Wilson Chandler Joins Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles | The Players’ Tribune

– When you first got to the league and you first started playing, who was the first person to bust your ass? – I think it’s when Kobe had that 61. – Ooh, you got a part of that? – Man, I got most of it in the crunch, man it was crazy. I remember when we started
the game off and shit. I’m coming off the bench at the time, so he killing. I’m looking. I’m looking at D’Antoni, he looking down. I’m kinda like this. I’m like I don’t wanna go
in the game today. (laughs) I slides down, he call me to go in. So when I go in it’s all good. I score like quick 10, 12 points. He slowed down. He scored ’bout eight
while I’m in the game. So I’m like, it’s going good. Second half come, third
quarter, same thing, he scored ’bout another eight points man. Fourth quarter comes,
dog he just go crazy. Like the last three
minutes he just go crazy, scored like 16, 18 straight. I’m like, this shit is amazing. (upbeat hip hop music) – Never stop, never settle. – Talk about coming from
Benton Harbor, Michigan, man coming up from there
and coming to DePaul. Man how was that for you, coming from, you know it’s still Midwest, but just making that transition
from Michigan, Benton Harbor coming up to the big city, Chi-Town? – Man, for me, that shit was eye-opening. I always been going to
Chicago since I was a kid, but just being there in that school, just seeing the different type of people, their backgrounds they come
from and shit like that. All I seen was people
struggling, people with no money. Y’all know, y’all from the
Southside and East St. Louis, so you know it’s a different environment. You see how people
interact with each other, interact with they families
and shit like that. So it was a big eye-opener
from that standpoint. – I dig, I dig man. It was different for me
too, when I got up there. It was like being exposed
to the college life and the different cultures. Yeah, you know we got up there, they got a Pell Grant for ya. You know what I saying, you kinda struggling in Lincoln Park. – Blow that in a hour and be struggling right again. (laughs) – [Quentin] Pell Grant outta there. – You took the visit to DePaul, what other schools you took the visit to? – Man, just Michigan State, that’s it. – So you went to Michigan
State and DePaul? – Yep, yep, that’s it. – So what made you just choose DePaul? Just like, it was just like. – Man I think I just
vibed with the players that was on the team at the time. It was a few guys from
New York that was there, a couple of guys from Milwaukee, couple of guys from Chicago, and they was kinda similar to me. Same or similar background. We just had fun when I was up there. And I was like, man, I like these guys. I’ma go here. Then you know Chicago right up the street, so I’m like, I’ll go here, I’m cool. – Did you know the history, any history before you got there? – Yeah, facts. I had a guy from my
neighborhood, actually, that played with Q, you
know what I’m saying. So I knew from that, and then just being right
up the street, having WGN. So you know they used to play on WGN, so I knew Mark Aguirre and
all that, Terry Cummings. So I knew the history real well. – [Darius] Straight up, straight up. – Fast forward, so how did you feel, I remember when you announced
you was leaving school, and it was like, he’s going to the NBA, and it was like, people was like, what? It was kinda like is he gon’ get picked? I remember Jeanie hitting me, ’cause I was trying to figure out like, yo, what’s going on? And they was like, man some people, you know how you hear what’s going on. They like, he got game, boy he straight. And so I’m like, as far as the NBA, is he gon’ get picked or whatever? And they was like, I don’t know. So what made you say, naw, I’m good. ‘Cause you know the chatter be out there. You can see basically what’s going on. What made you confident
that, I’ma get up outta here? – To be honest, I wasn’t even confident, ’cause I wasn’t on draft
board first or second round. But I was in class one
day after we finished, and I was just sitting there like, damn I hate this shit. – (laughs) That’s real though. – You know after them
days you be irritated, motherfuckers talking to you and shit. Like man, I don’t wanna hear this shit. So the teacher was talking, I’m looking at my homeboy from Walker. I just stood up. He like, what you doing? I’m like, I quit man. I’m ’bout to go home. He like, go home? I’m like, yeah. He like, to the dorm room? I’m like, naw, I’m finna go to the crib. He like, Michigan? I’m like, man I’m finna go to Michigan. (laughs) I left, I packed my bags, my
homeboy came and picked me up. I was just sitting in the crib for ’bout a month before I
decided what I was gon’ do. We was just sitting there. He had a TV, well they had,
it was my two homeboys. They had a TV and a beanbag. We was sitting there drinking, playing Xbox everyday. Messed with a couple chicks. – That is priceless. – I’m like, I’m not
going back to school dog. I can’t handle this school. So I hit my AU coach, he
was a agent at the time. I’m like, I wanna just
put my name in the draft, and see what happen. He was like, you sure? I’m like, yeah, fuck it. Everybody was like, you stupid. You crazy. You ain’t even on the draft board. You go back, you’ll be a
first round pick for sure. I’m like, naw I can’t, I
ain’t even gon’ make it. I ain’t gon’ make it
through the school year. So I was like, fuck it, I’ma
take my chance right here. – That’s crazy. That’s a crazy story right there. So then, how was going through the
pre-draft process for you? ‘Cause I remember, at some point, you only did how many workouts? – I only did one. I fucked my ankle up. – Who was the one workout for though? – The Knicks. – Exactly. Exactly. – Straight up, that’s dope. – And then that’s who picked him. He did one workout, and how was that? How did that go for you? – The first one was real good. Then they called me in
for another workout, right before the draft. I’m like, aw, my God. They ain’t gon’ pick me. – You ain’t do so good on the second one? – Naw. So I’m working out with,
I forgot the kid name, but he ended up getting
drafted by the Bobcats. He killed me the whole workout. And I tired, I’m like,
damn, it’s over with. (laughs) But naw, they end up picking
me, so it was all good. – So when you first got to the league, how was that? Was that like, alright you get drafted, talk about that, going
from after that draft. After the workout, you was
like, I ain’t gon’ picked. It’s over with. Then you get picked, higher than anybody
could’ve ever imagined, then everybody looking like, what, how? What was your reaction to that? – My first thing was like, damn, I hope I don’t
get booed at The Garden. They boo everybody that come. But I played in the Big East, so I guess that was cool enough for them. So I didn’t get booed, actually. So that was cool. But then my second thought, I’m like, damn I gotta go back to the hood. I gotta throw a party. (laughs) – I know that’s right. I know that’s right. First thing on your mind. – So I went home, we threw a party. Me and my homeboys chilled at
my grandma house after that. But after that, it was like I came, Steph called me actually like, man, everybody gotta report. I want everybody to report early. I guess he was trying to
