Wishlist Member How-To on AppSumo

Tell me if you relate: Your audience wants
fresh and unique content, and you want to provide that for them with exclusive digital
content available in a membership site. But using WordPress to build a sophisticated
and user-friendly subscription site is no easy feat. …Or isn’t it? Sumo-lings, today’s the day your wish comes
true because I’m going to show you how to quickly create your very own fan club on WordPress
in today’s product showcase. What’s good, Sumo-lings? I’m Vanessa from AppSumo, and today I’m
going to tell you about a fan favorite in our shop, WishList Member, a plugin that transforms
any WordPress site into a full-fledged membership site with protected online content. No matter what kind of content you dream of
creating, delivering it to your subscribers is now easier than ever. Let’s get started with WishList Member by
creating a subscription level. You can add an unlimited number of levels! Just hit the Plus sign and give the level
a name. Afterward, make some modifications, like whether
a user can access membership goods for a selected period of time or indefinitely. The Integrations area is where WishList Member
gets *reeeally* powerful. This tech is no new kid on the block, so over
the years they’ve added many valuable integrations. You can connect with your fave payment provider,
like Stripe and PayPal, to begin taking payments from your members, and connect with email
providers to stay connected and deliver content directly to your members’ inboxes. WishList Member also integrates with AppSumo
darlings ThriveCart, Evidence, ResponseSuite, and WooCommerce, and there’s also a SendFox integration is in the works. Now let’s dig into creating and protecting
your content. All of your content will live on WordPress
pages. Beneath the post, you’ll see Protection
Settings. By default, pages come unprotected
and free for everyone to see. Make your content exclusive by hitting Protected
and selecting which access levels can view the page. You can also control when content is released. Scroll down juuust a little more to create
a post schedule, or head over to Content Control, which is essentially a scheduler for all of
your content. Also archiving allows you to determine
who can view content based on the date they registered. There’s waaayy too much in WishList Member
to show you all of it in such a brief video, but real quick, I want to show you a couple
of customizations you can play around with in the Advanced Options. Notably, this is where you’ll style your
login page. WishList Member comes stacked with templates
that are fully customizable. Edit everything from the background image
down to the buttons. Also in Advanced Options, you can also edit
other pages associated with your membership site, like the error page. If you made it this far in the video without
liking or subscribing to our YouTube channel, what are you waiting for? AppSumo loooves bringing you the best deals
on software, like this one. Build your own WordPress membership site today
with WishList Member.

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