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A CENTRAL KENTUCKY ANIMAL SHELTER…NEEDS HELP, CARING FOR SOME OF ITS NEWEST ADDITIONS! THE MADISON COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY, JUST GOT A LITTER OF NINE PUPPIES… AND VOLUNTEERS SAY THEY AREN’T PREPARED FOR THE EXTRA DOGS! WKYT’S MICHELE CHAMBERLAND EXPLAINS WHAT KIND OF HELP THEY NOW NEED. “Oh my gosh, they’re just gorgeous.”A litter of nine, 8-week-old puppies has arrived at the Humane Society Animal League for Life of Madison County. Jessica Adams/Volunteer: “We were asked to take them, and we couldn’t just turn them down.” Once spayed and neutered, these four girls and five boys can officially be adopted, but meanwhile, the humane society is in need of food for these puppies and is asking for your help. Adams: “It’s not something we’re prepared for. Puppy food is not something we stock on our shelves on a regular basis.” Although these puppies are adorably small right now, they are a believed to be a boxer/pit bull mix, and are expected to be fairly large dogs. “We have currently 16 large breed puppies and two of those are like 6-months-old now, so they’re eating lots and lots of food. With a large breed of puppy and a large number of them, we need all the help we can.” In Richmond, Michele Chamberland, WKYT. WE HAVE A LINK ON OUR WEBSITE … THAT WILL CONNECT YOU TO THE MADISON COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY’S WEBSITE. WE ALSO HAVE ON THERE A LIST OF SUPPLIES NEEDED … ON WKYT DOT COM. BASEBALL PLAYING KIDS FROM AROUND THE COMMONWEALTH…G OT TO TRY OUT A BIT OF THE BIG LEAGUES TODAY! LEXINGTON PARKS AND REC TEAMED UP WITH THE LEXINGTON LEGENDS FOR THE PROGRAM PLAY BALL! IT’S PART OF A NATIONAL INITIATIVE…TO ENCOURGE KIDS TO GET OUT AND PARTICIPATE IN SPORTS. KIDS GOT A CHANCE TO MEET AND GREET THE PLAYERS…AND PRACTICE THEIR PITCHING AND HITTING! THIRD AND FOUR.HILLARY: Hundreds gathered outside of the carter county detention center to support rowan county clerk kim davis we will take you to the rally coming up KRISTEN: A new stadium and a new season! Coming up… we’ll take you to Commonwealth …for the official start of U-K football. KRISTEN: The holiday weekend is underway… And state police are setting up road blocks and soberiety checks throughout Central Kentucky. “Tracking. Alerting. Protecting. This is WKYT News at 6:00.” JAILED ROWAN COUNTY CLERK, KIM DAVIS, GOT SOME SUPPORT FROM THE OUTSIDE TODAY. YOU’RE WATCHING W-K-Y-T ON THE C-W LEXINGTON. I’M KRISTEN KENNEDY. DAVIS IS IN JAIL FOR REFUSING TO ISSUE MARRIAGE LICENSES. THURSDAY, A FEDERAL JUDGE FOUND HER IN CONTEMPT OF COURT. TODAY … HUNDREDS GATHERED OUTSIDE THE CARTER COUNTY DETENTION CENTER, TO SUPPORT HER. W-K-Y-T’S HILLARY THORNTON, WAS AT THIS MORNING’S RALLY. SHE HAS OUR TOP STORY AT SIX. ” I was inspired all the way from Ohio, and I said ‘We must pack our bags, and we must go stand with Kim Davis.'”Inspired by her stand, hundreds supporting the clerk filled the lawn across from the jail where she now sits. Joe Davis/Husband: “She was in good spirits last night. I was talking to her on the phone. She was in great spirits. She was joking and laughing, saying ‘Hunny, I’m just as comfortable as can be.’ She’ll be fine, yeah. Oh yeah.” “We love you sister Kim. If you can hear us in there, and we want you to know you have inspired us all over the country all over the world.” Judy Salyers/Davis supporter: “God will see Kim through this. Everything happens for a reason.” Many at Saturday’s rally are from Carter County, where Kim Davis is being held. While they say it is devastating, what is happening to Davis, they say they are proud the situation is getting attention and that their community is involved in this movement. That is a feeling that was echoed by the Grayson mayor who welcomed supporters of Davis to the rally. Mayor George Steele: “You play a role in this moment of history, and may God bless you and God bless Kim Davis, and God will continue to bless Kim Davis. Monroe Craig/Davis supporter: “Christians are starting to stand on the word of God, and the reason she is standing is not her beliefs, but the word of the lord.” Hillary: “Does it make you proud to see this all over and her being from Kentucky?” Craig: “Oh yes, it is about time Kentucky stands up. Christians everywhere should be doing this; not just Kentucky, but all over.” In Carter County, Hillary Thornton, WKYT. ORGANIZERS HAVE ALREADY PLANNED THEIR SECOND RALLY FOR DAVIS, TUESDAY, OUTSIDE THE CARTER COUNTY DETENTION CENTER. PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE MIKE HUCKABEE IS EXPECTED TO ATTEND. U-K FANS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY TO ARRIVE! THE WILDCATS…ARE GEARING UP FOR THEIR FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON, AGAINST THE RAGING CAJUNS… LEE K HOWARD