Women Empowerment – Succeed Through Your Adversity

what's going on my various kings and queens I'm so excited that you are joining me today today we are celebrating women's empowerment and I have a treat for you today I have my good friend and celebrity guest Regina sunshine Robison and ladies get prepared to be inspired encouraged and get ready to move in the power of your purpose oh hello everyone I'm so excited that you here today this is elder Thomas the founder of various motivation where we inspire success we revitalize hope and we empower purpose my whole focus is making sure that I hope you all get to your next level but enough about me I have such a dynamic guest with me today and I'm so excited that she's with me she is my sister in Christ my sister in life and just all-around great dynamic woman so I love to introduce you to a young lady named Regina sunshine Robison but let's talk really quickly before I bring her into this conversation just a few highlights this is him come close to what she has accomplished she is the CEO of Regina sunshine global networks she's an author and contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul curvy and confident you're gonna have to tell me about why it's curvy and confident okay she's an acclaimed motivational speaker she's an empowerment coach co-founder of e what he waits I'm sorry a woman's empowerment organization she's a certified educator award-winning and talk show host 200 2018-2019 honored by a House of Representative or you better go 2019 woman of excellence recognition by Atlanta Daily Tribune and Atlanta daily world Wow help me understand a little something Regina in your own words we went through just a little small list of what you've accomplished but tell me who Regina sunshine Robinson really is Wow first of all I'm a daughter of the king the lover of people servant to the kingdom okay the one who wants to leave people better than a find them so what are some individuals that you have found excuse me that you made better than you found out I know I'm one of them so that's people a little bit about how you and I have come to this to where we are now for many years ago well you wanna talk about how we met how're you minute I think that was actually God that was God ordains right there's no consequences than God so I think that was all about him it was in fact my sister Pam and I mister Pamela Stanley is my business partner with E way and we were meeting with Stevie Mills in Greensboro North Carolina at Panera Bread shuttle just an amazing connector always looking to put people together to do greater work and she told us that there's several people I want you to meet and I just haven't stopped by there I said and of course the day we were there for several hours different people would stop by well the last person I stopped by that day was Ehlert Thomas and I tell everyone when I tell this story I always say I was so intrigued by L that I had nothing to say no ma'am the person is the chatterbox that has a lot to talk about but the whole time L was talking I was like and WL the mail Regina sunshine because only you kid you know make the sunshine you know just move to the side so you humbled but but again I was so impressed by you you're the kind of person I can sit and listen to because I can learn a lot I was like I need to be taking notes when you're talking and go research when we're done but you always leave me better than you find me so that has been a blessing of our friendship I appreciate that I think the feeling is mutual actually because although I was speaking when we first met I said okay maybe I should be the one taking knows this woman definitely has the power of God within her and I'm just gonna need a husha she is like Esther right see is this is a woman on the move doing phenomenal things and you attract so many people to you because you have a dynamic personality you actually do see your work is just so unselfish which I just love about but yet even though you've accomplished so many things you're still so humble and so modest I don't understand how you do that because most people who have the attenuated list of accomplishments are kind of arrogant you know kind of self-centered so how do you keep yourself humble I guess I don't see myself the way I see other people see me okay I see myself on a mission and really being and doing what God has called me to do and and when you think of yourself on I guess a kingdom scale of the work there is to be done is earth then hey we're trying oh there's nothing to be arrogant about right we are here about our father's business and that's it Wow I love it I love this so guess what I'm gonna do I'm gonna put you in the hot seat this little bit I know this is unscripted and you have no idea what I'm gonna be throwing at you but I have a few questions I'm some I conjured up myself and a couple that other individuals when I made them aware that I'm going to be speaking to Regina's sunshine Robison asked me to ask okay so I know okay but don't worry so you're gonna get chance to see the question but you never have very much time to respond so I like doing unscripted stuff so that way our people know that it's not a rehearsed conversation right because if it was rehearsed I'd be a little bit more polished than I am today but this is one be rough and rugged but this is for the glory of the kingdom right okay all right so let's take a look so we're gonna have our Q&A with Regina or should I say Q&A with the sunshine all right so my first question Virginie ready yeah looking back from where you are now what are some personal challenges