Winter Chapter Leader Summit 2016—Chapter By Design

Good afternoon. My name is Demetrius
Cottrell. I’m here to pitch to you the ideal NCMA Association. It has a virtual
component and a community component. There’s so many diverse members that we
have and we want to make sure that we give…we reach every member and give them
an opportunity to be maximized in this Association. Whether it is learning or
whether it’s innovation or is community development or it’s personal development,
whatever they are interested, in we are the Association for you. I listed some of
the things that we offer, but here on this board are the things that we offer.
Leadership mentoring. They don’t always have to be one-on-one, they could be
virtual or we can offer virtual classes, a week off to a virtual training or
virtual meetings and we can reach more people with this opportunity. So please,
come check us out. NCMA, the dynamic two-tier association. Thank you. Introducing the new day for NCMA. Picture this: a blue sky. The Hunger Games. I volunteer as tribute. Get what you want. Come join us for a collaborative, dynamic experience. Share your knowledge and
craft your career. At these events, you’ll be able to find your perfect match with speed mentoring and you’ll be able to obtain exclusive access to the industry
professionals and strategize solutions to your everyday business problems as
well as learn more about NCMA through Membership Spotlight. Bring a friend. In case you miss out, we will be live-streaming on Facebook and Twitter. Hope to see you there! All right, guys. What if? What if people wanted to grow up to be contract
managers? What if people knew what NCMA was while they were in college? What if
NCMA was involved with students and individuals prior to starting their
career? What would our world be like without contracts management? No IT support. No FEMA relief for hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes. No national
defense. No infrastructure. What if people knew that NCMA and contract management can take them around the world go to Go to England, go to Greece. Support these contracts for all these great causes. What we’re proposing is NCMA on a
national and local level engages in a marketing campaign to show people
entering the workforce that contracts management can be exciting. What if NCMA increased brand recognition to the point that we were the go-to place for
contract managers? With the full support of NCMA, we want to accentuate our
strengths which are career development, training and networking. Increasing
advocacy and collaboration between government and industry, we create a
program where we sponsor awards with agencies for the purpose of creating
collaboration between government and industry. Focus on building our Chapters
with a franchise-style model in order to put 100% focus on the
Chapters. What if we had an NCMA app that was a one-stop shop for all of our
chapter events? All you have to do is go to the app, open up a map, and you see
every event in your area. For a Chapter event and for NCMA, we believe that if we
were to do that, what if we can maximize the resources that NCMA already has in
order to increase the awareness and be the go-to place for contract managers. Hey! Are you going to the NCMA event with me?
Why? I’m a millennial. What’s in it for me? Well, this year, we are gonna have a
senior executive from the government and the industry. We didn’t have to pay for their travel.
How much does it cost? It’s free for members and you can come for free as my guest. What’s on the menu? Refreshments are provided by Chef Currier
and cupcake truck is going to be there, too. What about my kids?
Daycare is provided for free.
Woof. Can I come, too? Of course! Join your local NCMA
Chapter. Are you struggling to get people at your chapter meetings? Are your
meetings dry and dull? You’re not alone. Do you have ideas that you want to share?
Do you have new things that you want to learn? You’re not alone. Is it too
far for you to travel to those chapter meetings? Again, you are not alone. What if
there was a way that you, as an individual, could meet and share ideas
with multiple people, maybe just two – you and one other person. What if you
could meet on-demand? Well, there is something that is now available for you
to do just that. Introducing Contract Craze powered by Group 9. This is a new
app. It’s an app designed to introduce yourself and meet up with different
people based on your geographic location. Are you traveling to a new city? Do you
want to go somewhere and meet with people? You can do that. All you have to
do on this app that you download on your smartphone is type in a subject that you
want to learn about and your desired location to meet and all of a sudden,
people show up. It’s that simple. All they have to do is register for it and the
people that…the other people that register for this app are able to also come to
these meetings. This is a free app that you can find on the Apple App Store and
Google Play. Download it today. What if we thought about membership differently? Our idea is to have two different membership levels. In the…in the inner circle, we have online content, pre-recorded webinars, this
Contract Management Magazine, and online forums. In the outer circle, we have
communities of interests, people who get together…who are interested in specific
topics such as contracts management, business management, cost price, subcontracts. And outside of that as a sub-level, we have folks that are more
interested in specific actions that they want to attend or events. Things like a
blood drive, a social group, a Pentagon leadership forum, or a contract
negotiation. So, in summary, we want to think about membership differently. So what’s the future of NCMA? Let’s talk about Synergy, Engagement, and eXecution.
Now, you may be thinking “that’s an odd acronym, but synergy is all about
breaking down barriers and look, I just did that. Breaking up barriers on culture,
geograph…geography, and age. [Next slide] and Engagement. Now, we’re not talking about
getting married or something like that, but we’re talking about being
value-added, the benefits of credentials, and, you know, getting Board members and the
general public involved. And we’re talking about volunteering. [Go ahead for
the next one] And eXecution. Now we’re not talking about killing people here. It’s
just networking, the unity forum, incentives, acknowledgment, and
recognition. Now remember, it’s Synergy, Engagement and eXecution. S-E-X. Get involved. Hello, little Chapter buddy. How are you? Very well. Lloyd’s from
colleague. It’s great to see you again! Do have any concerns that you wanted to
share about challenges that your Chapter is facing? Well, we’ve been having some
great success with our meetings but we found that some of our members are
having difficulty coming to our evening events when we normally hold all of our chapter events. Something that we found out from our experience that works used
to have targeted events that target Millennials that like to go to happy
hours or people with families that want to do something after work. We found out
that that’s a good solution to our problem. That sounds like a great idea! I
think we could incorporate that in our Chapter and
hold events at breakfast and at lunch and in the evening. Alright. So bread is the spice of life. Boom! NCMA events provide a wealth of knowledge for
contracting professionals Ugh…but it’s too far for me to drive. I have a family commitment and I can’t go and I can’t leave the office. That’s okay. NCMA now live-streams events and content that you can access 24/7. Now, I can learn about negotiations. I’m studying for my CFCM live with members from around the country. And I’m watching a chief procurement officer speak on innovation. All this great content regardless of time or place. NCMA Live: The Future of Content Delivery.

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