IS STANDING BY WITH THE LATEST OUT OF THE NEW COMMONWEALTH STADIUM! LEE K, WE ARE LESS THAN AN HOUR AWAY FROM KICK OFF! THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON IS UNDERWAY AND IT’S HARD TO REMEMBER ANOTHER TIME THERE HAS BEEN THIS MUCH EXCITEMENT AND ANTICIPATION GOING INTO THE SEASON FOR THE KENTUCKY FOOTBALL PROGRAM.. WITH MORE FROM THE NEW COMMONWEALTH STADIUM, HERE’S ROB BROMLEY. Rob Bromley: “Well finally we are here.. Game night at Commonwealth Stadium. The Cats opening the season and the fans experiencing the new stadium for the first time. This game is a sellout. Mark Stoops believes his players have worked hard to get ready. The Cats a solid favorite. The players should come into this game sky high, the opener in the new stadium. The players have raved about it and Stoops says he has taken some time to come in here by himself and just look at this venue he’s going to coach in: Coach Mark Stoops: “Driven by the stadium and I went in there Sunday and took a look around and was excited about it.. Just anticipating this Saturday and it certainly astetically looks beautiful and I know the recruiting room gives us different options and amenities for the fans so we’re excited, but like I mentioned earlier the most important thing we could do is go out and play well and play the best of our abilities.” A lot of storylines here with the stadium, Patrick Towles beginning his second season as the Cats starting quarterback. We’ll hear From him shortly in sports. Lee K. back to you. WE WILL HAVE MUCH MORE ON THE BIG GAME COMING UP A LITTLE LATER IN SPORTS. AND MANY DEDICATED FANS, WASTED NO TIME THIS MORNING CELEBRATING THE START OF U-K’S FOOTBALL SEASON! HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE STARTED TAILGATING, HOURS BEFORE THE BIG GAME. GARRETT WYMER IS LIVE FROM COMMONWEALTH STADIUM…. TALKING TO FANS, EXCITED TO KICK OFF THE NEW SEASON! IT’S A DAY A LOT OF CATS FANS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.STILL ABOUT AN HOUR TILL KICKOFF…BUT THE NEW COMMONWEALTH STADIUM IS OPEN, AND KENTUCKY FOOTBALL IS BACK. BUT IF YOU’VE EVER BEEN TO A GAME HERE, YOU KNOW IT’S ABOUT MORE THAN FOOTBALL…AND TODAY THAT’S ESPECIALLY TRUE. A PRE-GAME CONCERT WELCOMED FANS…FIRST, U-K WOMENS BASKETBALL COACH MATTHEW MITCHELL AND THE GO BIG BLUE BAND…THEN SUNDY BEST. AND, OF COURSE, WITH THE SUNNY SKIES AND AN EVENING KICKOFF, IT’S BEEN A PERFECT AFTERNOON FOR TAILGATING. IT ALL ADDS UP TO AN EXCITING DAY AS WE KICK OFF FOOTBALL SEASON HERE IN THE HEART OF U-K COUNTRY. COMMONWEALTH STADIUM HAS UNDERGONE A LOT OF CHANGES – REDESIGNED CONCOURSES, RENOVATED BATHROOMS.IT’S RAMPED UP THE EXCITEMENT SURROUNDING THE SEASON EVEN MORE HERE TODAY. LIVE AT COMMONWEALTH STADIUM… GARRETT WYMER… W-K-Y-T. FANS OUT AT COMMONWEALTH…AR E BATTLING A GOOD AMOUNT OF HEAT AND HUMIDITY RIGHT NOW. EXPECT THOSE STEAMY TEMPERATURES TO STICK AROUND THROUGH THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND. MIKE LINDEN HAS AN EARLY LOOK AT THE FORECAST. The dog days of summer roll on with humid conditions and very warm temperatures through the holiday weekend.Much like Saturday expect daytime highs to settle around 90 again. The chance for showers and storms will be there late in the afternoon but doesn’t have the look of anything widespread; just a small pop-up chance. A WOMAN…ACCUSED OF HELPING MURDER A FORMER U-K STUDENT…IS IN JAIL TONIGHT. A WOMAN…ACCUSED OF HELPING MURDER A FORMER U-K STUDENT…IS IN JAIL TONIGHT. POLICE IN DALLAS,TEXAS ARRESTED CRYSTAL CORTEZ LAST NIGHT, CHARGING HER WITH CAPITAL MURDER. THEY SAY CORTEZ DROVE A MAN TO A PARKING GARAGE…WHERE HE SHOT 35 YEAR-OLD DOCTOR KENDRA HATCHER. HATCHER GRADUATED FROM U-K DENTAL SCHOOL. STATE POLICE IN BOURBON COUNTY ARE INVESTIGATING THE DEATH OF A FARMER. AROUND EIGHT THIS MORNING…THEY SAY 78 YEAR-OLD GLENN RITCHIE, JUNIOR WENT TO CHECK ON HIS CATTLE. THEY BELIEVE HE PARKED HIS PICKUP CLOSE TO A FARM GATE, THEN GOT OUT OF THE TRUCK. THAT’S WHEN THEY SAY THE TRUCK ROLLED BACKWARDS, KNOCKED HIM DOWN, AND RAN HIM OVER. THEY DO NOT SUSPECT FOUL PLAY. MANY PEOPLE WILL BE CELEBRATING THIS LABOR DAY WEEKEND WITH A ROAD TRIP. KENTUCKY STATE POLICE WANT TO REMIND DRIVERS TO BE EXTRA CAUTIOUS WHILE OUT. STATE POLICE ARE PARTICIPATING IN THE ANNUAL CAMPAIGN, ‘DRIVE SOBER OR GET PULLED OVER!’ TROOPERS WILL HAVE EXTRA PATROLS ON HAND AND WILL SET UP DIFFERENT ROAD CHECKS ACROSS THE STATE. Sgt. Scott King: “We know that families are gonna get together. We know that there’s gonna be alcohol involved, and the only thing that we ask is that a sober driver be designated out of the bunch. So that way, they’re not getting out there causing any type of risk to any other motorist that’s traveling.” LABOR DAY WEEKEND, IS ONE OF THE BUSIEST FOR STATE POLICE.

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