Why Society is Lazy As F*ck… (& How to Escape It)

What’s up guys and welcome back to Koi’s Corner. If you enjoy this video, make sure to like, subscribe and leave me a comment letting me know why. Now the more that technology progresses, the more efficient our lives get in pretty much every form imaginable. From the way we make our way around town to the way we fix appliances to the way our ego and our access to information itself transforms and shapes. Not only by generation, by year, but in these days, by months. Shortcuts originally made to make people more productive and more efficient have changed and led to arguably the laziest generation of people to ever grace the face of Planet Earth. From the food we eat to the information we get to the way we live out our daily lives and the actions we take based upon what we’ve done and what we’ve come to live in a society that is addicted to the internet. And a stream of information so constant it begs the question: Why are people lazy AF? Let’s find out! Now to just jump right into it, the biggest factor why people are so lazy in this world currently is because of the mix of Technology and of Culture. Ever since the Internet was invented people have equated the access to information as ‘good’. And since the information is so fast and we get it so instantaneously, they also believe that anything we access in the physical world quickly is good as well. And I’m sure you can see why this is wrong. From fast food to fast information, there are a lot of things wrong with instantaneous development. And this is a prime example of the difference in why is society so lazy, is that of Technological Incompetency VS Technological Efficiency. There’s a big difference. Essentially, we’ve gone to the point because of our access to the Internet, because of how quickly things can be done that the majority of citizens view things that can’t be done very quickly as inefficient and, therefore, not right or maybe not as good as they could be. They’re not done fast and they can’t be done instantly, we can’t learn them quickly: They’re not worth doing at all. Prime example is given in my ‘Vegan VS Vegetarian’ video up here is the fact that people who take a certain diet up essentially see that switching to the harder one is pointless. That since veganism is different and is a little hard to follow it’s just not worth the effort to put into it to make it a reality. It takes effort, it takes time to get used to, it takes a little research to get going, but that’s a little too much for most people’s day-to-day life. And, therefore, it is inefficient and not worth doing. These animals’ lives aren’t worth it because WE have a lifestyle that we get already and why would we change it? But diet is not the only culprit. This means that an individual’s incompetency and any action leads them to correlate that difficulty of action not being their fault, but being the action’s fault for not being easy. This is as backwards as we could view things being done, things getting done and how efficiency works. It’s like me not being able to ski and, therefore, saying it’s the ski’s fault for being too hard to do and they need to make easier skis. This isn’t the case. It’s my fault for not taking the time to learn how to do it and then once I do it I can become a more efficient skier. Most people have it backwards and because of this live a very lazy life with this mentality. And this applies not only to our personal time and relationships that we want to be simple, easy and not worthy the effort to put in as well, as well our jobs being simple, easy and not requiring too much effort. Even down to how we spend our personal time. If my personal time is mine, why would I use it on something that takes effort when I could just turn on e-news and get lost in the nonsense that’s easy to understand? Which leads to the second factor in our laziness as a society is that we want everything to happen right now but don’t want to commit to anything that doesn’t. When you have the majority of First World civilizations assuming that everything should have instantaneous results, we throw ourselves into an illusion of anger and ignorance when we are questioned on pretty much any topic. This is visible online currently with journalism as a whole. We’ve gotten more obsessed with our clickbait titles and basic information that takes us nowhere, than we have on bringing people detailed accounts of stuff and sides of stories that not only include what the narrative is pushing but other sides as well, so that people can do their own research and form their own conclusions. We throw this out. And I’ve done it simply with the title of this video to show you, guys, that you’re falling into it. After all it’s easier to get you watch a video with profanity in the title and a very simple question, such as ‘Why are people lazy?’, then it is to get you to watch a video called ‘Investigation and explanation of modern and recent societies over the past 50 years into our attention span and efforts to commit and continue doing things in certain ways’. So the bottom line is: the less we have to do, the more prone we are to accepting that and doing it. If it’s the simplest thing possible, well, let’s take that versus something that requires attention and effort at all. Because of this we get into our third topic and arguably the one that shifts away people who get stuff don’t and live out their dreams in the real life versus those who don’t is that through language we have learned to define everything into certain parameters and because of that don’t see the magic in it. Terence McKenna said it best in this quote: ‘You know, I’ve made this example before. A child lying in a crib and a humming bird comes into the room and the child is ecstatic because this shimmering iridescence of movement and sound and attention is just wonderful! I mean it is an Instantaneous miracle when placed against the background of the dull wallpaper of the nursery and so forth. But then, mother or nanny or someone comes in and says ‘It’s a bird, baby, bird, bird!’. And this takes this linguistic piece of mosaic tile and and places it over the miracle and glues it down with the epoxy of syntactical momentum and from now on the miracle is confined within the meaning of the word. And by the time a child is four or five or six there no light shines through. There they have tiled over every aspect of reality with a linguistic Association that blunts it, limits it and confines it within cultural expectation.’ So as you’ve just heard what he said, we’ve essentially lost the magic of the Nature of reality because of these parameters we’ve locked them intp. Life itself is sort of like a fog. Those of us who are lost in the fog define it as a ‘fog’ and are just trying to get out of the fog or escape the fog never really get to see the true nature of what the fog is. If you’re always focusing on escaping it or getting out of it or doing the simplest thing you can to get away from the fact that existence is a fog you’re going to get stuck in this repetitive and destructive cycle of simplicity, of not questioning things, of being a lazy human being and accepting the easiest route towards any given goal like a hamster on a spinning wheel trying to get to the food. The fog will never go away. The fog is the game itself and those of us who see that ‘Wow, we’re always going to be trapped in this fog. Let’s enjoy this fog’, are the ones who get out and live their lives. From yogis in India to the top executives at Wall Street in New York City, these people still all understand that it’s all just a game, it’s all just a fog and now let’s take our own route through it and work towards something, no matter what it may be, good or bad, spiritual or scientific this is still falling out of this societal laziness. And that’s why I really hope if you’re watching this and you might find yourself saying ‘Wow, I’ve really been lost in this simplicity illusion, I have been lazy. I have been someone who hasn’t changed much or done something for myself’, well, this is a wake up call. This is a chance to do that. Get out there and practice Karma yoga, work for others, help others without expectation of anything back. Get out there and practice Bhakti Yoga, serve and teach and show the light to those in your community as best you can. Just like I am doing through this camera to you, guys, on a computer, so you can see this what I’m trying to give you as something that really matters and can be something we do with our lives physically. You may think you are but you are NOT confined to your hometown, you are not confined to your state and you’re not confined to your country. You are a free being. And if you really want to escape it all, well, you can. It just takes you developing a pathway to get out of it and that development itself, that thinking and focusing on ‘How do I escape this? How do I find a way out? How do I see reality and then move on with it?’ is itself something that is only done when you are outside of this lazy conditioned way of thinking. It’s a mindful state, it’s a positive progressive state in its own right. And just to throw in a few small examples of how you can kind of start doing this right now, tonight, tomorrow, next week, it all begins, like I said, with questioning everything with doing your own research and figuring out what works best for you not only on a spiritual level but on a physical level and on a philosophical level as well. I am myself and falling in love with new philosophies and ideas of life and pushing them all together to make sense of my existence and how I want to take part in it. From the Bodhi Path I’ve recently discovered and that I really am focused on being On to merging that Bodhi path with my Buddhist philosophies that are at my core that I use to control my mind and my state of conscious mental mindful being in all moments. It’s all about discovering and creating what works best for you. And that takes effort. Another quick tip is to do all of your work as early as possible. So if it’s the weekend and you’ve got stuff you want to do you want to work on for yourself, wake up do it all in the morning, get it all done as early as you can, your devotions your yoga, your meditation, research you might want to do, documentaries you might want to watch, do it while the sun is still rising and the Earth is still fresh. And then you have the rest of the day to focus on new things that you haven’t really planned out yet. I myself do this. I wake up, I get almost everything I can done throughout my day and then I enjoy the rest of my day and work on myself the rest of the day and try new things for the rest of the day. And that way I build progress almost like it never ends. Along with this, of course, make a checklist out of it. Again, it’s a game. Make these things you want to get done just like checkpoints and check them off. I have a tab open on my computer every day. Before I go to bed, I write down the things I need to get done in the morning, and when I wake up, I wake up and I check all those things off that list. And it’s a great thing only for yourself but psychologically reassures you that you were being active and not falling into this laziness. And, finally, make sure you’re going out and enjoying the game and interacting with other people that understand it’s a game too. Basically, don’t surround yourself with other lazy people, and if the people around you right now are lazy, well, this can be the chance for you to see that and now start working towards finding people that aren’t lazy, finding people that want to make progress, change and enjoy their lives, which I have been doing, you know, since I move out here to the West coast. I’ve been trying to get these people around me, to have fun, to enjoy life and to spread love with those I also know want to spread love and through that they’re affecting me, changing me and helping me grow in every moment. I know that can happen to you too in your community, you just have to focus on that and not the regressive egotistical nature of what society and what the news and what the media tells us is important. So hopefully I can help you guys out, I know it’s a little long and ranty, but that essentially is why I think society is, well, lazy AF and how you can kind of transcend this and hopefully see the light that is progressiveness in all forms of life. So thank you guys very much and, as always, I’ll see you guys next time. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, and want to help me create more, click right here to donate and feel free to check out all my other content. Your support means the world to meand it’s part of what keeps me doing what I do.