that you had to overcome well there are a couple that come to mind one for a while was the feeling of being unworthy to be in the spaces that God was putting me in so so often we see the things that are happening like especially with like the stuff that's happened this year with the capital and the women of excellence you know I was in the room with there were three Superior Court judges that were being honored in the class I was in there was an anchor from Fox 5 there was mayors and I'm looking around and I'm like well I haven't really accomplished some of the things that they've accomplished why would I be in the same space but when you recognize that it's not about you and they got issue in those faces so that he can elevate you to greater work then that removes part of that and then the other part is recognizing that he made us that makes us worthy and it's interesting with me being a person that works with people on self worth and self image that I'm telling you that I have a challenge with feeling unworthy but it's something that we have to continually renew our minds about and continue work on because as we were elevated into new spaces the enemy still comes back with those things he knows that have been successful in getting you off track in the past so that's one thing the second thing for me that was huge was a feeling of loneliness I've always felt like I was different and set apart and really misunderstood by most people in my life and that created this space that even when you were in a crowd you felt lonely and I remember having a conversation with my pastors my first passion first lady doctors Brian Lysander Bell here in Marietta and saying the words to him Pastor I said it's so much great stuff is happening I said but I'm so lonely and I'm expecting some Oh sister Regina he said well you don't be lonely see just suck it up hmm and he said very he said you talk to enough people that have done great work or pastors a minister the people who are out really in the field doing God's work he said you'll find that one of the things I have in common is they're lonely because so much of what they have to redo requires it is just them and God hmm and when you accept that this is a part of the journey then you won't feel so bad about it and the first lady says he went through the same thing when they started ministry she said well she had to recognize was when that face of people being removed with that space of that's really like you had people to fill those spaces when you began to feel God put God in those spaces then you begin to relieve that lonely feeling so those are the two two major things that have happened on my journey okay I think sometimes and the Syst thank you so much for that um got purposely puts us in a state of loneliness so we can actually hear his instruction in his direction rights I know especially take it from a dating perspective if we're not dating the right individual on our journey or fulfilling our purpose that person becomes a distraction to what God wants us to accomplish so sometimes he will remove us and isolate us so we can actually hit him clear because let's be honest with each other if I'm into a young lady or you into a young man you know purpose kind of be put on the back burner just a little bit because you know where my heart or my mind set on this particular person right if we like through Scripture a lot of individuals who have chosen to date someone or be connected to someone that isn't tied to purpose they end up become a delayed so I would encourage you and let you know that you know what it is gonna happen right I felt like Joseph many times in the pit trying to figure out how do I get in this place right how did I by myself in this darkness where I feel that there's no one there to support me and there's no one able to promote me or provoke me except for God right so tell me a little bit that's loneliness that you felt what was going through your mind at the particular time I know you spoke to your pastor in the first lady but let's get a little deeper what were you truly feeling of that loneliness like I described loneliness to you to us if you will well this particular bout with loneliness and I say that because as I've mentioned before that as you're elevated and you reach some levels you see different some of the same challenges in a different form but this particular time you know I'd left my job building Regina Sunshine global network full time and really out here whatever say you eat what you kill equation and so I was feeling like hey I'm really out here by myself like if I don't do this thing then it's not gonna happen and you really begin to recognize that there's no one else that can there are people that can assist you of course and that can support your journey but if you're not completely tied into and he is you're not speaking to him and he's not speaking me on a regular basis that there's nothing and for me that's what it was it was it was like a boy you know from being in this space where you have co-workers and you know people and you kind of on the same trajectory to being out here in a space where I was completely in uncharted territories felt like I was in the wilderness and that's the best way to describe it and even in a room full of people because those people don't have the same vision and same goals you can't have that conversation with them then this still is that emptiness that quiet that boy that again as my first lady said it's time for you to spend that time with him but you know we're human and we want human connection and we won't understand and yes and the more