good evening welcome to the word empowerment series from LT NM as you are hearing this message is the teaching series of what different aspects of a Christian living it last week we were talking about the cross the importance of the cross and today we are just going to talk about something which is very important the mustard seed faith being put to work in a day to day lives how can you and I put a mustard seed faith to work in our lives many times we just think that oh I don't have faith I meet so many people you just say oh brother I don't have the faith I don't know the faith to believe I don't have the faith to expect the breakthrough I don't have a faith though you I want to tell you today you have the faith but many times we don't understand that we take it at significant we just don't value what is that because we are so used to seeing something big great and some lore of what are called lot of excitement created no it's a simple faith your simple faith will make a big difference in your life and the life of the people who God has put in your circle of influence turn your Bibles to Matthew chapter 17 verse 20 I want you to tell you you need to read the scriptures because this is a word empowerment series but we want you to meditate the Word of God with us says and Jesus said unto him them because of your unbelief for verily I say unto you if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed it shall say unto this mountain remove hence to yonder place and it shall be a child removed and nothing shall be impossible unto you hallelujah what about the Lord is telling teaching the disciples they were saying work hard we can't do this we cannot do this and the Lord came to them and said don't all faithless people the movers 76033 and perverse generation how long shall I be with you how long I suffer you bring the the person to me it's so important that the disciples were thinking they don't have any power this they felt like they are powerless being with Jesus many times we analyze will be are excited we see oh everything is simple there are times in your Valley situation you say oh I don't have faith faith like a mustard seed is there for each one of you you have possessed that faith but do you put into action I want to talk about the mustard seed I would just bought a seat for you to see I don't know if we can see it it's difficult to see and this is so insignificant a mustard seed but that makes the difference wherever it is used same way your faith will make a difference wherever you put it to use this your faith like a mustard seed will make a difference stop telling yourself I don't have faith see this mustard seed and I will just remind it as I was meditating on it the Lord was this impressing in my heart this time my children put their faith into action stop condemning yourself saying and oh I can't do this I don't have the faith the Lord is asking us each one of us today put your faith into action put your faith into action first thing let's talk about faith in turn your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 it says now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen but many times in our generation we define faith of what we see how we feel the Bible says faith is a is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen if you just read the book of Hebrews chapter 11 you talk about the great men and women of God in faith they look great exploit for the Lord they stood their ground in the midst of a situation which is contrary to the promise you know what what did this bitch was I say to you apart from other believers 1 you stand in faith it many times your standard of faith will be contrary to your situation your circumstances but you need to be willing to hold on you need to be willing to hold on to the promises of God you need to be willing to stand you might be the last person you the last man standing unit will rise up and say no I will go I will I would stand for my god faith which is which is easy many tales we all like it but many times we don't want to be the great men and women of God who are going to be pioneers in standing and seeing a miracle happening I think about the life of Moses he was he was happy with his life he was happy with his lives and the Lord took him to a turnaround then he came and went to Pharaoh God the people out they he thought his life would have been easy then he comes to the Red Sea and then he says Oh God what will he do he forgot what miracles God did and believe with the people of Israel many times in our lives when we see one one faith miracle after the other we forget the past we make him every day we need to keep getting a new miracle you need to exercise that faith which God is given in you if I was the military convert the life of Peter there were other disciples in the book but only Peter was the only one who could walk on water why because he was willing to trust God immaterial to his circumstances his surroundings he just wanted to trust the Lord and the Lord said come Peter come let's go for a walk on water but the time Peter removed his eyes of the Lord and start looking at his circumstances he started drowning many times how will your faith work the second thing which I want to talk about working of your faith working of your faith happens when your eyes are fixed on Jesus your faith won't work if your ice is away from the Lord faith is not a feeling it's an assurance based on God's Word that he is going to come through in every situation for you walking of your faith allow your faith to work and only work when you're connected to the Lord we're standing with the Lord is the right it's very important but it is we think of faith is our