Will Hunt (Evanescence) wywiad dla BeatIt, cz. 4

[Music] okay let’s talk gear okay let’s start with drums what do you use pearl currently playing here I’m playing a reference regular reference kit hmm Evanescence of austero see I’m playing a reference cure kit in a chrome finish it’s actually a Music City custom which basically they take these reference pure or reference drums and they can put a shell a wrap on and get it to you custom color whatever in two weeks pre-made it’s not amazing I love them I’m using Zildjian cymbals obviously I’m doing a combination of some heavy A’s which is sort of took over the Seabreeze 19 I’m using in a new line called the S line which is kind of a little less expensive model but they’re drawing an amazing Birds run yeah it’s like it’s a different metal no it’s a press and they they sound great and they’re very durable you know like for me I need that yeah gosh the hello yeah yeah I finished the last Evanescence tour I had I ran out of heavy a 18s and out the stock got turned on to them they sent me a an S series 18 I had like five more shows that’s it you know so put that thing on there and by the end of the tour man that thing was cased and Ben wasn’t cracked yeah and it’s still not a great man I forgot that and like this is a mate mm I love the hiya we I had some actually switched over to the s rock ass oh well the man there’s a real they’ve got a great frequency man they sit in the mix really good man it’s a top in it’s not obnoxious it’s real sweet just they just cut you know like they’re not keeping not overly obnoxiously loud you know what’s about derived that’s a 21-inch mega bone heavy a okay yeah I’m not been with do it planetary metal yes matyoo it’s a stick man I love the ride because it’s dry now in the studio depending on what kind of song it is I might switch that out for 21 inches we right yeah rip Exton booze to turn me up I’ve got currently I’m not using them here but I use some oriental trash splashes and a 12-inch splash over here China’s over there oriental China’s I’m just stuff to kind of do accents on you know I use that far why use the ride like I use that bill more for accents going to do the actual rhythm maker okay Coons Remo doing a power stroke threes on the kicks Emperor X on the snare which for me is great and I can stand up to the abuse I can keep one of those on a couple shows not more I had to they sound good man for me you got to smack them but they sound great doesn’t show up the drum that is very really durable and then clear Emperor’s on the Tom’s and clear ambassadors on the resonant side okay I’m be the bass drum skin that’s power show three its PK okay what sticks do belong to you elevator guy I love theater man I’m using the it’s my version of the Virgil blaster Virgil Donati sting so they make that for me with no laughing just works good for my hands and I start sweating and it’s tickets me best feeling stick that I’ve ever you know use them in life and just feels right you know you just know that feeling okay now with pedals because that’s you know is it told to Daniel stuff from them yep which ones well I started playing diamond drives and they first came out and they were direct drive you know they had and just felt too light for me so I went back to the Eliminator and I look that’s a great poem there’s a really good petals and then they came out with the diamond drive chain drives now that’s the best play I’ve ever felt in my life and everything’s the real deal and it’s so adjustable so it’s like I can make it heavier you know I need to you know all depends on what I’m playing okay yes because that’s a very very individual thing yeah we’re a drummer you know and people collect loads of third right so even if they got deals with you know companies that feel you know you need your you know black beauty you need your you know Supra whatever or radio King over have you actually fallen victim to that you know absolutely I’ve got some pretty crazy stuff yeah about I’ll be honest with you likes really interesting when we recorded the last Evanescence record we reported at a studio called Blackbird and Nashville Tennessee in the studio to say it’s stock with an amazing array of drums would be an understatement like The Ed Sullivan Beatles KITT is in their beauty kit it’s in there I got to play really nervous and then but they’ve got this you know vast array of snares and some of the snares they have these Kiplinger’s is one off Kiplinger’s effect I made one of which was recorded used to record a super unknown sound on and our producer we bought all these snares in right and I had my pearl reference snare with wood this is about that thick and even though I used a couple of those pip lingers on a couple songs out of all the snares to use then the one again this is a blind test because he’s in the control rooms I can okay trying to them try another one call that one that pearl reference from hung in with the best of the best of the best and it’s a great trial man that’s and all guys don’t like wood drums and they like this no there’s this is a snare drum I think because of the density of that wood and how thick it is that you can it’s got a sweet spot such a wide array of notes and you can make it sound like a noble sir if you want to if you want to pitch it down still have some attack and bite and bark does that too then but I’ve got ya bunch of other ones I’ve got a black beauty we’ve got a an edge DW edge snare spin up some recordings I’ve got this company in Cleveland called fortune drums all a guy makes the snares we’ve got a couple of those those are fascinating we’ve got a Brady made out of Jarl would these like tennis gee that’s a going to be a classic P since there is no more Brady truth absolutely so obviously you’re going on here now hang on to that law and I need to get fixed 15-love but again they’re okay [Music]

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