be on his super vet shit. So I went back. I went early. Actually being around
Allan Houston too was cool, ’cause I liked him growing up. – Yeah Allan super cool. – And he was tryna make is comeback then. So that was probably my
first when I first met him. I’m like, damn Allan Houston. – It’s crazy. – Yeah, it’s crazy. Then everybody come. You know what I’m saying,
like I said, we got you, had fucking Jamal Crawford,
Steph, Malik Rose, like all dudes I was seeing growing up. So then I met Nate. I’m like, dog, I hate this dude. Man this so irritating at the time, but he end up being like
my best friend though. But when I first met him, I’m like, I can’t take this man. (group laughing) We end up being real cool though man, that’s my guy man, I love him to death. – I like Nate. Nate told us some crazy stories. This is a story about Allan Houston, since you brought Allan Houston up. First time me and Q played Allan Houston, we down there looking at him workout, before the games and he ain’t miss. I’m talking ’bout everything, his form, everything just look so good. Then we look at his shoes. His shoes said H2O. We thought that was the dopest shit ever. – He got one of the underrated
nicknames, I’m telling you. – Forever. – Forever. – Yo, we get shoes say H2O, and then we looking at this
boy just not miss nothing. We like, ooh, this boy cold
(laughs), this boy cold. – Definitely had jumpers. A game he had 50 in LA. – Yeah. – Remember that game. – Yeah, we used to have to play against some of them veterans. It was him and Sprewell on the same team when we was playing against them. – Ah yeah, that was the real
Knicks team right there. – When we first got to the league. – Bruh we had some of the craziest, like how he talk about Nate, just think about some of
the things that happened, like right there that first year. This is his first year coming in, how are you looking at this? Now you got Nate running around, he putting Ex-Lax in
Eddie’s cereal on the plane. Remember that dog? – EC that’s my man too. EC, that’s my guy. – It was unlimited, just
like wild stuff going on for you to be a rook, you looking like, I remember trying to get you to come out to dinner and stuff. (laughs) My man, my man (laughs). – And you in the big city. I know you be in the country
more than in the big city. – When I first got to New York, I’m like, man I can’t, man I don’t
know, I can’t deal with this. – It’s too much for you. – Yeah. – Yeah, that’s how I was with LA. When I got to LA, I was like, man it’s too many people moving around. It be quiet on Sundays. – Right. – Don’t nobody be outside. Folks might go to church, and they in the house cooking or some. – Exactly. – LA, it’s like everybody
moving 24 hours a day. – Yeah that’s a surprise now on Sundays. – Country boy, I didn’t
know what was going on. This too big for me. – [Wilson] Yeah there’s
a lot of shit goin’ on. – So I know you going to New York. – Yeah, that shit was overwhelming. Then we got Z-Bo on draft night. He was on his shit. Then the team was going
through the whole controversy with the rape, well whatever,
sexual assault shit. I don’t know, whatever happened with that. It was just so much shit
going on at the time when I first got there. I’m like, damn. – [Quentin] A movie. – Yeah, it was a movie, yeah. – For real, from day to day, it was like, with the newspapers, the
media, it was just like. That’s what I was saying. For a young fella, it’s
like, yo, this is the league? So you go from there, how do you.. ’cause I feel like your evolution is crazy from when you first came in. I mean, to me, your temperament is, you’re kinda more to yourself, quiet, but you light years from where you were when you first came in. Bruh uh come to the table, have his phone, hit you with one of them, and then you might not hear two words from him the rest of dinner bruh. He chilling. And that was, I remember, that was a task, getting you, you remember, getting you to start coming out. Bruh uh hit the West Side Highway, grab some Mickey D’s, and be up top. – White Castle. – White Castle was one of
them and he up top chilling. – Naw man. I think the best thing for me
was coming out in New York. Once I did that, I got around the city, I started popping up everywhere. Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, I’m everywhere. I ended up loving it, and
every off day I’m there now taking the train up to New
York, so that’s my spot. – [Darius] Feeling the
city, feeling the love. – So how did you get into the vegan stuff? – Man. – How did that come about? ‘Cause I remember, think back, remember we came, this was
when I was with the Pistons, we came through Denver, I
came through the apartment and kicked it with you. And he had all kind of stuff. So I’m looking like, what
you got going on up in here? My man riding bikes to and
from practice and stuff. He got all types of extra. You started taking your
body crazy serious. What made you start doing that and changing your habits and stuff? – I think when I left New
York, and I went to Denver, and I start having all
the injuries and shit, tryna figure out, I’m
like, damn working hard, taking care of my body, I
don’t know what’s going on. So I was talking to this
one lady, and she was like, man you should try being vegan. It’s good with inflammation in your body and recovery and shit. So I tried it out. And at two years, I had
just had hip surgery. – [Quentin] Right I remember that. – And I was out for the season, so I started like right around that time. Then I came back. It was like I hit the ground running, like I never had the surgery. I had one of my best years. So I was like, I’ma keep doing it. But, man that shit just so hard to do. I did it for two years. Shit just so hard to do consistently while you playing, traveling, the team gotta get you special meals. The when you land, you gotta
go find something to eat. It might be one of them mornings, you know it ain’t no vegan spots open, I ain’t cooking. – What does a meal plan for you look like? A regular week or a day for you? How does that go? – Shit, I was actually
rehabbing out here in LA. So you know out here, it’s
easy to get vegan spot. Everywhere you go, it’s vegan spots. So it was easy when I was
here and in Denver too. But on the road, I had to find, actually what’s it PETA or whatever? We had got into a little big thing, well they got into a big thing rather. I was fishing and it got like
a million some hits on ESPN. I had caught a big ass fish in Florida. – I seen a 300 pound
grouper or some like that. – So they had hit me like,
I thought you was vegan. I’m like, I ain’t eating,
I just like to go fishing. I just like to fish. – You caught a 300 pound fish? – Yeah, so they was going crazy on me. So I’m like, man. I just met with them, so
you know, see what’s good. And they told me about
this app called HappyCow. So every city you go to, it’s pretty much, it show all the vegan spots in every city so that was like my thing. – [Quentin] Oh, that’s what’s up man. – I wanna ask you this, I know you been to a few teams, and you had injuries. I know how hard it is to just
continue with the injuries, and you be down on yourself
like, man I can’t get back. Especially being out for a whole season. – Naw, facts. I felt though, when you
did the players’ tribute in your article, that was the best, I told Chris that was the best one I read. You know what I’m saying? Just y’all two, you know