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  1. I think you juss need to fucken not be lazy simple…you are blaming others n society but the truth is (you are the only one with the power to change)… and to be honest stop smoking "crak" ..get your life together and smoke a fat blunt..

  2. Sorry to say, much of this isn't new. Many social studies show that when WE fail, we blame our circumstances, while when others fail at the exact same thing, we blame THEM for being lazy. There ARE other factors. We're very detached from cause and effect. A LOT of this is cultural. Most of us never see how food is grown, clothes are made or what goes into making the stores we shop for our pre-fab goods clean. This detachment allows the reigning banks to give the illusion that if they can't put a $ value on it, it shouldn't exist. So most things get priced out of reach for may of us. Then there's place: how can I practice the drums or trumpet without a place that won't drive everyone around me nuts?
    Our society has been on a "human body as a machine" kick since at least the industrial revolution. Talk once in a while to immigrants who KNOW that working at a job to fill out time quotas is an evil practice. It's NOT natural. Farming was never back-breaking seventeen-hour a day labor until landlords made people grow food to pay for rent more than feed their own families. Horticulturalists work less than 4 hours a day. It's this effort to FORCE the industrial revolution ON to every facet of society that creates this. Hire as few people to get the job done and thus allow for now vacation or down-time, making us all automatons. This is not a direct result of "free-market" anything. I could make an above-average salary working 8 hours a day in a call center explaining to clients how they can get the most out of their points cards. The people paid to clean the office can't. They are producing a necessary service. I would be paid to run in my hamster wheel providing the illusion of a function that would be more efficiently carried out by simply giving customers a discount. We don't realize just how much of what we see is due to bad planning. We don't need to be corporate slaves anymore at all, but everyone fails to realize it. They can't repress wages here, so what do they do? Move the work to where they CAN repress the wages and drive salaries down everywhere. Does anyone think Apple, Nike and Disney operate sweatshops ACCIDENTALLY?
    This is not the outcome of free market anything. It is all part of the pattern of intentional enslavement. The REAL economy does NOT work this way.

  3. What up koi? Look we live in a society where we have to pay bills, we have to work overtime just to make enough money. We gave children and families. Are you married? Make a video about people with families that want to improve ourselves.

