Why We (as Asians) Hate the Progressive Left and Cultural Marxism

alright capitalists so there was a lot going on this week and probably around sometime next week we're gonna put out some episodes about what's going on in the world and especially in Saudi Arabia but before we get to that I actually wanted to talk about something that we recorded a few months ago because looking back on it it actually shed some light on why we do what we do and how being Asian actually factors into it so there's kind of this prevailing sentiment on the internet that Asians are usually kind of based in we don't really play the identity politics game that's not universally true of course because there actually are some pretty noteworthy counter-examples out there like really really noteworthy but if there are any ways in which our Asian Heritage's have influenced our politics and made us at least more right-leaning and libertarian I would say that it would be the following reasons first of all Mao was China was a fucking nightmare and for the sake of our grandparents who fled the communist regime as well as for our grandparents who weren't so lucky we better fucking remember that my dad never talked about this much until recently but having been to China myself I can say that the Asian people who don't appreciate all the rights and freedoms that we have here in the West that aren't available under totalitarian regimes back east are just not paying attention freedom is absolutely worth fighting for the second reason why I think being Asian has at least made us so averse to the progressive movement is that we recognize that we're probably next on the chopping block after the progressives cut the white men down to their knees they're going to look at other successful groups who don't kowtow or pay lip service to their ideological doctrine and guess who they're going to find they're going to see all the greedy capitalist Chinamen with all their patriarchal math skills and command us to bend the fucking knee well the progressives can get fucked because all I want to do is be able to succeed fail on my own merit and not to be punished for doing well in a free market where exchanges are voluntary Asians are going to be the next scapegoats of the entitled SJW class if progressives have their way anyway I think it's kind of interesting how our upbringings and history's shape who we are we're not just interchangeable beings that can be molded like clay a lot of that moulding actually takes place during childhood and once our personalities are set our natural tendencies become pretty difficult to change that's also why I'd say that our differences are a little more than skin-deep I wouldn't expect someone who grew up with two Chinese parents to have a similar childhood to someone who grew up with two Italian parents yeah I mean I get it that we're all individuals and we're all unique in our own ways regardless of skin color and culture but all of this stuff is still a factor I didn't grow up in a vacuum every major event in my childhood influenced who I eventually turned out to be today and to say that growing up with more traditional Chinese parents grandparents aunts and uncles didn't influence the way I think it just wouldn't be accurate and I think that's why culture matters and I think that's also why family matters I mean sure any environment can actually produce people who are conservatives or libertarians just like any environment can produce people who are progressives but certain environments and certain cultures are definitely more conducive to producing certain types of people the two of us don't want the world to produce any more socialist totalitarians who want to micromanage every aspect of every individual's life just so that they can usher in their own utopian vision and so we're going to speak out wherever possible what we're trying to do here is influence culture to encourage the flourishing of cultures where people respect private property rights and individual freedoms and discourage and ridicule cultures that don't I think that'll actually help the situation and for me at least the cultures that seem to produce the kinds of people that I like seem to be rooted in Western classical liberalism traditional family values and capitalism and that's why I'll continue to be an advocate for these things peacefully and not at gunpoint of course not yet at least okay so I'll start this time that's gonna be new so today's topic is gonna be what do other countries think of this whole social justice progressive bullshit we have going on right what the rest of the world thinks yeah and we're gonna start with what we know China thinks or at least a part of the Chinese internet thing yes because they've coined a new term though is the white less vital I can't say which currently literally translates to white left and they use this term to make fun of basically its Western leftist well be more specific they use that term to make fun of anyone who they perceive to be pursuing the ideal left to idiotic links yeah I think like this term is actually from what I understand it is getting quite popular uh-huh well because trying to have to censor to internet so I can't imagine like too many people there are aware of the culture war I mean I model I'm probably don't care anyway about what's going on in America a lot of normies but I think do you think the population of the internet who is willing to get the EP ends and all that yeah those are all type of people are we simulating some sort of an Anna I definitely think that there is a