you can relate more, you know what I’m saying. And then having the injuries and shit, I know you had the
injuries and you was out and you said you was at
the crib just like, damn. I felt like that too. I wasn’t out the league, but I’m at the crib for the whole year. You ain’t hooping, so people ain’t really checking for ya. And I’m in Denver, at that. Didn’t come to Denver like
they was coming to New York. So I’m at the crib like, damn. So I’m just tryna find
shit just to pass time. I start reading books. I ain’t never read books. I’m reading books, just
tryna soak up knowledge. Doing other shit to
keep my mind off of it. But that was the toughest shit. It was plenty of times,
I had two hip surgeries, both times I’m like,
damn, I don’t even know. ‘Cause when you first come
back you ain’t moving the same, you hurting everyday. I’m like, I might be done. It might be over with. Then the first night,
I had my first surgery, that’s when I was still young, and so I’m like, damn I ain’t
even made that much bread. I’m like, I don’t know what I’ma do. – Yeah, yeah contract time
come up, you wanna perform, and you wanna show that
you worth everything. Pressure just be up on you. – Yeah, pressure, that shit tough. – And it’s hard for you
to kinda fight that off. – Yeah, and then you know,
being in your situation, you the only person in your
family kinda doing that, so people don’t really understand like, you playing ball, you should be happy. You know what I’m saying. That’s what everybody think. Like, I wish I was doing that shit. You wanna be where I’m at? Hell naw, I’m straight. – [Darius] That’s what’s up. – I peep that though. So you start reading
books, you got into art. I remember like man bruh, bruh done grew. You know what I’m saying? He done super grew. Just from your whole Instagram then coming and chilling
with you vibing with you. I was like, okay. I’m like, Wilson, he done
kinda spread out a lil’ bit. – Yeah, you know you gotta
find yourself and shit, ain’t no better way than
going to a slower pace city like Denver coming from New York. Then the injuries and shit,
you ain’t got no other choice but to find yourself and see what you like and try to figure that out. – But being in the NBA,
you get to see the world. You get to see cultures. You know where we from,
you kinda gotta be hard or you gotta be tough and stuff like that, or you can’t like art,
or you can’t like going to the ballet, or just do certain stuff. And when you get kids, it kinda soften you up
a little bit more even. – Just tell what your
experience from coming from some place like that and
then get to see the world, and be like, man, it’s
beautiful everywhere. – Man that shit, it’s weird, ’cause when you first
start doing lil’ shit, even when bro was like, man let’s go. I remember the first
time I hung out with him. We went to the club, I’m like, I ain’t never seen no shit like that. I’m like, this shit too weird. I’m like, man, I don’t know. – Overwhelming. – Yeah it’s overwhelming,
like, I ain’t feeling this. I’m like, these motherfuckers. Everybody talking and just hugged up. I’m like, naw, I’m straight. But just like the question you asked, just traveling, seeing different shit, I’m like, man, this
shit actually ain’t bad. You know, you start to
get into different things. So I remember when I first went home, I start making my homeboys do
all different types of shit. Like, man, I don’t want to do this. But, after a while be loving it. Like, go to the movies,
watch Harry Potter, go to a Broadway Show, go here, go travel
here, take your friends. We on a trip, may go try
new food, shit like that. And these has been locked up,
just came home, or whatever, selling dope, from the crib,
from West Side Chicago, I got with me, so it’s
like you kinda helping, you know what I’m saying,
broaden their horizons. They take that back to their kids, you know what I’m saying, shit like that. – Showing them some different. – Yeah, showing them some different. Some people soak it up, some people don’t. Some people go right back
to what they was doing. But, I think it’s good. Like I said, I at least
gave ’em something. – Yeah, you paying it forward. Yeah, tryna show ’em some. How was it for you when
you went over to China? – Ah man, that shit was a
whole different experience, ’cause our nights and their
nights is two different things. That’s probably the one time I was like, the first time I was like,
damn, it’s a blessing just to be, with all the shit going on over here in America,
just being over there in a communist country,
they can’t control, like they can’t get on certain websites. Instagram, social media,
YouTube, and shit like that. That’s like a crime over there. You gotta have a special,
I forgot what you call it, a special little thing to get on it so they can block it out, so you can get on YouTube and
Instagram and shit like that. And just the whole, from
food to whatever it is, when I was there, they
really do fuck with dogs and all that shit. I mean, they don’t like trick you. They’re like this is what it is. – Have you tried it? (group laughing) – Hell naw. – [Darius] You ain’t tried it? So what you was eating over there? – I was eating like we eat over here, like beef and broccoli, the
duck, and shit like that. And I was at the JW, so
they had American breakfast and brunch and shit like that, and lunch. But when I’d go to the
Chinese restaurants, I’d eat just the normal shit. I wouldn’t try nothing crazy over there. And Steph actually, you
know he was over there when I got there, so he put
me onto a Italian restaurant that was over there that was pretty good. So, I was good. I was in a decent city
and I was like a hour away from Shanghai. I was going there on my days off. So I was just really just chilling. – Straight up. – That’s what’s up. I know that was a crazy experience. – Yeah, once I figured my
way around, I was good. Like the first month, I’m
like, man I can’t do it. But after I figured my way around, then Shanghai got everything
that’s Americanized, so I’m at Morton’s, I’m
going here, going there. They had a M2. You remember M2? They had a M2 over there. So I’m in the club a lil’ bit. – That’s what’s up. – Then I had my homeboy with
me, Lil Larry, so we was good. – How long you was over there? – I went over there, they
paid me extra to go early, so I was over there like
seven months almost. I was over there a minute. – That was during the lockout, right? – That was during the lockout
then they lifted the lockout and I had to stay. You know they made
everybody stay over there. Kenya left and everybody had to stay. I’m like, damn. (group laughs) – K-Mart got outta there first. – Yeah, facts. I was surprised he even
came in the first place. – I was to, to be honest, I was surprised. I mean, that whole time was real weird. It was a lot of. – He was the only one at the time. He was the only super vet. You know everybody else was
like me, JR, Aaron Brooks, shit like that, Gerald Green. I was surprised when
he said he was coming. And the city he went to was trash. He was over, you know they
were no time difference over there, so if you on one side it’s the same time, so we flew over there, we land like around three or four. It’s already pitch dark. I’m like, ah, my God. It’s a terrible ass city. It’s close to Afghanistan, so it’s like when you watch those old
