Will A.I. Change Society? – Brought to you by Hyundai Motor Company

We’re here at the Barbican centre
in the AI: more than human exhibition. One of the key things about the artists in this
show is they’ve come from different backgrounds and AI is the thing
that’s really brought them all together. I always find working with AI
and machine learning to be a very human endeavour. I think not separating it out from ourselves
is really important to kind of remember it’s reflecting the world back at us
but it is a world that we’ve created. I’m here with Anna Ridler one of the artists
in AI: More Than Human at the Barbican and Anna I’d like to talk about your views
on AI in general and if you think AI is something that can have
social change and be used as a force for good? AI will definitely have social change
there’s no two ways about it but I think one of the things that’s interesting
at the moment is we don’t know whether that social change
is going to be for good or for bad. I have very mixed feelings
whether I think AI is creative or whether I think it’s me who’s creative. You have all of these different types of people
designers, technologists, scientists, artists all trying to question this at this moment
because I think in not that much more time it will just become so seamless
and so smooth and so part of our everyday lives that we’ll forget it’s there. You mentioned in the past that maybe there’s a
surprising result of the AI to produce something that’s not what you expected;
do you think that that pushes your creativity so you’re kind of working as a collaborator
with the AI output? I do feel that ultimately the piece starts
and ends with me, so I don’t necessarily feel it as a collaborator
but I do feel that it does push me in ways that I never would have been
able to do before. I think it’s important to consider as well
in how AI has this relationship with us and with the rest of the world and perhaps it’s
better if we consider it part of our environment and that’s the thing that needs to sit separately. I want to talk a bit more generally about AI
and art and the future and whether or not you think that AI
is going to enable more people to be artists? I’m a little bit worried about it in the future
because I think… Why are you worried? I worry a little bit AI might almost
enable a loss of wonder because you don’t have to imagine as much. -Does that make sense?
-Yeah. I can see that but I also think that people
come to AI from a lot of different backgrounds and kind of find their way through it so I think
that perhaps people who aren’t traditionally artists might find themselves engaging
with the AI more and producing this creative output that’s perhaps unexpected
and leads them down a slightly different route. You have scientists who are using AI
and then making discoveries that because it’s suggesting things that they never
would have come up with themselves and I think it feels like it could go anywhere. I suppose thinking further ahead
and speculating on the future, if I was to be curating this exhibition in fifty
years’ time I think it probably won’t be called artificial intelligence and I’m wondering
at what point we’ll drop the artificial. -What do you think of that?
-I find it so difficult to speculate on the future. It just increases in capability so quickly already
but at the same time it’s still so brittle and so fragile that I just find it really hard to
think what it might be in fifty years’ time because fifty years ago this was like science fiction,
the ability to do all of the things that we can do now and all the things that are in the exhibition
just that was fiction. For me it’s about looking at this bigger holistic
picture and seeing humans as part of a wider universe
and a bigger system of things and I’m quite excited about how we can evolve with
technology and how it can be part of our evolution. Thank you for joining me to talk about this Anna it’s been really interesting to hear your opinions
on the world of AI and the future.

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