Wie Influencer Urlaub machen

How I feel? Left alone. Sorry, I have to answer shortly. Konichiwa. Exhibit A. Since Tommy works with Malte, he has nothing
other more in the head. End of working day? None. He does not even care about his
actual hobbies. Yes. Yes, I'm really looking forward to working with you. Yes, you have a nice evening! Ciao. Tommy, can you I really only need Tommy- I'm getting a call in. I have to accept that. Sorry. Tommy Toalingling, Hello! Hi! Can you help me with the laundry? And the living room looks like one too
Saustall after your game night yesterday. Game night? You wish! We had a brainstorming session. For Creative Influencer Friend Collaboration. And why are then everywhere game tires
rum? Because movement promotes creative ideas. And why can not you clean up after you? Hello? It's scientifically proven that one
Ideas, if you have them, work out and write them down. Well, before they are gone. But I do not want to work with you
to bore. Do not worry. Do you prefer to eat something. Oh. Any other wishes, the fine gentleman? Oh yeah. The next time you wash off, Can you perhaps make sure that in the cups is not always such a coffee residue inside? I do not want bacteria in there
are. Because otherwise Malte drinks from it and will possibly
sick, or something. And when he's sick, he can not shoot videos. And then we have no more money and land
possibly on the street. I do not want to think about that. He is only absent. I feel totally neglected. Sorry, I had to answer. Did I miss something? Just this. Are you staying now? Fully. 100 percent. Oh, the customer again. I have to answer that in any case. Sorry, that may take a while. Konichiwa! It's the same all the time. I mean, I understand that, yes, if you do
wants to live from his art, one also has to work a lot. But that's why you neglected everything else
and I think I take over the entire household. That is not OK. The same thing every night. Honey, I'm home! Tommy! What is there to eat, honey? I thought you wanted to order something. I did not have time to cook something. You were home for 12 hours. You have had enough time. What did you do all day? The apartment does not clear itself
on. I do not want to overtax you. If you had done two tasks at the same time,
both would probably have become nothing. Please what? Sorry. That will be a customer. Be nice and make me a steak, yes? Thank you. Konichiwa! Yes OK. It may have been a little overdone, but Say, are you still hanging on the thing? Can you put it away? Tommy, it suits me here! Hannah, relax. My job is important. I know your job is important Tommy. But do you actually know how exhausting it is to clear up behind you and Malte? Hello? Are you actually finishing work? Hannah, in my job it's like that coming
You do not just go home and then you have to leave work. Aha. You are doing home office? Yes. Great right? No, not great! You are always in the office and never have free time. Yes, you do not understand that as a student,
there you always have free. Oh, as a student you do not work? Well, so. If your job is so tough, then I should
maybe talk to your boss. You need a vacation! Or support. Nice that we are so united. So support would not be too much
required, right? You could make us dinner, or less
gripe. Have you tried this before? Painted, we have to talk! Yeah, just get an appointment
my assistant. Let the junk. OK, it was just a joke. You should laugh more. What's up? We need holidays. Dude, great idea! OK, I'm in for two or three weeks
Thought in August. Yes! Maldives? Mega! Perfect, so does that fit with your appointments? Yeah, well, I have Tommy, he's one
extraordinary hardy bee. Tommy is coming, of course. How, Tommy is coming? Where is this? You know how much work we do
to have? We? You mean Tommy? Sorry, I'm also doing my post. And that would be? I have the face. The face? The face?! And the voice. And what does it do? Money? And so that I am relaxed in front of the camera, approve
I also the vacation request. Well. All, or none! You know, your staff too
To be entitled to vacation? Only if I pay her. You do not even pay him? I think that's even worse. Maybe we should talk to a labor lawyer
go through, right? It was just a joke. Well. Then we only have the period
clarified. I'm talking to your assistant. One, two, one, two, TTTT. Sound Tester Tommy-Toalingling tests sound. Tommy, pack the swimming trunks. Oh Hanni, it's just very bad. Malte immediately turns an important video and
I have one, two, seventy-three here make small changes. And then answer comments. Answer emails, the customer OK. I talked to Malte. Are you crazy? Do not turn it off, so close to shooting! Whats wrong with you? Nanananana. We agreed, we need holidays. This is a very good idea. You are on holiday and I hold the position here. No, you come with me. You need the time-out the most. Malte only chills all the time anyway. That's completely nonsense. Everyone contributes with their strengths to success
at. This is total nonsense. Oh, he is coming. So, Toalingling. How does it look like? Can we get started? Yes, in any case. So. And would have overwhelmed you, here
to open the windows? It's as stuffy as the eBay classifieds
Game show that we shot together. Link in the video description. Sorry, I'm sorry, does not happen anymore. Yes, we hope. What is this? Laundry? What should I do with it. This is my. Your. I mean ours. Yes, then see that it comes off before
I sell the classifieds on eBay with our WG account. Link is in the video description. Can you do your text? This will be a one-taker, Tommy! OK. Camera is running and please! Hey guys! Thank you! Bye. And cut. Thank you very much. That was it? You did a great job. Really great. Thank you. Do you see Hannah? Malte has the voice and I am his friend