kung fu movies and shit, with the dudes with the beards and shit , look like that. – Just from the beginning, compare yourself, the Wilson
that came into the league, the young Wilson that was
kinda in your own zone, you didn’t really do too much, you know you was cautious of
people and stuff like that, to now, to where you got all these different worldly experiences, you into different things
that you probably, growing up, never thought coming from Benton Harbor like I’ma be doing A, B, and C at this point when I get this old. So how did you get from
point A to point B? – Man I think just over time,
just meeting new people. I met so many people when
I played with the Knicks. From traveling, hooping, and all that, I think just trying different stuff. Like if I’m in a new city,
just trying different food or if I get invited here,
just take the time just to go and learn it or experience. You know the first time
I went to a orchestra, I was invited. And I think they was like
playing Beethoven or whatever. I heard Beethoven before, like the name, but I never really knew what it was. I don’t know if it was a guy or a group. I never knew. And the orchestra, they
was playing Beethoven, I’m like, this ain’t bad. Just looking around the room and just I could see
how they get the vibe, like how we listen to
your favorite rapper, or your favorite song, or artist. They have that same type of vibe. They probably wasn’t
dancing like we’d dance or bobbing the head, but they had a vibe, they was enjoying it. I’m like, this ain’t bad. so I start going to different shows. I just went to one a couple of weeks ago. And I went to a guy, I forget his name, but he did the soundtrack, the end movie music for Star
Wars, Indiana Jones, and shit. He had a show in Chicago, matter of fact, and I had my homeboy from out West and the West Side of Chicago. It was on that tip. He was like 40, he ain’t never been. I’m like, go to this with me. He like, for what? I’m like, man, you’ll like it. I’m telling you, just go. And he has a great time. – That’s cool. – And it was good for him too, ’cause his son had just
got killed in a drive-by a few weeks before that. So it was something that he could do to get his mind off that. – That’s what’s up. – Let me talk about this. You know, you being from a small town, and you know you go
back and you see people that haven’t traveled far. Like where I’m from, the
farthest people has been is Chicago and Memphis, which
is like four hours away. – Memphis damn near the same area. – When you go back home, and just the way, people ain’t seen the world
how you seen the world. Like you experiencing more, like you say, foods and
scenery and everything, and you go back home
and you hear them people that you be like, man,
y’all still think that way, ’cause y’all ain’t seen nothing. – Yeah, it’s crazy. I used to think, when
people used to tell me, I was like, man, dang, looking down on me. But I ain’t realize people was just trying to broaden my horizon, get
me into different shit. When I be sitting at my grandma house and we be sitting on the
porch, and I be hearing some of my family and my homeboys talk. I’m like, damn, that’s crazy. We ain’t really got
nothing in common no more, but it’s like they don’t
even know no better. They just speaking on what
they know and what they seen ’cause they ain’t been nowhere. They ain’t experienced nothing. And sometimes it ain’t
even they fault though, ’cause you got people,
it’s like half and half, you got people that just
don’t want to do nothing else, but then you got people
don’t even know how to if they wanted to, ’cause ain’t no resources. They ain’t got no money to
even experience nothing. The only thing they can
experience is social media, and then you know on social media, they just pumping the certain shit. They only gon’ show you so much. And the same with reality TV. So all they see is certain shit, so they ain’t even got no outlet to even think different or do different. – You know, us coming to LA, it was my first time ever being in LA. We came to LA and Cheesecake
Factory was right by our house where we was at. So my first time ever being
in Cheesecake Factory, and like you say, you don’t
know no better so forth on, so Q was in there and he done
been to Cheesecake before, and he was like, yeah, I’m finna get some spinach artichoke dip. (group laughs) – Looking at him like
what the fuck is that? – I’m like, spinach? You see the menu and
you gon’ order Spinach? It just threw me off. I’m like, naw, let me
get them popcorn shrimp. Let me get some fettuccine Alfredo. So, Q ordered, he was
like, man just try it. So I tried it. I’m talking ’bout for at
least a decade straight, every time I went to Cheesecake Factory, the first thing I was ordering
was spinach artichoke dip. You know, just broadened my
taste buds and stuff like that. And people where I’m from
they don’t know that. – It be the simple things
man I’m telling you. – I’m telling my homeboy, If I take you overseas,
you ain’t gon’ eat nothing. – Right, nothing. – You ain’t gon’ eat nothing. – That’s hilarious. – It be like that though. I don’t even know if Q remember
me and I brought my homeboy, CC, out to New York one time. We had went out to eat,
me, you, him, and Rio. And he didn’t really know the menu. He just looking at it. I could tell, I could look at his face. He don’t even know what to order. So everybody ordering drinks and shit. So he like, I’ma have. He told the waiter, I’ma have this one. That’s what you say when
you don’t know the name, I’ma have this one. So they brought it out,
it was like a girl drink. It was all fruity looking and shit. They looking like, damn, I
thought you was from the hood. What the fuck is that? – So when you was coming up, who did you patent your game after? Like, somebody that you was watching or somebody with moves or something? – Man, I got a love-hate thing with hoop. It’s crazy, ’cause I’ll
watch certain players but, my grandma, that’s
who really love ball. My grandma love the bulls, so she watch basketball faithfully. So when I’d come home, she’d
be already watching basketball. Even til this day, she know
all the stats, all the players. When I call her, that’s all
she talk about is basketball. Sometimes when I be at the crib, I be having to act like I’m sleep. Like I don’t even wanna
answer all these questions. – That’s that WGN. – She know all, you can
ask her about Jimmy Butler, she gon’ know everything. It could be LeBron, she gon’ know it, who hurt, she gon’ know. So when I was growing up, she loved hoops so she loved Jordan,
so when I’d come home, she’d already be watching the game. That’s how I got into the game. I’d be outside playing ball but I’d never really be
in the crib watching it that much like that. So I just was kinda like hooping. I was a late bloomer, so
I never patented my game. I like players but I never was
like tryna be like a player. I was just outside hooping
like a motherfucker. – Or try to take some from ’em. – Yeah, I ain’t do that til I got older. – Yeah. So who when you got older, who
was the person you was like, Man, I see some in him
that I can see in myself. – Now, I ain’t gon’ front,
it’s the most uncommon thing, but I like Jamal Mashburn. I thought he was so cold
for whatever reason. I just thought he was, he was cold, but I just thought he was
