work week in my life nyc | what I wear to work, prepping for the move, and starting fresh!

good morning guys today is Monday if you guys are new here my name is Michelle Reed and I make work week my life videos I make a ton of dude lifestyle vlogs I just started my job I'm a little tired right now cuz it is 7:40 I'm about to head to work because today I have an early meeting and then also there's a chance I have an in-person meeting I don't know for sure which is why I'm trying a little bit tonight sir but I wanted to show you guys my outfits throughout the speak a little bit more in detail I've been showing them in all my work week in my lives but it's kind of been more like fast and not super focused on the outfit so I wanted to actually show you guys a little bit more in depth so as you guys know I wear my Daniel Wellington watch pretty much every single day to work it's my favorite watch I have three that I rotate between but it recently came out with the new one that I wanted to show you guys and just kind of think Daniel Wellington for sponsoring this week's video this is the new classic doper watch it's this white one and I like it because it's a lot more casual than any of my other ones I don't have anything like this I'm wearing it with the classic rose gold bracelet and I just have the rose gold Dover watch if you guys are wondering I personally just really like it I feel like it goes with all of my outfits and it's just really simple I really like minimalist jewelry and I feel like a perfect summer watch because it's just really lightweight and I genuinely love these watches I don't wear any other watches and I just think they're the best addition because I don't like wearing a ton of jewelry but they're like the perfect amount that is what I'm wearing today I'll have it linked down below if you guys want to check out Daniel Wellington I love them for work and you can also use my code Michelle Reed to get 15% off your order which is a really great deal you guys wanna check it out I know I wear this jacket all the time but just because I think it is so cute it's from petite video I really like it I think it's like really simple but professional at the same time it's kind of like easy just to throw out if I need my out to be little more professional and then my jumpsuit that I'm wearing you can't really see all of it but it's from Albion fit it's just like this really simple like puffy jumpsuit and I say this in all my vlogs but I work in marketing so it's really casual so this is like acceptable for a meeting it's not anything that's too casual so then I'm just wearing it with my clogs per usual because I basically wear these every single day but this is my today for work I'm about to head out the door like 6:30 right now I got home at 6:15 and I filmed some Instagram stories which is why I'm just like in like a hoodie right now but I'm gonna go ahead and head out to work out downstairs I really try to use my gym for this last week because I'm not gonna have a gym in my new place and I will probably end up getting a membership somewhere I kind of want to try a class pass for a month and see if I like it but for now I'm gonna miss having my handy dandy little gym downstairs I'm gonna go get a workout and some dinner and then probably based on my family and then just edit my Instagram stories I just did and get some work done and it's gonna be a nice Monday night I had a really good day of work today it was just like feel like I got a lot done but was it like super stressed it was just all in all a really good day so I really appreciate that I'm going to show you guys how I make my chia seed pudding because I love to do this for the morning time it's like one of my favorite thing to have right now all I like to do is mash a banana do some chia seeds and then I also just like you saw the almond milk and then a little bit of cinnamon you just mix it all together and put it in the fridge overnight and it's so good in the morning with some berries today's Tuesday this is what I'm wearing definitely more casual than yesterday but I don't have any like in-person meetings so I can definitely wear something like this but my dress just looks like this it's from princess Polly I really like it it's just like flowy comfortable for working and then I'm just wearing these shoes or heels that I got from Nordstrom on sale I really like these heels I think that they're just really comfortable and like casual for work so like doable for walking around New York City so it is my outfit for today just finish eating breakfast it is about 8:15 today's I have to leave as early but I'm about to head out with all of my stuff and just head off to work and it's gonna be another good day tonight I definitely need to come back and like hunker down on packing and start like my closet a little bit just because I want to make sure I pack everything that I can before the movers come on Thursday and just to make my life a little bit easier so that is kind of what is up today just got in I was wearing my glasses today because it was an entire staring at the screen day because one's that blue light filters in them so I really want to make sure I wear these more but it's like 6:30 6:45 right now I just got home I'm so tired today tonight is not a workout night I'll tell you that much packing like actually finished packing and then I'm gonna go for a walk around my neighborhood with a tinks it's like our last time to walk around the neighborhood and we do it all the time and I love my neighborhood so much right now it's very bittersweet leaving it but I just want to do that tonight eat some dinner and then I just have a few little things I need to do for YouTube work and that is the rest of my night and so I am just gonna go shower probably change get comfy hi baby currently in the packing process I'm trying to do some of my closet but obviously these ones I think they're gonna put in wardrobe boxes and then they're definitely got to help me with some of the shoes but I think most of that stuff's packed got my boxes out here I think we're at a good place though so it's Wednesday I just spilt water all over my shirt if you're wondering where there's stuff on it