you seek that the more you recognize that there's no human is going to be able to fill that space for you but I have to turn to him so that's what it has been and the interesting thing like I said I've been through this seemingly overcoming at different levels and then it shows up in a different way in a different space and I remember telling my coach learn you didn't get your black well but overcome this before why does it come back up and again she says because you're on a different level now you're in a different space and you're being elevated so every level you're gonna meet some of these same challenges so that you can you know regroup get back and make sure that your own target make sure everything straight and make sure that you're listening to God and move forward so that's what it was for me hmm what other plod you because I think sometimes when we're going through loneliness we make the decision because we're human to forego our goals rights only because not just because if there's somebody in our lives is morally because of the fact that I don't want to do this by myself I want so I want to partner I want somebody who's gonna run with me my hate description tells us but be careful do not be an evil yoked with individuals so if I know that God has called me to a higher perp I have to understand that not every person is gonna come with me when God brings me to a different level and sadly to say there's gonna be some individuals some situations some ways of thinking that I'm gonna have to detach from in order to pursue what God has for me I think in your journey of loneliness you're realizing that you may be lonely per se but think about all the individuals God has put in your life right just think about those individuals that at a whim who's willing to do anything for Regina sunshine Robinson you're right so I think the challenge is is that the wee hours of the night when you like you know what when you can't sleep hmm looking at your ceiling okay Lord what's next has been another piece of the loneliness part is that as I've been elevated and things have happened for me that there are so many people that I thought would have been here all right here mmm people have fallen away people that you saw I always say people that you would trust with your children that means their home right I mean or not this is beyond blood this is you my family for real because if I trust you in my family I mean I trust you with my life and these are some of the same people that have walked away turn their back and you like really so that falling away process the people turning and and not some just turning but turning and slandering your name in an effort to bring you down as well all of that has happened on this journey and most of the people that are on my team now are people that I didn't know when I started this chart and they've just showed up caught the vision and run with it imagine that imagine that and again that God hex they had to get rid of those individuals it's interesting that your basements will be a lot of people's ceiling and it's hard to understand that do you know I mean by that explaining brother okay you know I'm gonna explain right so think about it you could have two individuals both pursuing greatness okay but they can only go so far because one they may not have the faith they don't have to believe or where that reason may be but you keep on going so they have reached their ceiling does that make sense but you don't start taking off until they actually have plateaued so it's kind of hard for them to actually ever see you as an equal because they're going to always be in a different level and you're still striving because you haven't quit you have the fifth you have instruction with God etc etc so now they're looking at you met necessary as person that they admire but personally despise me because they feel in the heart of mine I can't go any further and I don't want her go any further because if I she goes any further there will be a good disconnect so it's best that I either leave her life or leave her alone or either find some way to Humble her up right but I'm glad that she didn't get sucked in to that those type of individuals and look what God did he took away some good people and put great people in your place right so yes indeed so you ready for the next question that was good all right now so you were talking about some personal challenges handle loneliness did you ever feel like giving up and if so how many times I can't even count them there are a couple specific times in my life which one takes me back to junior high which it's something that I still draw from today I remember being in junior high like I said I've never felt like I fit in and like I was like everybody I always felt said apartment I always knew there was something great it was going to happen in my life they know what it was I just thought wasn't like everybody else and I remember once and junior high coming home to me to call my mom in my grandmother's front yard I'll never forget it and I said mom I just wish I could be like everybody I just wish I could just be normal like everybody and she said to me well suck it up it's so pointy my class use the same words just suck it up she says you're not like everybody else hmm he said God has a great purpose for your life she said therefore you can't be like everybody else and there are those times when it's hard when you feel unworthy when you feel lonely when you feel like you don't know how the impossible is going to happen because you know in order for you to do what you do next the impossible has happened those