and helpers. You mispronounced slave. You are like a trained dog, that the
wagging his tail all the time and hoping that his master finally joined him
Fünkchen gives attention. Pfft. That's not right at all. Come along. No. By foot, Tommy. OK. We are on vacation! But- No, but no. I have semester breaks in August and I would
Propose: Three weeks Maldives. But you mean the MALTEdiven. Very funny. OK. From the eleventh to the 31st Three weeks of maltedives. I have a really nice little house
found on classifieds. Where is that? Say, are you stupid? Did she say that? On classifieds. Yes but. No buts! You find really cool stuff, you have to
just come on it look for. But we can not do that. I can there. No. From the 19th to the 24th we are at the games fair
booked in Cologne. Good, then two weeks Maldives. Malte divas. The Maldives are so far away, it's worth it
not at all. Two weeks Austria. I could show you my home. Great, and if we go by train, then
it's also better for the environment. From the sixth to the eighth we are in Berlin
booked. Then we have a cooperation rotation on the 12th and the 16th
for customers. 12th 16th Well. How it looks, in late August. Which is even more incredible. On the 27th and on the 30th too. First to sixth? Well, there we have OK, I got it. OK, people, what do you think about tomorrow?
Weekend to Prague? Morning? So spontaneous? That's our only chance. If I do some overtime, then
maybe we should manage that. Will be booked, people. Luckily I have the presentation already
finished. In 13 hours and 23 minutes is already ours
Train. And somebody needs a suitcase here
pack. I'll take care of that, boss! No no no. Everyone packs their own stuff. I've got it! Three days, three T-shirts, three pants. Easy. Hey Tommy, what are you taking with you for shoes? Street shoes, sneakers and flip-flops. Flip-flops? This is the Moldau and not Maui. Yes, did you think of the showers? Oh, toothbrush. Woe! Sorry, I have to answer that. But-
But no, that will take a while. But our vacation. Unfortunately I can not come along. I'm sorry. Ride without me. Konichiwa. We have to talk Malte. Tata Tata. We have holidays, we have nothing. Painted, we have to talk very briefly. Yes, what is it? Yes, the customer has some questions about the locations
and especially our analytics. Yes, then I would suggest you send
which answers. Yes, I would do that. But then I can no longer secretly yours
Pack suitcase. Yes, maybe you can do that later. Well, I think you're impossible for Tommy
Ne! We're not talking about work anymore. I'm not going to kid myself. Tommy is your employee, right? And not your bondman. He does that voluntarily. Yes, voluntarily. Because he is so desperate that he is the rent
otherwise can not pay. And the job is fun. Painted, I always thought that every pot
has a shoe for his cover, but that is really only yield. He spends every waking minute with yours
Videos. Yes, and eventually the videos have to stop
also be ready. If I do not upload anything, then everyone is angry
on me. Then hire more people. What? I have to pay all the technology. I also have to eat something. Of course, a two-man machine makes sure
that you have to work more. What should I do about it now? Yes, I understand that, but maybe you could
You show him that you appreciate his work more. And how? By helping him at work, for example? And that he also make a weekend off
can. Whoa. Toalingling ?! Yes what's up? Give me the phone. OK, that may take a while now. Konichiwa. Painted here. Yes, we send files out and we talk on the phone
on Monday. Until then we have company holidays. Yes, I wish you too. Arrigato. Bye. Go then. Tommy, what do you think about it when we do
set up an employment contract? And what is regulated in it? Work, money. And what about working hours, bonuses, holiday pay,
Overtime? Yes OK. I understand. From now on, we work together at eye level,
Tommy. How does that sound? That sounds fantastic, but- No buts! Prague is waiting for us. But- No buts! It's going to be a mega weekend! But the train fails. Guys, a very wise man once said:
Does your life always go according to plan, you drive very rarely very well. Stupid track noise. Want to play charades together? Shakespeare's Hamlet Act 4, Scene 5, verse
To quote 28: no. Maybe we should also have a contract
about work in the household. Can we just do that if we do not have one
Have more vacation? But I think that clean up somehow
should belong to the working time. Because I mean, think, we can
only turn when really cleaned up. Boy, in the dictionary entry about holidays stands
but not that one discusses such things. Say, did you send the mail to Japan? I need a minute vacation from the holiday. It's so relaxed, I hope that stays that way
so. Yes, what should happen? Wah! What are you doing here? Why did not you ever tell me that you have one
Girlfriend had? Just like in the past. And what kind of deal do you have? I have missed you so much. I have to tell you something. You have to tell her the truth. The truth? Or, you help me out of the apartment

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  1. 12 Min. Werbung??? Verstehe nicht warum so ein Sinnfreier Content hier zwischen Anime Kanälen geschaltet wird Oo

  2. Ich hab kein bock mehr das mir diese Unlustige Scheisse Vorgeschlagen wird geht mir langsam so auf den Sack!

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  5. Euer scheiss Werbe Video regt voll auf wird jedes mal bei mir angezeigt obwohl ich euer kanal geblockt hab ekelhaft sowas

  6. Ich vermisse kiko total könnte sie nicht zurückziehen? Oder so please ich finde es toll wenn noch wer mit euch in der wg wohnt.😉

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