Wild Tigers Need Our Help!!

join us in celebrating international Tiger Day July 29th big-hat refuse mission is to provide the best home for the cats in our care and the abuse of big cats in captivity and prevent extinction of big cats in the wild so for international Tiger Day we are supporting two amazing projects for Tigers in the wild traffic the wildlife trade and monitoring network and the World Wildlife Fund have embarked on an important journey to help raise and train sniffer dog squads to strengthen the anti poaching and anti trafficking measures of forest departments and other enforcement agencies concerned with the protection of tires and other wildlife in India the dogs not only increase efficiency and detect hard-to-find substances but their presence also provides a strong deterrent for traffickers and helps raise awareness about illegal wildlife trade the Corbett Foundation is a charitable nonprofit non-governmental organization solely committed to the conservation of wildlife one important focus area of their work is the band guard Tiger Reserve by installing chain-link fences around the wells dug by the villagers this is a simple but effective way to prevent tigers and leopards from falling into the wells and drowning big cat rescue has been a supporter of this project since 2016 you can help by purchasing our international Tiger Day merchandise there are towels totes t-shirts and more big cat rescue will match the first five thousand dollars spent on merchandise to help protect tigers in the wild

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  1. At my school, my class have to do a project on an animal and how it adapted to its environment, my group and i are doing tiger's and white tigers. This video gave me an idea. (Thank you!) As I am not finished, I will write about tiger day and hopefully my school may take notice 😀

  2. I'd like to invite ALL OF YOU to join Big Cat Rescue's two Official Facebook groups.

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  3. Someone told me that Amur Tigers went extinct recently….Is it true….? As far as I knew, they were just critically endangered..

  4. PS: I like the India policy towards their wild cats, as well as I am impressed by some brave Indians saving attacking them sometimes Leopards or Tigers. For example: leopard in a well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liZjo_eoj54 or they use tranquilizing weapons not regular bullets, even while severly attacked by leopard being lost in school: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45WuMnPixpw . Great respect for these ppl! In US all lions, leopards and tigers which recently did runaway from private "sanctuary" were killed by police! ZERO respect for that police.

  5. Ofc I gave like, as always 🙂 IMO the more guilty country is USA for the current situation of big cats. Ofc the case of barbaric dentist who murdered Cecil the lion is only part of the problem. Law system of US makes it possible that now we have very absurd situation – in US, in CAPTIVITY, lives about 5000 tigers ! In the wild we have total number of Bengal Tigers estimated for 5000 IN THE WILD ! It drives the black market, trade of big cats and in the beginning of this deal poaching! Waht can this look like? Poachers kill mother of not dangerous cubs and the sell them to US, South Africa (the next country where Tigers "live"). If we add that India decreases its jungle territory so now even leopards becomes endangered species there, beside Tigers. We still should remember that we have only about 350 majestic Syberian Tigers IN THE WILD, and again in the US we have about the same number. What's worse, all these businesses called "sanctuaries" or ZOOs for obvious reason go to the inbreeding phenomenon, so we have white Tigers (not exist in the wild), and the big cats in captivity will be more and more weak and having injured DNA by always bad mutations. The buisness sanctuaries (often cages 5x6meters for lion or tiger!) and 95% ZOOs should be gradually closed in the world. In the era of Internet, YT etc. to learn about and watch big cats we don't need to go to ZOO!

  6. Le 29.07 .journée du tigres ..animal sacré en Inde mais massacrées pour leur dents et peux .=braconnage .. merci à la chaîne bientôt journée des lions . Merciiiii 🦁🐯

  7. I wonder what you think of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. I know they are non-profit and spend a large amount of money towards conservation. Their exhibits have large enclosures. Personally I feel this zoos gives the public a knowledge and respect of their animals. Plus they are against poorly run zoos and people who think they can own such animals.

  8. WWF are scammers and liars. They support hunting and have led hunting parties for the wealthy and influential on endangered species. At least, whenever I search for articles about them. Hey maybe I'm wrong, but I still don't think they're completely legit. Seems to me like you're playing with something that could just as easily turn on you than help you.

  9. If Tiger Cubs are bought in other countries through the illegal pet trade, what happens to the cubs Moms? Stupid question, but I am really curious as I have seen some vloggers on YouTube with random tigers in their backyard. (Not from the US)

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