Why you need to SEEK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT versus Retirement the true GAME of MONEY

what we're gonna talk about today is economic empowerment long term once again we're going to talk about economic empowerment long term there are many people who are in a rush to begin their path to a fixed income which is just crazy with what's going on today many people start a company so they can sell they can get them off some I want you to look at Warren Buffett Warren Buffett that's been running his company for since the 60s long money won't you look at Bill Gates ran his company for a long time Steve Jobs ran this company until you died if you want to have long term consistent income you need to build what I like to call the perpetual business this is a business that you start and because you're going long term you're not in this drastic hurry you know if it takes you 10 years to get this business up and running it takes 10 years because you're looking at the long term as someone inherently you know they're going crazy on my don't buy Bitcoin video and it's a bunch of broke-ass Buster's who are losing it because I pissed on their sacred cow and I pissed on their easy money get rich hopes look you know if you were watching me last year and the predictions I was spot-on Bitcoin is going to crash let's see what as it is as it crossed over $8 they 8,000 the price Oh Bitcoin what is it what is it now it's over $8,000 you got all these people who are hoping for this crazy appreciation really quick without having to do anything now once again this is the path that I'm on I'm on the perpetual business path I don't ever plan on quote officially retiring one things you can do is you can go ahead and research and find a business model in a vector that's gonna last a long time and you can run that business for decades this is something that no one is talking about one of the things I see in the SAS software as-a-service space is go ahead build something and sell it in three to four years have an exit and get this lump of money well when you develop a perpetual business when you look at a business over decades versus just here and now or a few years or you know run it for you know four or five six seven eight years and sell and get that money then do something else it's a different ballgame when you look at it from the long-term movement because I want you to think about frequently it takes ten to fifteen years for a business to really get where it needs to be in terms of throwing off cash and getting where it needs to be in terms of business maturity man bitcoin is see this is the thing t will Bitcoin is not doing its thing that bitcoin is being manipulated if Bitcoin was truly doing its thing if true natural market forces were at play here I would have nothing the same I would have nothing to say but the thing is for the last two years people like Bitcoin ones coming back great and it was crashing and people were putting money into it and they were losing money and it just turned around and then the Whale sales you know 5,000 Bitcoin and literally lowers the price by a thousand what's gonna happen when two or three wells sell at the same time that's gonna happen so you know but back to the perpetual business back to setting up something long-term you know you could start a small store and run it profitably I had a friend who had a a consignment store a clothing consignment store and one of the best investments she made in about 2006 was she bought the building that her business was in the mortgage was seven thousand dollars but guess what it's a 20-year mortgage it's 2019 she is 1314 years in that 20-year mortgage in a few years that business will be paid off she was very young she only be like 40 someone has paid off cash cow tiger sharks while my wife was just talking about pensions see this is the the dream that you can you know this is like the military this is if you want to do the military the military works you can do 2025 you know the more years you'd do the more money you get you do 25 30 years you get 75% what you were making on active duty it's just most of your life to get there but that works essentially people want to have consistent steady income coming in that they don't have to worry about they don't have to do anything and for most people that's a pipe dream that's just not going to happen whereas if you get out your feelings if you were to say look you know what I'm gonna build this business I'm building an education company you know it's ten years old and I'm getting ready to make some moves to make it let me go ahead and show you something let's see what y'all got here Oh once again when you're truly economic literacy financial literacy taxes or play a role and no one's talking about taxes and the only way that you can get around taxes is to start a business that's the only way you could do that let me show y'all something let's see all right let me look this go Amazon all right present to everyone let me show you some amazon paid no taxes in a statement to CNBC Amazon spokesperson said Amazon pays all the taxes were required to pay in the US and there every country we operate include paying 2.6 billion in corporate tax and reporting 3.4 billion in taxes business over the last three years all right let me show you something else Google pays no taxes it's not just Amazon let's see Oh here four ways to legally avoid paying US income tax move outside the United States establish a residence somewhere else moved to one of the u.s. territories renounce your citizenship ooh that's rough let's go Apple pay no taxes how Apple avoid the pain forty billion in taxes now I wants a gold star see this is the game you need everyone needs a business in their life to create a legal tax shelter a legal tax situation this is only we can get it let me see let me go with Alpha bet paid because one of the reasons that Google changed his corporate structure oh let's see Google parent firm takes ten being hit from new US tax regime reports a three billion loss Google's parent company alphabet took a ten billion hit from the new federal tax cut and Jobs Act leading to a three billion loss for the fourth quarter the firm reported Thursday the company announced an eight point six billion dollar stock buyback plan and named a board chair to replace Eric Smith who announces registration in December so apparently they actually decided to come back under the faux on positive note Mountain View tech giant blue pass Wall Street's revenue expectations chalking up earnings a thirty two billion more than six billion higher than an answer said predicted in a healthy twenty four percent jump from the fourth quarter of 2016 for a company of appabob alphabet size and scope for the grow revenue at that rate that really should be a primary takeaway so they're playing a different game they went in and they you know Google changed happen and this is something that should be really looked upon

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  1. I guess Youtube didn't like you looking up the lose in taxes and cut the cord on you during the livestream LOL.

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