  4. can you expand upon the topic of language defining reality as definite? And give guide on how we can escape the finite reality we have created, thus regaining the miracles all around us like we once had as a child.

  5. Koi I've heard that it is unfair to call mentally ill people 'lazy'. Can you do a video about mental illness and prejudice. Love your videos ❤

  6. Good video thank you! I just wish that you would talk a little bit slower because i'm not a native speaker and its really fast for me. Just a little thought from me. Love, peace and hapiness!

  7. I do the same thing with the checklist but write mine out physically. Great strategy to improve productivity. And write down your long term goals and review them every day. Nice vid bro

  8. You're totally right and there is something rewarding about working hard i feel like im maximizing the value of my time.

  9. What people have backwards is that physical exercise makes you tired and sitting down helps you rest, but its the other way around.

    People who are more physical, have much more consistent energy energy to do more things and people who have sitting jobs get drained and gradually depressed from being inactive. At the end of the day, you feel way more tired from sitting the whole day than if you were moving about.

    Internet is just entertainment for most – its not the information age, its the entertainment age, so profanities and gore always gets attention……..and keeps you sitting down for hours without realising it.

  10. I love the part about getting up early to do what you need to do. I KNOW that for me to stay happy and productive I need to keep up with exercise, meditation and painting. However, on top of school it's a bit tricky. I used to come home from school and would do all those things, only to find that by the time I'm done I'm tired and don't have much energy left for homework. And then I slip back into lazy habits simply because I don't always have the energy that late in the day. But if I get up ridiculously early to get those things done BEFORE school, then by the time I get home all I have to worry about is homework and then I can relax, which will be well deserved after a long productive day. Thank you so much! I can't wait to try this.

  11. Really like your videos! Good general atmosphere, topics, speed of talking, the way you interact with your audience, your lifestyle etc. KEEP IT UP! Peace

  12. One day my parents sat me down and ask me what I always love to do, one thing that just came into my mind was art. Art have always been one of my talent im good at but I always throw it away and was obsess with trying to be pretty or being on the internet to just be like them. When I answered the word "Art" i suddenly clicked, everything I see change. I don't spend much time in the internet much and I've been painting everyday. My goal in life is probably to be able to do what makes me happy without thinking about the money. I know what are the consequneces are of being an artist, and I really do want to do something that saved my life

  13. you should check out some lectures by manly p hall he's cool
    also check out some of his books 🙂
    all the best xx

  14. Sad but True. I am guilty of it too. I just have to be Aware of it and pull myself out of it. Its so depressing to me to be around lazy people. Thank you for the insight. you are inspiring a lot of people🙏💞

  15. Good video …. one thing I think kind of kick stated this " I want it now…. "is the microwave …. microwave just got affordable for the general public where I lived in my early teens…which got people starting that I want it now affect and at the same time it also made general health go down as well… just some food for thought excuse the lol

  16. i´m dropping out of universitet after i spent a year doing this, because i just couldn´t do it anymore, and it´s not really that it was hard to do, or my motivation wasn´t there, i just didn´t feel like i was learning. i think you learn with experiance in the real world, and by reading books in your free time. you go to college and school to be a programmed worker, it is sad

  17. You''ve changed my life today. Thank you so much for your videos. You're my life guide as of this point. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The truth, the truth right here. Had me at tears thinking about of lazy I've been.

  18. they are not lazy more so dis functional + really bad proliferation of DNA breeding with O knowledge and incredibly ignorant ..domesticated

  19. This video made me INCREDIBLY sad. You literally broke down my life up to this point. Even at my current state where I WANT so badly to change my life, I feel incredibly helpless and hopeless because I've been too lazy to find peace in myself. The very limited research I have done on the subject of finding myself has made me so defeated so I don't want to work through it. I will do better, I need to.