but this is what I'm wearing today my top is from made well it's just cute little shirt and I'm wearing this skirt which is from Zara it gets really cute I'm wearing another Danielle line 10 watch just ones just like the rose gold one is like my favorite skirt it's just so comfortable and like flowy and I think it's great for work just cuz it's not like super tight or anything wearing it with my clogs as you can see and I'm about to head to work right now I have AC blasting right now because it is seriously like 95 degrees it is so hot it's like this really humid he is just not fun but it's 650 right now I stopped by the bank after work and I also picked up a nice little salad bowl because obviously I'm moving tomorrow so I just like don't have a ton of groceries and I need to clean out my fridge so I'm gonna do that tonight tonight I need to fully pack everything my movers are doing most of my closet so I don't really need to worry about like hanging stuff up and then obviously furniture they're gonna take all of that but I need to clean out my fridge I need to just like set everything out that needs to be packed to make it easier for them so just finishing up some youtube stuff right now I just had like something that's kind of interesting that no one talks about but all of your payment's come in so many different forms and I feel to keep track of everything and so I have everything on an excel file of like the date that I was paid the amount just so I can track my income and then also know how much I owe for taxes and I like to do with the day I receive payments just so it doesn't get lost and so that's what I'm doing right now just filling that out I'm gonna have a nice little a pecking night by myself but I'm kind of excited my last night in my apartment which is so weird I honestly love this place and well I'm excited to move this has been such a great apartment it's just been so safe so calm so nice so updated if you guys watch my apartment tour video or my apartment watch my apartment search video I look so gross I can't even stand it look at myself in the screen right now I'm just like so nasty you watched my apartment search video you know I talked about this place but it's just like a really nice apartment building in the door matter super nice it's just like a really good spot and I wish I could stay in my neighborhood but nothing was really listed here in our price range it was either like luxury buildings or like really old buildings there's no in between and so I just like couldn't stay here which is really sad but I love my place so I'm really excited to move tomorrow I'm so excited live with fros and like sleep in the same places or tomorrow or just think that it's gonna be such a fun little journey and so much fun a document about me a storm here and it never really it never really storms in New York City usually just rains there is so much lightning right now that it's just so we exit never actually it's like this I'm going to show you guys so we are looking good this box is packed we've got suitcases packed lamp is out all this stuff is stuff that they're taking this one I'm leaving open to put something in the morning doing laundry right now I really don't have a lot of stuff like I have these boxes this stuff they need to take my bed I'm washing my comforter right now my dust they'll do all my clothes and wardrobe boxes I'm leaving this for Naja because I got a new dresser that I like more and then they pretty much just have to take my couch this table this rug which I'm pretty sure I'm gonna try to put in my room and it fit this shell and then that lamp and that's pretty much all this stuff that they have to take I totally forgot to switch my prescription to a CVS that's closer to where I'm moving so I'm gonna have to come back into my neighborhood this weekend anyway so I think I'm just going to come back and like deep clean because I still have the apartment but it'll be easier to do and everything's out so the people that are moving into this apartment with my roommate Naja will have a clean space that's really important to me that like I don't leave it a mess so I think I might see a tonight it's like 9 o'clock so you might like go for a walk or something and then it will probably have to sleep for the big move tomorrow which I'm really excited for I'm feeling like I'm in a really good place so I think it's gonna be really good [Applause] [Applause] currently headed to work this is was my first night last night in a new place which was so exciting but I'm just wearing this dress which is from princess Polly just wearing these earrings which are from made while and then my shoes are just these Steve Madden meal so plump that it's Friday it's gonna be [Applause]

41 thoughts on “work week in my life nyc | what I wear to work, prepping for the move, and starting fresh!

  1. Can you share the brand of the heels you wore day two with the princess poly dress? They’re PERFECTION! love your videos they make my whole day ❤️

  2. Hey Michelle I am missing our old Michelle….. When I was watching your old vlogs…. I was hey where is my old Michelle seriously love you girl!! Stay blessed and Happy….. Love you Always!! I want to say hi to you May be in the future I can…. Lots of love from my side!! I am a 13 years old… And I am in 8th grade… Love Yaa…. ❤❤

  3. Just got back from vacation and this video inspired me to cease the rest of my day and unpack lol. Love this video and I am so excited for when I graduate!!

  4. Love watching your videos!! I enjoy watching as I am planning to move to nyc very soon. And that watch is 😍😍

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  9. I think it’s funny how we can feel so gross and icky but because other people aren’t in our bodies, they just see us and don’t think that at all. Like today my hair is all greasy and my skin feels dry and my body’s itchy so I feel like I look gross, but probably my opinion of how I look is informed by how it feels to live in my body right now. I thought you looked glowing and wonderful in that shot, but maybe you were just not feeling your best and that informed how you saw yourself.

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