Womens empowerment(1)

so part of things that I've seen which is the mayor tunes and stuff like that did not need to be successful then I do be there anymore it's not in this generation marriage thing good thing some unfortunately unfortunately so my child and me definitely got first because without him even like me it won't be you know so marriage family is sister sex because it's a foundation like you said so I would feel like that oughta be success and I get there all right just ask ladies there we go that was success for us yeah all right let me see thank you drew come on a car yes ma'am okay what's love love to me love to me is this comes down and saying but it's so truly this community okay and what I mean by that is this right here see I couldn't do this without them okay so that that loves me like we're like I'm above these ladies right now because we're doing this together we're trying to empower us ladies out there rose up left I mean I couldn't do this without doing right now the other here and that's love to me like it's like yeah my husband everybody knows that what I love is you know it goes further than just your husband or your kids it goes way further than that to me that's love you know let me tell you something when you have women in your life and you wanna see them shine as much as they're shining let me tell you that's my talk about like it takes more than just hear it yeah and who's inside the house it takes everybody people who was around you want to make sure they're like loving you loves me it's deputy color and I say it's the color because it's you know it's race needs my favorite color love is not blue because blue is sad like you're not this and love is a feeling I feel like the symbol is rented and then just love they all come from a feeling like how in a relationship I feel like loves comes from just walking down just Manhattan also just holding hands happy not thinking about anything basking love that's really loving like Lauryn Hill said in her CD which is my favorite one love comes from I feel like definitely love is a feeling it's a sub presence you feel it instantly like you can walk in to a room like she said I walk in here and I'm like this is my second home like I feel mama I feel my sister I'm like yeah this I feel loved like it's it's definitely a presence and you'll know exactly when it's in the air when you feel it it um so yeah this D yeah it's an emotion you know like there is no showing me that you left me there you actions one that you so you get out other than motion if you lost me I lost to you and I love you but if it not fall to me how can I love you right you feel me so it's like I love but if I'm not gonna love you any more like a second baby I put that damn faulty oh yeah you're 100% with me and I and I have a friend and she knows who she is because she always one time she got mad at me she said to me yo Lord sees everything she said I always had a lawsuit in you I love you but I let's have loyalty if you don't have oxygen II we can't be friends that's how I learned the meaning of launching what that's all about right there and she's like open up my eyes to that know some real and she knows why I love she's on here because I know but yeah love love I feel like it's weird though because I feel like you should I feel like you should love a person you should know them but they shouldn't want to see you her in a way like they should they should love you enough to tell you or be honest and tell you the truth but no okay you know she's a little sensitive like let me not say you like that let me not do this her because it may be her and we are totally different creatures on this earth I like to my husband whatever his name is I would say duh let me tell you but my good boy I can't forget it we thought we are emotional emotional creatures exactly yeah we run with so many most years absolutely ridiculous they don't yeah they have to be hard and I big up to my brother's out there because they do they have to be hard and I get that yeah you know but I have to learn that I am understand yeah they should want to meet I need something meet there it's like we love them but yeah but really like no use being a man at the same time like stuff goes back to the beginning so like if I was raised with love and just hugs and kisses and in my household I said I love you I love you and we kiss when we say huh and we say bye but that person a grow up like that right I should say they show love in a different way so that's how you have to understand

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