are the times we do want to give up and I'm very blessed that I have people in my life that not only have the same mindset as me in terms of you know trusting God and achieving dreams and you know never quitting but also people that I have poured into did now feed my words back to me and even on occasion I remember my son Gabriel who's 24 now in the last year me saying you know what I could just shut did you know sunshine global network down and just go back and get a regular job he said she would never be happy that's true because you would not be living God's purpose for your life and so those Mama's is good to have people to come you know and give it back to you and you're like you're right so the answer is many times and I'm just thankful that I have reminders of why I'm on this journey around me me I'm one of them you are there is a lot of women are a lot of women entrepreneurs professional women of God I think they struggled with the same thing right and what was that points like where did you striving you started driving but what happened specifically it's like you know what it's I'm also go ahead and just throw in the towel and just do what I want to do do something easier because this purpose that God called me to do is just too dang hard this business I'm running is just too dang hard there's other individuals to see like a happy-go-lucky either sleeping in ten hours a day right they are you know and that's a woman professional you know they oftentimes have family instead of some are single parents so you fitting that profile how did you truly remove yourself from that – if to re-engage well let's talk about that those moments in making parent when you're an entrepreneur that you live solely off for whatever your business creates and people don't pay the invoice like it's supposed to understand or your equipment breaks down or your employees quit or are unreliable right and again there are several things that bring me back to myself bring you back to your right mind one of them is and I mentioned this in my book which is I said I mind as I remind myself why and that's that's that's real basic and real simple you know I am a child of God he loves me wonderfully made I can do all things through Christ in this room to begin to affirm and build yourself up because in those moments the enemy is attacking you and unless you you know put your shield up which I'll arm up and get back then you can be torn down so I have to remind myself of Who I am and who's and the mission that he has me own I have you know my vision written down I have my dreams written that I go back to those things and I remind myself why I even started you know you know if there was a reason enough to start it's a reason enough to continue and so is it ratha is very practical there's not a whole lot of oh it's okay God what did you say do let me go back to what you said dude why did you say do it and you have to remind yourself because again we're people with human you know and you know when the Bible talks about renewing your mind that is a very real thing it's a daily process so you have to renew your mind to the things that he gave you and remind yourself of why you're doing it in the first place in other words you go back to your first love you go back to him his purpose for your life and get back on track Wow I love it I love it you've minted a scripture that I like a lot I know quite a few spoke to try it but I can do all things in Christ which strengthens me right I think what individuals don't realize is that there's a certain point that God's gonna let you to do everything in your power to do it's usually at the point of exhaustion that he doesn't come in to assist you and I think it's until you exhausted yourself spiritually physically emotionally sometimes financially right then that's when that through Christ happens right because hey now I have to work while we have to get through Christ because I had to leave me behind and then that's where I get that additional strength to carry on does that make sense the financial piece because business owners that's the thing you know that can be the forget it can't do this anymore at least if I was working a job I have a steady check and I would have to worry about you know these things and that's when faith has to really kick in no you know God if you you know Miss Lorraine Thomas the founder of this and his daughters of promise will have great respect for whom entered me when I was working inside of her organization said these words to me if it's God's will is God's bill hmm she's always saying you know with my organization something comes a financial okay God you told me to do this so what do you need me a my line you know it make sure I got everything I'm supposed to have in order in order okay now I've gotta believe that you're gonna show it because this is your vision for my life this wasn't my vision for my life this was your vision nice and so you know especially with the finances that you have to get to a place where you say okay I've done everything that I'm supposed to do now that I trust you you do what you say and that is sometimes you know you got 24 hours to pay the lease on your building and nobody has paid an invoice and I'm trusting you God and then the money shows up that's hard for a lot of people because we're just having despair the extra the cushion which when that's in place you don't have to trust God as much right because I got I got a few thousand in the bank oh you know the business has a few thousand and debate but whenever you were down to the wire and you know there's no way the money's going