better than everybody. I love Monster Mashburn. – Jamal Mashburn, he wasn’t athletic or nothing like that no mo’, and was, I’m talking ’bout
one game, was busting my ass. – Dog was cold. – Word. Jamal Mashburn one of my
favorite players too coming up. I watched his career coming up. He was a dog, dog. And if he wouldn’t have
got hurt, like later on, where he still could’ve kept a lil’ bit of that athletic ability,
man who would’ve been killing even more. – I like him a lot, I liked G, hill. It was so many I liked, but
them two probably was it. And then, Scottie, ’cause
I’d play both sides. Play defense, play offense,
so he was kinda like. – Yeah, that’s one thing I
really liked about your game, off the rip, I seen how you
played defense and offense. You compete on both sides of the ball. A lot of people don’t do that. I was a player like that. My defense was way ahead of its time, before my offense caught up. I was 18 years old coming
straight outta high school, and I was guarding the best player. They’d bring me off the bench to guard the Kobes, the Garnetts, and I’m 18, straight outta high school, so that’s like a big achievement. That made me feel like I was validated. – Naw, facts. Like you said, before your time. To go from Kobe to Garnett, that’s tough. – So you played, basically,
in both generations. Before it was this whole three pointer, five-man then four out guys. You basically a four-man now. You play three and four, but
I seen you play a lot of four in the last few years. How do you feel that the game has changed and as far as those, you
know all of the rules are going against the
defenders and stuff like that. What do you feel about just playing? You playing in both climates. Went from where it was kinda like, you don’t really shoot
threes, now it’s like, shoot all the threes you wanna shoot. That’s the best thing ever. – It was crazy. I never really shot threes. When I first got in the
league, Zeke was old-school, so we had Z-Bo at the power
forward and Eddie at the five, so it was more traditional. You know what I mean? Then the next year, they
fired Zeke, we got D’Antoni. He used to take me out the
game for not shooting threes. He was like, you gotta shoot it. That’s really how I started
shooting threes like that. But to answer your question, I think, I like the evolution of the game, just from a fan standpoint. It’s exciting to watch. You know you watching
Steph, who really ain’t, he ain’t a D, miles, he ain’t a LeBron, he look like a regular dude
walking down the street. If you ain’t know that was Steph, you wouldn’t even think
maybe he was a hooper. Know what I’m saying? But to see him go out there and score 40, shoot from damn near half
court, that shit is amazing. He more relatable to the average NBA fan, than a LeBron or Vince Carter, or guy who play above the rim. So, I love it from that standpoint. But just defensively, it’s tough. You know you gotta guard like him or K.D. and you can’t really touch ’em. Or you see James going to
the rim, he hits you first, and I like it for him,
you know what I’m saying, it’s good for him, the way he use it. But he hits you first and
then you get up on him, and they call a foul
for the slightest touch. That’s tough, for anybody, especially if you’re a defender. That’s how you make your money. – Yeah, that’s how you make your money. – And so right now, with Harden doing what he doing (laughs). – That shit is amazing. – I tell people all the time, you know that’s the hottest
conversation right now, How would you guard him? What would you do Q? I say, First, I’ma foul him, real good and hard. ‘Cause clearly, all of
the defensive schemes, all of the patterns,
whatever people been doing, it ain’t been working. – Well shit, now if you foul ’em hard, you damn near might get
kicked out the game. – I might have to do that though. I’ma have to give him one to really. Like you not about to really just. He be embarrassing these people. Ba-bop, ba-bop, ba-bop, step back, then they letting him travel now. He could do a double step
back, that’s illegal and shit. Come on bruh. You done seen me do it. I’ma have to give him one. And then let him know, yeah
I’ma be here all night, just like you going for 50. I’ma have to use all six
of these real hard on you. And hope that at some point he like, Alright, I don’t want
him to hit me no more. I’ma chill. Hopefully, I’ma pray on that
because all of the schemes and everything, it ain’t really nothing. – Naw, it ain’t working. We played them the other day. We won, but we literally
did everything we could do. The nod on the ball. – Shadowing. – Shadow ’em, press ’em full court, put different defenders on him. It was crazy, he still had 37, but it was the way he got
his 37 though, it was tough. – Y’all made it tough for him. – And that’s all you can ask for, to get a win like that,
’cause in this league, man people are so good
and you can’t stop that. – That’s what I’m saying. It’s hard to be, with the
new rules as a defender, to be a one-on-one defender, you can’t. You gotta have a good defensive team. You gotta have people behind you. – That’s why I like what
Corey Brewer is doing. I be seeing other teams just let him take the ball out and dribble down court. And I’m like, naw, I finna
let him use every inch of energy he got in his body. He finna spin-move me all the way down. I’m finna give you so much, where you gon’ have to use so much energy, just to slow you down. A lil’ bit to get you to slow
down, I’m tryna get on offense where you gotta catch a
breath to pass it off. – I been watching. I’m like, damn I wanna see how he gon’ be by the time the playoffs come. He gon’ be outta juice. – That’s why I think, I’m glad Chris Paul coming back. So they might be doing good. – They should be straight with Chris Paul. I mean, really, you could argue, if he didn’t get hurt last year, they might be in the finals. – I mean, for me, that’s
the only thing he got left. ‘Cause last year, he stepped up, he did, but to me, I wanna see him
go crazy in the playoffs. That’s the only thing
he hasn’t done, to me. ‘Cause early in the career,
he was missing in OKC when they got to the finals. And then, the other series,
you know it’s been questions. But last year, I felt like he was there. I felt like he was hooping,
but I wanna see him go, like how he going bananas right now, I wanna see him do this in the playoffs. ‘Cause nobody still can’t guard you. I know it’s different, but still. – Yeah, I think Chris Paul
being there’ll help a lot. ‘Cause I think, it’s
nothing with his game. I think he just be so tired
by time the playoffs come, ’cause his usage rate so high. He do everything. He’s the point guard, he’s
getting all the buckets. Yeah, he gotta win. You know what I’m saying? – Well you play the game
the right way all the time. You don’t overshoot the ball. Even in the games that
you have good games, your field goal percentage be high. You’ll go like 10 for 13 or some like that and have like 26 or some like that. That’s how I used to play the game. I never just overshot the ball. – Yeah, I think now, with
social media and shit like that, if you play a game and you
two for three, four for five, they like, damn, what’s going on? And I might have a game where I got 20, next game I might have like five. But, you get on social media, like, ah man, you trash, you terrible. I’m like, damn we won. I had five. I’m like, what you want me to do? – But that’s from people that