subculture in China that's kind of like our fortune there are a bunch of weaponized autism they're using their VPNs their shit posting all over the Internet and they're aware of what's going on around the world and this group of people are the ones who coined the term Faisal and it's a term that's been popularized enough to reach our first yeah we have absolutely no connection yeah even Tucker Carlson talked about it on Fox News oh really yeah okay what can we take away from this so view like yeah so one thing that makes me a little bit saddened is that some westernized Asians like second-generation immigrants who had the traditional ease yeah just like like us exactly but some of us some of us who had the traditional Asian parents who grew up with the traditional values such as your family is the most important thing in the world some of us have turned full sjw I don't know why it saddens me but it just does because I think you know people with a similar upbringing to me should kind of like share some similar beliefs but these people are complete opposite like work a sake Family Values that kind of stuff I have to actually go off on a tangent but this is very important ok I think I finally understood why this progressivism thing like puts me off so much I did just occurred to me ok what having a very important moment here but I just had an epiphany yeah so my dad always explained to me that he brought me here he realized he had to like he must leave Hong Kong because he has a son now he will not allow his son to grow up in a communist country once Hong Kong gets taken back by the Chinese he refused because he grew up in the Communist boarding school when he was young what happened there he does not talk about I don't know what happened there but the result is he has this intense hatred for communism he hates communist yeah well I would say he would go as far as to like the amount of helicopters but he will not view up yeah so we moved here before I was really self-aware but he always told me it's like we moved here to be Canadians we're not Chinese anymore I brought you here because I believe this is a good place to grow up and to live in like the Western role is a great place but now like we see progressivism and the left trying to fight against the place that I was bought here to live in I don't think my dad even when he passed away realize that like the place we live in now is no longer the place he brought me here to live in yeah and part of why I'm so put off by this is like no like this is not what we want yeah I feel like a lot of immigrants came here thinking that this was like the traditional American dream but that dream is dead that dream is long dead because of Marxism yeah and until the day I give up and leave Canada I will always fight Marxism yeah to a reasonable degree I'm not willing to die for it but I'd rather just leave yeah one of the things my parents were most concerned about when I was becoming a white person and I say white person as in like a white leftist type of person not because you were going through the michael jackson's yeah yeah but they were worried that I wasn't gonna value family very much because they saw one thing that Chinese people always criticize WIPO is yes I don't value family it's like they're very loose with their sex yeah and it's like they don't give a shit about raising families it's just like sex sex sex pleasure pleasure pleasure my mom always says this is one of her most famous phrases I think why the whole trophy in the hall she's always like oh they're always so loose yeah I feel like my family probably had the same yeah we don't talk about it that we probably have similar opinions so I think it's clear like Asian culture is more conservative in that aspect and they look at what especially the leftist Christian conservatism is also the same like in that sense but they look at the modern progressive movement and just like what are these people doing then destroying the country but for what yeah and also the other thing the people those people there are laughing at what America is doing but also I think the Chinese government itself is probably laughing to the bank at what the West is trying to do to it ya know it's like what look we're not gonna criticize you because that's bad for you and good for us they're like yeah America go ahead and destroy yourself on the inside we don't have to lift a finger and we're gonna be the world's number one superpower and the China is diametrically opposed to the US yeah there's this thing where like International Cooperation like nobody gives a fuck about that that's just for like that's just for show yeah like oh shit well like to those just gonna piss away all your money and give it to us like of course we love Him yeah so yeah like that's why I think it's like well everyone knows what's goin on but they're like well what our self in fists comes first yeah and China is still willing to be the guys who say you know what like I come first like fuck you guys I'm I will fully admit that yeah and that's the other funny thing about the West is that they're trying to put other countries first or like the collective good first and they are getting destroyed for it because other countries are saying yeah yeah your collective good is great thumbs up you going exactly yeah but meanwhile they're just doing whatever benefits them yeah this is exactly why I I will fight Marxism because I'm still trying to preserve the place that my dad brought me to raise in Ronis mask gently dog eyes boys nobles us it should only be a bill