to show up but he send it man that's a whole other kind of feeling whenever he comes Burt hmm you know and the Holy Spirit says some to me sometimes he will deplete you in order to increase you wow that just gave me more you know let me go ahead and read I'm 11 this conversation with my sister you ready for your next question yeah all right okay wow this is a good one so you went through all these challenges and give you some great examples but how did your faith or your relationship with God play a role in getting back up when you felt beat deal when you feel like giving up when you felt like you know what I'm done with this door in the towel so how did your faith or your relationship with God play a significant role and you re-engage in and going back to your purpose well you know when you're in those darker places or those hard spaces it's interesting though often we acquired acquire than we are at our normal lives and were able to hear no better than we've been before I often tell people when I get too too busy God talks to me in my sleep I began having dreams and visions and things like that's what I know are you doing a bit when you not even apologize for me to talk to you so let me tap into your sleep and get your attention okay for me is that that's been the part that assists think that being really quiet and beginning to listen because so often it you know like us we're dreamers right you know we catch a dream in and we run people got to convince to go do something no you run and so often when you're running and you're doing your exciting everything you're not always listen and until you hit a wall you know oh okay I need to be quiet so I can hear and so one of the things that has always helped me to read I guess get back on track to get things back in order is to get really quiet and make sure I'm hearing him and not just you know hearing the last thing I heard him say because he's talking continually and so often we take the last thing we were running with that they were not kidding their own going information from him so that's the thing that always gives me back at line pausing getting quiet so I can hear from you I'm glad you said that because in order for you to listen and be receptive to instruction you have to have a religious relationship with that individual rights a lot of times God speaks to us but if we were a relationship with him it's hard for us to hear what he's saying to us and then what ends up happening we put ourself in situations and then we really wanna release him at that point Laurie you're gonna have to get me out of this if you just get me out of this I swear I pray I promise I'll do whatever you want me to you couldn't ask for it because like hey sometimes you know you ain't serious but you're sincere in a moment but yes faith that is the hardware for people to grasp right because part of faith does also have an action an accident a lot of times don't necessary cars you to move it just requires you to listen that is an action itself listening is an action if you're too busy running you know what it's that might be that might not be they actually God want you to take it the particular time right so think great answer to that question that was from one of another individual who actually is struggling with her face and ask it's been challenged in a couple ways well I don't want to add something when you talk about faith being an action where that's the part there are people miss and my time has never been the action part and I hear you know I go but the continual hearing hmm so that you stay in tune with him because I'm a mover you know God you said go okay go okay for some people that's a challenge some people that is the child the moving they can hear but then the moving money works together you know I truly you express and show that you have faith in God by moving in the direction of who told you to do the action of moving is the expression of your faith that's right add that I like that I appreciate this this right okay good you a for next question Wow yes I'm enjoying this this I'm really enjoying this really interesting because I don't know what you go pro afraid there you go so God gives everyone a purpose and I feel like I have a purpose my purpose is sure that I hope individuals professionally as well as a personal I get to the next level in life right according to the purpose that God has given them what do you feel yours is good girl you are operating on so many different levels but it all ties into one specific purpose I know what it is but I want everyone to know what is Regina sunshine Robertson's purpose in her life is well you know there's the broad right specific according to different areas but for me I've always believed it's back to what I said at the very beginning that I've been sitting here to leave people better than I find them and in different people's lives that means different things for some people it's assisting you in pursuing your dreams or your goals or finding your purpose but helping you to manifest something that you know has been in your heart or to help you overcome self-doubt and you know begin to believe in yourself again so it's different for different people but that's the overall gist of it and you know it's interesting I remember the first time I heard someone from stage saved my purpose to me I was at a conference in Greenwood South Carolina evangelist Tracy Stewart out of Florence South Carolina was speaking phenomenal woman of God I was always one of those people that went to the altar but and this person got a word on this side and this person got a word on this side