feeling today I feel good tomorrow I true faith is not a feeling God willing in the coming weeks we will to talk detail on faith because I believe it's so important to speak to without this generation because there is just only I'm so interested in the noise around to the miracles but we need to be grounded in God's Word our faith is developed how developing of faith turn your Bibles to Romans chapter 10 verse 17 how do you develop I talked about the importance of faith I talked about the working of faith man talking about the developing of faith hallelujah I hope you are enjoying I am enjoying teaching the word hallelujah Romans chapter 10 verse 17 he says so then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God developing of faith happens when you hear the word of God hallelujah developing of faith how do you develop your faith by hearing God's Word many people say I don't know what how I build a faith I will tell you when you read a scripture meditate on the scripture many of us are in the in the in the habit of completing the Bible 10 times 20 times 30 times it doesn't it's good but it doesn't many times help you develop your faith you need to meditate on a part of scripture seek the face of God I love the Spirit of God to speak to you minister to you that's when you develop your faith it's time to meditate on God's Word that helps you to develop your faith hear the word of God hear the word of God continuously has the Holy Spirit or the revelation because the Bible says the Word of God is the author of the word is this is the Holy Spirit if you turn your Bibles to the book of Timothy hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah just turn your Bible to 2nd Timothy chapter 3 verse 16 second Timothy chapter 3 verse 16 he says all Scripture is given by the inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness for that the man of God may be perfect through thoroughly furnished unto all good works hallelujah it's so important the Word of God has been inspired by the Spirit of God so you who who can explain this Word of God to you the Holy Spirit you can read all the documentaries you want is nothing wrong with it I appreciate that but you need to allow the Spirit of God to reveal the truths from the word that develops your faith and the last thing which I want talk about this power of faith there is great power in faith I am going to go in detail later in the in the coming coming weeks when we specifically talk about faith in in a greater length what is the power of a turn your Bibles to the book of Mark chapter 5 verse 21 and 234 here we read a story of a lady with the issue of blood for 12 years she was suffering she went everywhere she spent everything but when she knew Jesus was in the house she was willing to be dirty the Bible says in verse 28 mark 5:20 and he says what she said if I may touch but his clothes I shall be made whole that was great faith hallelujah the power of faith she said I am desperate she came to a point of desperation when she needed a miracle and the Bible says she went and touched the helm of how come his garment and the disciples didn't know what happened in Jesus turn back and so what did he say hallelujah in verse 30 and Jesus immediately knowing in himself that the virtue has gone or haven't earned him about in the in the presence said who touched my clothes and then verse 34 the daughter died from died faith has made the whole hallelujah is not anybody else faith she was willing to stretch forth a faith beyond the boundaries in the natural she just said I am desperate for miracle I want the my faith to exceed my my own understanding my limitations she just went and just touched and because of that her power of faith to look beyond herself for a miracle she was made whole how great with that is a power of faith when you look beyond yourself you are your limitations your boundaries and you go out and the Lord will meet you there hallelujah and I believe in they come the Lord wants to build us in faith mustard seed faith I will just show you again don't look down on your mustard seed faith this will build you up this mustard seed faith which you look today as insignificant when you allow the blood to work in you this will make you a giant man and woman of God in faith this insignificant mustard seed faith I want you to remember the home just take up mustard seed see this mustard seed could move the mountains how much more your faith can move this one hallelujah let's just look to the Lord in prayer father God thank you for speaking to us today a lot about the mustard seed faith I pray for every person watching this this broadcast to the word empowerment series to bless them father God help our face to develop and impact that generations long generations for you Lord bless your people today Master thank you once again for who you are thank you lord thank you lord thank you lord bless your people it Jesus may we pray I mean keep God first let the word of God be a priority hallelujah and God will do great things through your life god bless you and one more thing I want to tell you if you are in Hyderabad and if you're looking for a fellowship join with us this Sunday I'm excited one more day to go and we had we are having a light to the nation's missions fellowship 8:30 to 10:30 at Royal Rev hotel if you are get connected hallelujah if you want to send these teachings to your friends share it there's no copyright to it but only to people who need it hallelujah god bless you and honor the word and the Word of God will build you to be a child of faith in your generation see you see you next week bye bye have a great week

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