29 thoughts on “Why We (as Asians) Hate the Progressive Left and Cultural Marxism

  1. Western media are chipping away at Korea. Because they're not letting in "enough" refugees. 🤮 https://youtu.be/0jnBEYE8pMs

  2. Man I love this channel. I know I'm a bit late to this vid, but just wanted to let you guys know. Thanks!

  3. All I am asking for as a gay man is not to be discriminated for being such and to be with another man. Nothing more. But these "Progressive" left and Cultural Marxists, they made it impossible for me. They made me feel like I am a failure for not wanting to be in part of their ideology and at the very same time criminalise me for it. What do they fight for? They fight for their selfish, self-centered ideology. Hate is a strong word, but I do hate them more so than I hate Islam – at least Islam is upfront with their hatred and violence – but these "Progressive" left… they hide in the guise of peace and "wokeness", using nothing but discrimination and hatred as their weapon, marching down the road trying to silence anyone who thinks different. And then what do I get called out for when I criticise islam – the religion that have been doing nothing but inciting death and threat towards me as a group or individual? I get called out as the bigot, as the Islamophobe, and that I should welcome and accept Islam. That's like asking a rape victim to love the rapist.

  4. This also happens with Latin Americans. They are tired of the extreme left politics that have ruined their countries. When they come to live in Spain, they either don't vote or vote center or right. They hate progressive left and cultural marxism because of the suffering they have gone through in their communist countries.

  5. If you are Chinese an liberal left you don’t know the history of your ethnicity. Socialism is a poisonous ideology a simply terrible idea

  6. I'm I'm Canadian Libertarian and I support and speak up for my free-minded, freedom loving immigrant compatriots whenever I can. Sorry if that's virtue signalling, but I do..

  7. baizuo
    Baizuo (pronounced "bye-tswaw) is a Chinese epithet meaning naive western educated person who advocates for peace and equality only to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority. A baizuo only cares about topics such as immigration, minorities, LGBT and the environment while being obsessed with political correctness to the extent that they import backwards Islamic values for the sake of multiculturalism.

    The Chinese see the baizuo as ignorant and arrogant westerners who pity the rest of the world and think they are saviours.
    Justin Trudeau's worldview is a low-resolution caricature of an adult's worldview.

    "Oh yeah. He's a total BAIZUO."

  8. I think I get so triggered by this issue because it hits so close to home for me too. My mom passed away slaving her fingers to the bone, a survivor of abuse and she didn’t get to experience retirement, she couldn’t leave her job because she wanted to get her pension and she was so stressed at her job just cuz every coworker was a lazy butthole, but the most useless of them all was their manager that never wanted to rock the boat or deal with the underlying problems.
    Anyway I can’t help but be angry to be born into this world. It’s like we’re at the edge where we need to work the hardest we ever have in human history. We have to haul ass to combat climate change, we have to constantly be updated with new information and technology, and we have to learn to cooperate in a more and more PC environment that can stifle and become authoritarian. Anyway I just wanna say I hope ubi becomes a thing and people focus more on the fact we’re living in a neo feudalist society slaves like in a brave new world to the regime. So yeah fuck capitalism, and fuck statism. Money is just make believe and we’re brainwashed by our upbringing, at least I was until i sinked into existentialism so great the only reason I didn’t kill myself was cuz of not wanting to hurt my older sister. So you believe in capitalism, but I see disturbing similarities between it and ancient beliefs such as Make-Make.

  9. @The Asian Capitalists. What you guys are referring to is the left wing, and the middle.