and it was never me it was my me it was like bless you have a good day you go back to your seat and this day there's probably a thousand people at this altar I will never forget it and I had just started a way we're still kind of questioning and this what I'm supposed to be doing you know this it and and not only is this it but am I qualified to do it you know if I qualified to call myself a women's empowerment leader coach whatever with a background in engineering you know how does that qualify me wise thing and she got to me and she looked at me and she said more than anyone here God has gifted you with the ability to lift the heads of those that have had their hearts broken mmm help those that have been wounded you know and she said and you stand here wondering if you're qualified to do it hmm she said he called you and he's placed everything in you but you to do this and that qualifies hm and when I heard it it resonated inside of me because I've always been that person that was an encourage or who would find people in whatever space they were in and just out of the goodness of my heart help elevate them to a different level but I'd never knew it as a purpose for my life I just thought it was something idea it's just what you do you see people let me help you help but then in that moment she pinpointed it you know it's you this is what you're supposed to be doing that this is not just something you do when you walk in Walmart and you say hello and how are you doing and people tell you all their business because that's what happens to me l it's a sign tell me all your business but it's actually a call and a purpose for my life that I'm I've been sent to assist people to reach whatever that next level is for them so that's what it is well yeah I mean amazing right now says you know I don't easily get tongue-tied or dumbfounded but you don't found me all the time with your enthusiasm and I just want to sit down and just continue to listen to you okay actually we take it know us but this is recorded so I watch this again later but she said something that hit a court with me you are an engineer by background which is phenomenal because if you think about it how where guys puts you and your background actually do mesh well together to my yes so to my understanding engineers they think differently they think about how do I follow the specifications and then if I find errors in its how do I make it better right so when a individuals talking to me a different part your brain is working it says okay you know what there give me the specifications of their life right now right and now I'm looking at okay and part with them how we gonna make this better which goes back to your tagline you know what make you better the way I'm better than I found you right so if you think about it from an engineering perspective that's phenomenal right you think that Jesus is a carpenter yes he was phenomenal things but think about what he was really building right the individual the whole man the whole woman to help them achieve their purpose right giving them the design and the woodwork of Kay you know what look this is your life right now but this is what your life can be and you do that with so enthusiastically I'm like wow and that's why people are drawn to you could they see that you are a engineer of better living no what we do we do what we do all right I think it's my last question okay already okay whoo I like this one so many professional women are facing some tough times right now and some are near the edge of giving up on what encouragement can you give them right now today well number one if you have if you haven't already written down why you even got started you need to go back and say why did I start this journey what was it that God gave me that made me even want to step out in faith to do the things that I'm doing and and really look at that because if we are truly his sir you know his children his service for the kingdom then we always want to be pleasing to him and if nothing else is going right except for the fact that you're doing god I told you to do that's huge hmm if you're pleasing God that's huge and if you continue to operate in that obedience then the other things will come so if you can get to a space where you remind yourself why you got started if you can affirm that is truly God's will and purpose for your life that's huge I mean if he if he's just something you did on a whim and you don't know if there's God's will for you then you might need to take a minute and step back and let you know reassess and make sure we don't want to continue to plow forward and something that's not his will for our lives but if you can you know for sure he told you to do this thing then settle that in your mind first of all there's no quitting when God gives you the side of it there's no quitting once you decide there's no quitting what happens especially in our own minds once you make a decision about something our mind begins to operate in a way that it helps you to create solutions but as long as you give it the option of quitting or that this you know I might not do this then you know your mind is gonna agree with you you know what Vera maybe we should quit you know yeah I really can't think of a way out of this but you decided that's what God has told you to do you decide that you can't quit because it is your purpose it is his will for your life begin to speak to yourself in a way that you affirm that you are able to do those things that God has asked you to do and you'll be surprised at the ideas and thoughts your mind will begin to create because now it's