don’t see the little things. – Exactly. – What you do. – Don’t know the real value. – Might’ve swung three time to get to that person to shoot the rock. It’s a lot of little details in the stuff that people just don’t appreciate that really don’t know the game like that. – Naw facts. Social media made the world smaller and made people attention span shorter. And then everybody a professional. You get on there. – [Quentin] Everybody’s popular. – Yeah, you got all these people, like with basketball now, you got everybody running basketball. The media, that never
was good or never played, that got a opinion. You got people in analytics that have brought that to the game now. – Like a big high school. Everybody got some to say. – I hate analytics. You can manipulate the
numbers to make it like, oh, he shoot 60% when he going right. He only shoot 58% when he going left. – I’m still unsure about
this whole plus-minus thing. – It’s like dudes that never played. I’m like, this fucking
guy never played ball. then you got coaches who wasn’t players. I don’t know. The game of basketball just different. I look at it from that standpoint, like damn it’s really people
in this game, running the game, and they don’t know the game. – I know you played for a lot of coaches. I played for a lot of coaches
and it’s hard to get a rhythm with a lot of coaches. Some coaches, they just
really don’t believe in you, and some coaches be
like they believe in you and it’s hard to catch
that rhythm with coaches. – Yeah, I think I’ve been pretty blessed, as far as like having
coaches that like me. I went from Isaiah, who drafted me, we had a lot of vets then
so I ain’t play much, but I had D’Antoni, where my
best years I had with him. Then I went straight
from him to George Karl, who played kinda similar
style of basketball. So, it’s more about finding
my rhythm and how to play in that system and be effective. So it’s a lil’ different. But, I always had good coaches. I always played for guys
that believed in me. – George Karl, that shoot, pass, dribble. Shoot, pass, dribble. – Layup or a three. – When you first got some money, what’s the biggest
purchase that you bought, where you was like, damn, I just paid that
much money for that. (group laughs) We all got some crazy bruh. – That’s the thing. I ain’t really got nothing crazy. It’s just, man, I used
to do just silly shit. I think the silliest shit I’ve done, like when I first got some bread, I went to the store, to the corner store, I had dude order a whole
bunch of bottles of Cristal. I had a lil’ dude that used
to make skit with me and shit, so I got a whole bunch
of bikes from Walmart, and we just riding bikes
through the neighborhood. We all got bottles of
Cristal, just riding around on the bikes, drinking Cristal. So I’m like, man, let’s
ride to the projects. We just ride through the projects. – Now this is after you
got drafted and got money. – Yeah. So we ride through the Highlands. It’s called Highland Projects,
and we drinking Cristal. – He through the ‘jects
with bikes and Cristal. – That’s probably the silliest
shit I probably done done. I probably had about 20 of them nights. (group laughs) – That’s priceless right there dog. I ain’t heard one like (laughs). – Straight up. I definitely ain’t heard one like that. I bought my mom a Rolex and a Lincoln LS. I just totaled her car like
a month before I got drafted. – [Quentin] I remember that Lincoln LS. – I ain’t even supposed to drive her car, and my homeboys calling
me, and I was like, man, I finna just take the
car and run and grab him, and just come right back to the crib. My momma was gone on a field trip or some. So I’m going and I see the car kinda coming through the houses. So I’m driving, I’m looking
ahead of me, I’m like, Yeah, I don’t got a stop sign. I look and see his stop sign, so I’m like, I know he gon’ stop. So man I keep on going
man, he fish boned me, like boom, right in the middle. I hopped in my homeboy’s lap. This like a month before the draft. I hopped in my homeboy’s lap. It was like slow motion. I was like the Matrix. I hopped in my homeboy’s lap. Man, I got home and my body was so weak. I just slept for like 12 hours. My mom was scared than a mug. She was mad too but she was scared. I totaled her car. So soon as I got a lick of bread, I got a, what we get? I think we got like
$80,000 off trading cards. I went and bought my momma a Lincoln LS and a $10,000 Rollie, before I even bought myself anything. Just, Yeah, let me get
you this right quick. – That Lincoln LS was hard. – I feel bad, I should’ve
got my homeboy a car. I messed is car up when I was in Chicago. (group laughs) – That’s crazy. So you got any stories like that, while you was playing, before, a kicking it incident? I got a incident, we
out in Miami kicking it, on the jet skis. – [Wilson] Yeah I seen that. – But remember Larry was there. – Larry Hughes? – [Quentin] Larry Hughes was there. – Oh, okay. – We out there, kicking it on jet skis. I thought my life was over. All I saw was a light flash. ♪ Dun, dun, dun ♪ Richardson gets hurt on the jet skis. Man, totaled the jet skis. I was furious. Limping home, just like you
said not sure what’s going on, I just went to the
hotel and went to sleep. The whole trip was over for me. Had like three days left. It was dead for me. I was just salty, sitting in the room, not sure if I was really hurt or not. Didn’t wanna say nothing to my agent. My agent right there in Miami. I ain’t telling him nothing. I’m like, naw, I’ma wait. I gotta be sore for a little longer before I say some to Jeff. – Nah, I ain’t have one
of them before the league, but I had one during the league. Just a couple of summers ago, the summer I was rehabbing my hip, so I was like I’ma take my fam. I ain’t never took my family nowhere, like just my whole family. So it was me, my aunt, my nieces, well they really my cousins but my uncles and my aunts,
I grew up with my grandma, so like they my brothers and sisters. So it was my cousins,
they younger than me, it was like four of them,
my aunt, my dad, his girl, like four of my homeboys, my kids. So we went down to Cabo, we
rented a house and went to Cabo. So everyday we did some different. One of the days we went zip lining. So we zip lining, so I see bungee jumping. I tell my homeboy,
Let’s got bungee jumping when we done doing the zip line. He like, cool. – Are you serious bruh? You with that? – Yeah, so. – Wow. – We walking up to the bungee jump spot where you go with the
catapult, it take you up, it take you up over the canyon. He like, I ain’t doing
it. – Bruh you left out of Benton Harbor, Michigan to go jump off and do a bungee jump. What? – Everybody like, you crazy. Most people like, I ain’t even doing it. My auntie them like,
you tripping, whatever. My homeboy like he’d do it with me. So we get over there, he like, naw, I ain’t doing it no more. So I’m like, I’ma a gon’ head do it. I ain’t never been here. I’m just finna gon’ head and do it. I can say I went bungee jumping. So, it’s crazy, it was me
and two other lil’ kids that ain’t with me, two white kids. They had to be like 10 and like 12, two brothers and sisters. So it’s just me and them two
and the instructors and shit. So we go up on the catapult,
they both go first. I’m like, If they do
it, then I gotta do it. (group laughs) So it was a glass bottom, so