    Also, you should now the more traditional European faiths, those guys are pretty conservative, you know the polythiest the pagans, animists and occultists. (excluding the larpers)

  10. As a European Canadian I absolutely appreciate the Asian Capitalists perspective. We need more of kekistan than progessive leftists because the difference is real threat of physical violence and cringy covered racism vs funny af trolling and shit posting. Keep it 100 Capitalist Asians

  11. As someone who grew up in China I have to disagree with you on many points. Yes we all hate identity politics, but to say Capitalism is for family values is laughable at best.
    1) I'm not defending Mao. He has done his fair share of wrong. But he was well respected in his time and still is today internationally. Mao united and changed China drastically. Many things were paid by the government. Including education and healthcare. The only people who felt the wrath of Mao was the capitalist idealists. Who are in control today, building their wealth on the backs of the poor Chinese laobaixing. Look at the healthcare system has degenerated. Basically turning into the USA, people can't afford medicine even if was meant to cover 95% of the population with universal healthcare and wait times to see a doctor are tremendously long and common fights break out in hospitals (YiNao)
    2) We are not next on some chopping block. There is no conspiracy against the Chinese or asians as a whole. There are no conspiracies against whites as a whole. The mass migrations of the middle east and Africa into Europe are caused by the US of A's foreign policy. Yes that includes licking Israel's feets and the US staunch desire to end any opposition to their access to oil around the world. Like what's going on in Venezuela.
    3) The so called free market is not free, especially not in china. You don't have a choice because you can't grow your own food, make your own clothes, build your own house, or purify your own water. And if you do that stuff is either extremely unsafe or of really cheap quality.
    4) Capitalism is the rot eating away at the socialist values of China. The communist party is a façade of conglomerates eating away at the nation's wealth. Why do you think the wealthy are buying up houses overseas and moving their children over if China has become so great? No minimum wage, poor working environments, suicides everywhere. Empty cities everywhere inside mainland.

    Did you know that right before the second world war the US of A was on the verge of communist revolution? During the great depression working conditions were horrible and wages and benefits were non existant. Roosevelt simply took a liberal stance to save capitalism. Using socialism to save capitalism. You have all being fooled and lied to.

    I think you should take a look at your belief system before you include all Asians into your shortsightedness.

  12. Marxism is the worst thing ever to come to the west, nevermind the fact he grew up in the west all his life, meanwhile coporate shitholes exploiting other countries for cheap resources and basically paying no tax . Despite what the ideologs might tell you, you can't just work out of being homeless. It's not that simple. Capitalism is favourable to the company rather than the individual. Half of congress is composed of millionaires. But because you were banned on tiwtter it means that the west is being destroyed.

  13. michael jackson didnt bleach his skin to try and be white for fuck sake. I wish this misonception would die already!

  14. Thank you for this thought-provoking video. It seems to me that the vast majority of the world's cultures feel threatened by the aggressive "progressive" agenda and methods. Cultural Marxism is evolving into a repressive religion that is deeply anti-human.

  15. You guys should move the Republic!🇺🇸 Perhaps the U.S. embassy in London could petition the Queen of Canada🇬🇧 for your freedom in exchange for an offer of 20 Canadanist progressive U.S. citizens with liberal arts or post graduate degrees, a net gain of 18 new royal subjects!

  16. The mistakes of china and the principles and traditions that led south korea and japan to the apex of modern civilization tbh

  17. I wonder if the western world will eventually divide (again) between socialist authoritarian and free and capitalist. The people who have turned to white nationalism in recent years need to hear this. So many Africans, Asians, and Indians I've come across embody what has been great about the western world.

  18. White people larp sexuality Asians fuck! Look at the population numbers. White people have the decency to pull out and cum on her/his face/ass/tits. Stop acting pius. Asians fuck and don't use birth control. The mass of humans over there don't lie. How many siblings do you have? Two maybe three?

  19. Love the sentiments expressed. Still wonder why so many Asian-Americans vote Democrat/Socialist, despite the fact that the institutions that discriminate against Asians–Ivy League colleges, for instance–are dominated by leftist Democrats.

  20. For these ideas to win, their proponents only need to participate in the conversation. I was fairly left on but only needed to hear the counter information once to know that my opinions were just word-of-mouth fluffery.

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