operating in a way where is it's aligned with what you are believing for your future but as long as you continue to let doubt and other things depend in your mind is gonna go right along with whatever you allowing yourself to meditate oh so find some scriptures that motivate you that speak like to you that continue to keep you encouraged and empowered I stand strongly though and then get around some great people that have similar dreams goals and visions their conversations are different from most people you encounter on a daily basis and the people you encounter daily basis into doing doing it they're just doing everyday regular life stuff are likely to take your going and quit you'd be working too long anyway we are here you know doing whatever and you always work it but the people who understand that it takes discipline and sacrifice and it takes being obedient we'll say state of course what did women I can assist you in making sure you stayed of course and be regarded told you to be and those things alone can make a huge difference while powerful powerful powerful but I'm a surprise though I was expecting something phenomenal and I got something phenomenal additionally I have a lot of fellow professionals who are women right and sometimes we talk often some are going through divorce while they're pursuing a vision some of them are dealing with losses and family etc so I think this is going to help them overcome a lot of those obstacles right the challenge is you can have the desire to fulfill your purpose your vision your dream but if you're dealing with emotional issues it sometimes makes it a little difficult so I like the fact you said you go back and write it down remember and keep all your focus on the god Y in your life and not the what's happened right now in my life situation and that will move you forward when because eventually those emotions are gonna dissipate but you ain't those mergers are gonna dissipate but you do what you don't want to have dissipate is your purpose your vision because time waits for no man time waits for no woman and gods not a way for you to get it right and waited for you to get it together you need to get it together now whether you go through some emotional hardships financial hardship physical Arch's wherever it is you are still qualified as a woman of God as the woman calls you to be to show the world what is phenomenal transition looks like thank God I don't look like what I used to be and when you actually put those words out there words are spirits and it's hitting someone right now and saying you know what girl let me get myself together that woman a young woman that seasoned woman is looking at me right now after this conversation like let me take this off let me show Regina that I got some sunshine too and she's not the only one that have some sunshine right we are women and I'm speaking to women specifically and you know we tend to be emotional creatures and sometimes you need to take a minute allow yourself to have that emotion hmm let me get back to work don't make any decisions in the midst of that because we're human and one of the things that I have been another challenge that I've had is that because I am so call Regina sunshine sometimes I expect myself now to react not to have emotions that everyone else has you know you should know better you should you know if I'm still human and so I can allow myself a moment just a moment though allow myself a moment and then get back to the business building his kingdom well since I'm so happy I'm so happy you and I had a chance to converse with each other so now I have a question for you a last question I thought the other ones the last question but girl I was like I actually just a whole hour of questions but wouldn't have time for that and so we had a chance to converse if people would like to connect with you what are the best ways to do so well you can go to Regina sunshine calm all of my social media is there so you can go to Regina sunshine now calm and click over and you know follow me on Facebook or Instagram LinkedIn everything is on Regina sunshine calm and also email if you want to email me directly it's Regina sunshine Robinson at gmail.com that's Regina sunshine Robinson at gmail.com wow I am looking forward to the lives are gonna be changed because of this small conversation again God does not make there's no coincidences and God write everything he does is ordained even before we got him to call I was dealing with something that's like knowing the enemy I rebuke you I could get on the phone my sister then you take specially let me know there's some challenges you're facing ok but we overcame and we got together and people's lives can be changed because of it's right and I'm excited the amount of woman's gonna be reaching out to you and then who knows maybe I can actually do a feature on one of your shows okay thank you sold my sister thank you so much for Gina sunshine may God continue bless your hands to do mighty works I pray that you help change the lives of countless women from your boys truly founder of various motivation and again Regina sunshine website is down below you can see it Regina sunshine calm says I love you much I be sure to talk to you soon and again thank you for the opportunity it's such an honor to be invited into your space I have so much respect for you and who you are and God's mission and purpose for your life so I look forward to seeing you elevated on even higher levels and thank you for including me in this no promises love you mothers talking soon you

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