‘World Of Dance’: How Crazy 8’s Member Naia Uses Dance To Transcend Her Selective Mutism | Access

35 thoughts on “‘World Of Dance’: How Crazy 8’s Member Naia Uses Dance To Transcend Her Selective Mutism | Access

  1. Love Naia, but I love how this dance featured the other girls too! Kendyl, Naia, and Sammi got solos on WOD, and Ella, Hope, and Alyssa had little features in this one, so hopefully we’ll get to see Delaney and Rylee featured more in the future!

  2. I love them I love crazy 8 from OCPAA such a great studio and amazing choreography I love it!!!…😎❤️👏🏻💯👍🏼😍👌🏼🍀😘🥰🙏🏻😮👯‍♀️

  3. I love these girls, they are an inspiration. Also, other than Naia having selective mutism, Kendyl has Tourettes syndrome too! Truly amazing!

  4. One of the kids is in my daughters class. She is a shy kid and very sweet. No big egos at all. We are all proud of them.

  5. My dumbass read selective mutism as selective Muslim so I click on the video and wasting about 5 mins of my life trying to figure out how this video fits in with Muslims 😂

  6. Very good video, buddy! ♡ Anxiety and Selective Mutism are very hard, but we are heroes to live such lives! 💪 Never give up, you're not alone and please watch my Selective Mutism Anxiety Story and Surviving Depression video to have some company and help! 💙💕

  7. I love the Crazy 8’s because they are very sweet talented young girls. And they are very inspirational too.😘😀😍😍❤️😀😍😘😘

  8. 1:03 awwww 😞 I thought they were called that because there were 8 of them and THEYRE ALL 8 YEARS OLD! (But I guess they’re not 8 so nvm)

  9. People think that someone who has selective mutism is all in the kids mind that they could talk if the wanted to. But that’s not it these kids can’t talk when people want them too the selective part is wrong and they need to learn more about this disorder before they make any judgments. My daughter had a kid in her adaptive PE class who suffered this same problem his teacher were always trying to get him to talk, by doing so it just made it more difficult after months of him sticking close to my daughter he would whisper so lightly that if you weren’t listening for it you would miss it. They started harassing my daughter to get him to talk.

  10. Yeah I have selective mutism too
    Which means I can’t even dance,smile,talk,laugh in front of people

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