you could see out the bottom. It’s high as hell. – When you got up there, so the glass bottom didn’t. – Naw, it was thick, it was thick as hell. You could tell it wasn’t gon’ break. But they had a Velcro
strip and supposed to stand on the Velcro strip and
just jump straight out. I hoop, so I gather myself. I took a step back, so
I slipped on the glass and I fell out. I got the video on my phone. I’ll show y’all after this over. I fell out, right. – Come on bruh, come on. – I had just had my hip surgery. I just missed the whole season. So when I fell out, it was
cool, it was uncomfortable, ’cause I fell out, so
I’m dangling everywhere. I ain’t even realize. So when I finished and shit,
you know I was tryna act cool. They ain’t even, my family watched, they ain’t even know I fell out, and I’m just tryna act cool. I look down at my knee and shit. My knee ’bout this big. I bumped my knee on the
metal part when I fell out. I still got the dent in my
knee right now til this day. Dog my knee so big, I can’t
walk or nothing, so I’m limping. They like, what’s wrong? I’m like, I think I’m sore
from the zip lining right. So I text Andy, that used
to work for the Knicks, I text Andy right away. I’m like, dog, think my career over. I think I fucked my knee up. I got a big ass dent in my knee. My knee swole. I don’t know what to do. I iced it. I been laying up since I got back. Two days later, whatever,
it just went down. Stopped hurting, went down,
still had the dent in my knee. Went back to rehab,
nothing never happened. Still got the dent in
my knee til this day. – [Darius] Leg got back strong. – Leg got back strong. – [Quentin] I bet you ain’t
gon’ bungee jump no more. – Naw, hell naw. Never doing that again. – May man fell out the thing. Man, come on bruh. – That shit was the scariest shit ever. I ain’t even know I fucked
up my knee ’cause I fell out. I’m like, damn. – Your adrenaline was going too hard. You didn’t know nothing til
you got down and life was okay. Boy you jumping, come on man, – I’m like, dog I ain’t never
doing no shit like this. Man I can hear my grandma now like, What was you even thinking? – You from Benton Harbor boy, you made it outta there, and
you gon’ go jump off a cliff, talking ’bout bungee jumping. Naw, man. Come on bruh. Yo, so I got a question. As far as cultural impact, who you think had the
biggest cultural impact between AI and LeBron? – I think, so we got social media, LeBron hot on social media right now. – Yeah, but like this age
it’ll look like LeBron, but I don’t think AI get
the props for what he did, like how he moved. – It’s more. – A lot. – This day and age, I think
it’s hard to try and compare because it’s so much
more push in everything that’s out there. So much more access and, you know, you can push whatever message you tryna do so much easier. But AI, everybody didn’t know
that he was sending shoes to the prisons and stuff
like that, and looking out. He had the hood, and he
still got the hood locked. He got hood love forever. AI is gon’ forever be the GOAT. He gon’ forever get that special love that everybody can’t get. – Ain’t nobody gon’ talk about that. – And it’s because of what he. You can’t replicate what he went through, and his trials and tribulations
that made him who he was, and the things that he stood
for, and that he stood against. Right or wrong, or whatever you wanna say, all of those things add up to what he is, and the icon that he is, and you can’t just replicate that. – Yeah, I’ma go AI too. It wasn’t intentional, he
was just being his self. He ain’t have no machine behind
him pushing social media, pushing all these different avenues. I think, he was just being his self. It was just natural. He used to do, like
whatever I’ma do today, that’s what I’ma do. The way he dressed, the way he spoke, No I ain’t going to practice. Whatever it was, it
wasn’t even intentional, he was being his self,
and it became iconic. – It’s kinda like when LeBron came in, it’s kinda like, at 17
he was the chosen one, you know what I’m saying, so he had to be kinda tactful
and do things perfect, and do things that he was,
you know what I’m saying, like you said, he had a whole
machine that was pushing him, and he had a game plan. AI had been in jail, had
to get a second chance, all that stuff. So it was just like it
was up for grabs for him. Like you said, he was
really just doing him. – I think Bron do a good job
of making moves like Jay-Z. Like chess moves. AI like Pac you know what
I’m saying, emotional. I’m just living my life, you know. – But ain’t nobody gon’,
when they mention AI name, ain’t nobody gon’ talk about
the stuff he really was doing. Like Q said, sending shoes to the prison and doing the stuff in the hood. I guarantee AI done spent
millions of dollars. – Oh, they don’t never
say nothing about that. – [Quentin] On the hood. – This ain’t the millions
of dollars I’m talking ’bout he was doing stuff and
getting a tax write-off on and naw I’m talking ’bout cold cash that he was putting into
hoods and places he was at, places he played. Stuff like that that they
will never talk about when you hear Allen Iverson’s name. But the always wanna talk
about all the other stuff, but he moves the culture. – I think what’s important
to be said about that too, is though like, just like how you said Pac
and Jay-z, Jay needed Pac. Without Pac coming before
him and doing all that, Jay ain’t gon’ know what not to do, and how to make them chess moves. That’s the same thing for LeBron. LeBron get to look at big bro, AI, who embraced him on that
journey too, and said, Alright I can learn from all
of these different things. – Or make them mistakes. LeBron’s strategies though. – It’s one of the best ones I done seen. – The moves he make, the
exclusive moves he make, boy he bad. Him and his crew, they bad. – From day one, if the worst
thing that you got to say about him is the decision, come on bruh. Like, that’s what it did that
was bogus, was the decision? – That wasn’t even bogus. – That’s what I’m saying. That’s the thing that he
gets criticized the most. If that’s. Oh, I’m cool. I’m doing pretty good for the status and the
elite level he came in from day one on and that’s
the big cry about me. Like, naw I’m cool. – Naw, definitely the
way he handle his self, man he conduct business,
that’s inspirational. I like that. I fuck with it. – He move coaches definitely with that. He know how to do it, even
with being political and stuff. ‘Cause the Jordans and the
Kobes, wasn’t into all that. For him to be speaking,
sometimes some of the stuff be kinda, I don’t know where
he was coming with that one, but, for him to even be speaking up and he the top on the list is brave. – He ain’t scared to
throw his name out there, somebody come back at him. You gotta respect that. – [Wilson] Yeah for sure. – But aye, we got this part
where we like to do called, What’s Better Now or in the ’90s. So we just go. – Everything in the ’90s was better. – See he retro. You see he got the NWA White Sox hat on. He fall under that act, so you know this is a good one for him, even though most of his
answers gon’ probably be ’90s. – Straight up. What’s better, the haircuts
in the ’90s or now? – Ah, the ’90s. ’90s for show. Shit you can pick anyone
Gumball, Pac had the juice, Q had the juice, that whole, yeah, Nino. – [Quentin] Nino was crazy. Hey B brought that out
