pretty good 300 horsepower damn what just happened shifter fella whoa let go the shifter I don't know what happened Oh God recipes [Applause] so on that last pool josé's car blew off the return line I'm actually melted through it and messed it up so we actually go and make a new return latin right now from scratch riding on the dyno so much I like this thing all squared away and hopefully get it out let's see if we can do it right here this thing is trying everything I can to not get done we're gonna get this thing done way about to moon booster would so like 40 pounds 350-horsepower shit [Applause] three-fifty holy shit 350 how much boost forty forty pounds to make 350 horsepower damn that's crazy how much how much boost you think that was tell you guess so where's it at 40 is that the spicy tune the spicy are you ready how's that are you ready oh sure all right we're going Dino the track right here right now guys it is currently eight it is 8:45 p.m. the track closes at 11:00 they started aired up get all the tools going all right you guys so we're on our way to the track right now got off the dyno it's nine o'clock track closed at 11:00 so we're gonna get some pools in here we only world tracks only about like five ten minutes away from the shop that's what we do so many videos out there it's really easy to go out there and do some stuff hopefully we get a good number out of Jose's cargo that'd be dope but here we're on our way trailing on the way so uh yeah should be a fun night for sure how about your mother okay Elrod killer compulsory Rex's let's see how long they last keep saying they're Chinese though they're not Chinese Oh look always a six six and a quarter all right turn it way down ah maybe about the wristband one pass one a to be one clean everybody predicts eleven nine to eleven for terrain of 50 horsepower it's crazy forty pounds there anybody horsepower that's wild it sound good Skol for a drive in the daily commuter pick up my kids at school oh geez alright so I've got the four-door ready 350 wheel horsepower at 40 pounds of boost are you ready oh they're what I'm ready oh shit oh shit oh six and three-quarters yeah all right oh my god it's gonna be Alex's first pass right here in Jose's car [Applause] birth pass 1081 at 141 miles an hour now bad for a 350 horsepower sedan he's an alignment though did they say anything all right good he's more booth what's it alignment like yeah and third year looks fucking sketchy Jesus no shit alright guys so here's where we're at with this thing right now she'd I knowed made 350 wheel horsepower at 40 psi that first pass with 1081 at 141 miles an hour if we can add a whole bunch of power on the bottom leaving a whole bunch part of the car they kind of you know shake it down a little bit however because we went straight from the dyno to the track and it was an on running car about two days ago the car is not aligned at all and in third and fourth gear when I got all the boosts they got really dangerous so it's not worth risking the holy tires a little if you look at them or a little that tire is little pointing out now this is pointing out they're both pointing out for each other so yeah both the tires are like it's not even close to a line so honestly the car doesn't have a cage just have any safety in it it's not worth risking our lives for a car especially like this it's too dangerous so we're gonna make sure we get the alignment set up and get it all correct we're gonna fix it this week take it back to the track next Friday and I think we're gonna be bringing Alex's Alex's new four-door out hold on let's see here what do you think so true 141 mile an hour trap at 350 not bad but I mean I mean next time we might have another car here maybe we'll see battle the Battle of four doors who knows but yeah i mean so like i said we're gonna save Alex's life today keep safe I've been fine I don't think I've seen the end car how much you had the Battle of car but man for a three and a fifty horsepower this thing this thing scoots but that's what we got for today guys thanks for watching we'll see you guys the next one and see you later

22 thoughts on “Worlds Fastest 350HP Civic Sedan Goes For A 10 Second Pass!

  1. Had to read the comments trolling the trolls because i don’t c 350 running 10s and if it’s 760 like in the comments it’s said then title should b slowest 760hp sedan but Humble performance is the best of the best in my opinion

  2. You guys interested in a friendly shop vs shop challenge?? Fastest all motor b16a on e85 and stock stroke. Everything else is fair game??

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