Working with light, sound & colour for wellbeing – interview1

hello this is joy joy hi in high side I'm some psycho woman here from neuro body and I'm joy Spock from salubrious events and I've got a few questions for sy with me tear away yeah himself and why he's so I'm going to talk about so it's I am yeah just tell me a little bit about you yourself and your work mm-hmm so my focus is on spectrums and how spectrums can help people understanding them better and how do you use them to help people in terms of well-being environment so in particular the spectrums of sound the spectrums of light the spectrums of emotion and how those connect as a physical experience for us something that's really important in the work that I do is understanding the relationship between pitch and color both of them both pitch and color are to do with the way we perceive frequency so a color red for example when we see it visually it has a frequency as does orange as does blue they're all different frequencies of light and for example now like with my voice or that they're different frequencies they're different pictures very similar to color so when we start to experience and understand and work with frequencies and spectrums in that way we can start to map create Maps around how to use those the integration of those in a way that can really help people based on in consultation which is really what nura body is about wow that's interesting how you frame a lot how you frame at line spectrums and frequencies so what drew you to this area with yeah light sounding color well I've you know I've trained a lot in BO of those areas light and sound independently but over the course of working with them in very deep ways specifically just in terms of sound on its own or lighting on its own the more I worked with them the more I realized they're very similar in a lot of ways that when we get if we're starting to talk about physics the properties how sound propagates and how light propagates there's some differences but as a language that we can talk about they both move in waves they're both to do with spectrum language of frequency so my work would sound and light started to converge more so and then I started to work more with light and sound or audio visual as opposed to just audio or just visual and alongside that I've always also been practicing Qi Gong and studying holistic Qi Gong bodywork and that act acted as a third thread that then fed into these so these two audio and visual merged and along with them merge the practice of Qi Gong and understanding how the body works as as a system of energy and physical mass and so essentially that's how neural body was born mm-hmm okay great all right

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