one time, then Nino Brown, remember that? – Yeah, facts, yeah. ’90s for show. – In the ’90s, you liked, or what’s better in the ’90s
or now, clothes, fashion? – I think people starting to
dress more like the ’90s now, seem like to me. So I go ’90s for show. I thought Nas was like the
freshest dude in the ’90s. – Yeah, he was smooth than a mug. Let me see, what’s better now? I mean then or now, commercials, back then in the ’90s or now? – I think ’90s was more memorable. You know what I’m saying, classic lines, you’ll never forget. You could still quote
commercials from the ’90s. – Lil Penny. – Lil Penny, yeah. – All the Jordan commercial was dope. – ‘Cause now it’s like
so many commercials now. It’s hard for ’em to really stick out. Every once in awhile, like the Dos Equis, the original Dos Equis had a vibe. They messed it up with
the new dude, right? – Dos Equis, I think, shit
that was remember when, fuck what’s the other one? Old Spice. – Ah man, Old Spice’s was always classic. – It might be a tie though. – [Darius] The cave man. – Yeah, cave man. – [Quentin] Geico’s is hilarious. – When you think about it. – [Quentin] Yeah it’s kinda
a hard one right there. – [Darius] R&B music in the ’90s or now? – Ah ’90s, for show. – It ain’t even no real R&B now. Everything gotta have a, you gotta have a rapper on it, you gotta have a stupid crazy beat. – I hate when they throw
the rapper on there now, ’cause the rappers so trash. Back in the day, you had a Bad Boy remix or the So So Def remix
but they was hard though. So it was a different vibe. But now you throw, like
Soulja Boy come on there messing all them songs up and shit. Naw I don’t wanna say that. I don’t want dog to get
on me on social media. – Soulja? – (laughs) Drake? – Don’t do Soulja like that man. I love Soulja Boy man. Don’t do Soulja like that man. – Naw, but ’90s for show. R&B, you had everybody:
112, Mary J., Jodeci, Silk, H-Town, Subway. It was so many cold. It was cold. Nowadays you only got a few. You got Chris Brown, Trey Songz. It ain’t too many. – Jacquees. – Yeah, Jacquees. He tripping too. He disrespected my man. He was tripping. – I like Jacquees. – [Wilson] Dog got hits, dog got hits. – What else? – Keith Sweat. He was on Keith Sweat. Keith Sweat was looking
at him like he was a nut. Like what’s wrong with this kid? What was better in the ’90s? Was it better in the ’90s or now, I don’t know, what would you call them? What would we call the
Boomerangs, the Coming to America? – Black movies? Ah, for show back then. It ain’t too many like. – Not like that. Like the super super classic. – Black movies now, is more like watching motherfucking,
what’s it, reality TV. Like when you watch This Christmas. All them, like damn near
watching reality TV. Back then you had so many classics. Even the ones, you know you got classics, then you got hood classics. Coming to America, and all them classics, but you got the hood classics. State Property. – Belly. – Belly, Paid in Full, Paper Soldiers. – New Jack City, Menace to
Society, Boyz n the Hood. – Those is the hood classics. – You be going in there where
they got the rotten tomatoes and shit and then you be
seeing with the low score. Like, that’s naw. They ain’t accurate. – [Quentin] Right, yeah, you tripping. Lets us get our lil’
hood rating over there. They gon’ be about 98%, you feel me. – Definitely ain’t right on that. Before you play in games,
or one of the songs, ’cause I know we listen
to many over the years, but one of the ones that was like, yeah that’s the one I had
to listen to every game to get me hyped. – And I know you, you a throw-back dude. – What is that song that
you used to listen to? – If I had to pick one. – That one that you was like, man I always have to hear
this before the game. – Man, I ain’t gon’ lie, man, I think Bitionz Az A Ridah, Tupac, that was my. – [Darius] (laughs) So you
used to get hyped off that? – You gotta get hype playing that. – Naw, that’s a real one. – What was yours? – Man, I done had a few. One of my favorites though, that used to get me dumb hype, was that 50, that Many Men. – Many Men get me hype bruh. – I just thought he was the
coldest when he first came out. – You ain’t care if he was right or wrong, you was rolling, I hate Ja Rule! – And what was crazy, just
three months before that, I was bumping Ja Rule. – Everybody was. – Man, he took Ja Rule out my rotation. – Real talk. – Real quick. – That was amazing. – I need to check out that documentary. – I seen Ja Rule when I was in New York. I seen Ja Rule and Irv Gotti. Man I spoke to them boys. Man they look like they in good health and all that stuff. – I heard Gotti got a pretty
nice looking girlfriend. (group laughs) – [Darius] So he blessed, huh? – Yeah he blessed. He still doing good. (group laughs) – [Quentin] He overachieving. – Top five albums of all time that, we’ll go to rap albums of all time. – Alright man, it depends
on when you ask me. – Give us some of your favorites. – I got more than five,
’cause it just depends. You know Midwest a different area. I ain’t get on to East Coast
rap until I got a lil’ older. My uncle, that’s who I
looked up to too, my uncle. He was like tough dude
in the neighborhood. But he was all gangsta rap. He was Scarface, NWA. – UGK. – UGK, 8Ball & MJG, Spice 1. He was just that. MC Eiht. So I grew up. – DJ Clue, DJ Quik I mean. – Yeah, yeah. That was my first CD I bought. I bought Safe and Sound, DJ Quik was my first album
I bought on cassette tape. I was living in Grand Rapids. My mom took me and my brother, he bought, I don’t know what
album was out at the time, I don’t know if it was
8Ball & MJG, both of them, or if was the *8Ball Lost
album, but he bought that, and I bought the Safe
and Sound DJ Quik album. I don’t know why I bought that CD, I just liked cover and shit. – Man they used to. Go head, go head. – I bought that shit but
I think my top five man, I’ma go Me Against the World, I’ma go Doggystyle. – Uncle Snoop. – Whole lotta West Coast. – I’ma go to Purple Tape,
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, I’ma go Illmatic, and then my fifth, I’ma go, damn, I ain’t gon’ lie,
this gon’ be crazy, but I like the 8Ball & MJG first album. It was so hard to me. I don’t know why, it just had so. I think it was the time, when
I was staying with my mom and the music everybody
was playing the whole time was going on. Everybody in the crib,
you know how it its, million people in and out the house. They having house parties, they gambling, they playing cards. You pretty much just there soaking up all, you looking at all this
shit, I think at that time, and the songs that was being played, like Pimp in My Own Rhyme and all that, I think I just gravitated
towards that album a lot. – Space Age them. Yeah they had man, 8Ball them had some bangers. Space Age Pimpin’ was killer. – Blessing to have you come
here with your busy schedule man but we definitely appreciate the love. Q rave about you man, that’s what made start
really getting into you and following your career. So man we definitely
appreciate you coming through and messing with us man. – Man we definitely, man
appreciate you coming through bruh. This love bro for real, for real. We do it like that. Knucklehead Podcast fellas. Check us out. (upbeat hip hop music)

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