  20. haha thank you. i still would of watched this even if it had a boring title 😂 but it was an awesome and very insightful clip so just wanted to say thank you, im pretty sad that youtube are dicks and have censored your channel hopefully one-day when im on my own 2 feet i can support you on patreon. 🐾🌱✌😀

  21. I used to be quite lazy as a kid. But i was never dumb. When i got my first job i quickly learned, that if im here, I might as well do my best for the job im being paid for. There is no downside. Not only will you improve but youll also be noticed more and have better opportunities in the future. I worked at a chicken chef. It was a really easy job to do, i was noticed though and i got a $1 raise without even needing to ask. I didnt understand why though, Its an easy job. But i see now that its because of this mindset of self improvement that ive gotten myself stuck in…. I love it

  22. I respect all what u said and it's well said, but
    there are multiple answers to this question and almost all of them are correct.
    One of the best i've heard yet is what my favourite teacher once told me.

    Laziness is one of the most important factors that affects the development of our civilisation.
    Every invention we made in the past was caused by our laziness, more or less.
    Someone had to do something that requires a lot of effort,
    and as a lazy species we'll always try to avoid taking the effort.
    But the thing still has to be done anyway, so someone used our most powerful tool,
    intelligence, to invent something that would get things done without taking effort.
    Someone had to dig a big hole with a shovel, so he invented the excavator
    Someone had to cut down a tree with an axe, so he invented the saw.
    And so on and so on.
    Of course, today we think that the purpose of these inventions is that they just get things done faster.
    The truth is, people invented these things not because they wanted to get this done faster.
    The first thought that appeared in their minds was that they wanted to avoid the effort of waving their hands all day long.
    It's always like this, fear of effort (basically a definition of laziness) is a fuel to our development, it's such a beautiful paradox.

    its not one and only truth, it's just one of the interesting points of view, and btw i have no idea why i wrote it in such bizarre way XD
    i think i watched too much of your videos today : D
    i really hope u'll see it and maybe say what u think of it, bless!
    really happy that i found your channel today : ]

  23. The internet is a big waste of time. And that's exactly what's right about. Everyone is out to "change the world" and "change their lives." Shit. Happiness comes when you stop chasing it.

  24. This kinda opened my eyes. Before I started researching how to live a fulfilling life I was so lazy and was almost depressed about life. Life looked so complex and boring for me, after some time I wasn't even happy at my free time, but then I started researching some stuff and found out about buddhism. It helped me out a lot, I understood that I hated doing so many thing just because it is "hard". Now I, step by step, starting to live a fulfilling life that I always wanted and never understood how easy it was to have.

  25. Spiritually speaking we are all free, that is nature, real natural life is free, it has an order of things and processes, yes, ultimately it is all free flowing. When we come into contact with official matters and persons of authority, you will really feel the clench then, you will really feel your limitations. There is no such thing as true limitless potential flow and freedom today. You are not allowed to be completely creative and forge your own paths, there are borders and cages waiting to put you away if you express this intention. Each individual faces everything individually, there is nothing out there that applies to everyone the same or even close to similarily. What works for you and a few people, wonderful, congratulations you found a way to "FEEL and EXPERIENCE a SENSE of freedom" remember it's all within what and how you feel, and think my friends. The "REALITY" kicks in when you thought you were so free turns into, actually – there is a lot of red tap and hurdles. No everyone has the same rights and equality to go through hoops as others might have. Just because you have been able to liberate yourself and a few people doesn't mean the people who are trying and failed, have done something wrong. Just remember that. XOX. Love you ALL XOX

  26. Im sorry but your eyebrows are amazing! 😁 in my country you are called "kilay goals" lol.

    Anywho, your videos are amazing. I am gonna read your book recommendations. Thank you! Ram ram

  27. Thanks for this video, thanks for this enlightenment….I'm gonna come back to this video in a year's time & see how well I've done ..but again thank you koi

  28. I can't relate to any of the stuff he's talking about. I study and work hard all the time to advance my career. I was also Division 1 baseball player and I was the best in my high school when I played. I can't understand laziness.

  29. laziness defined as "choosing not to be productive when you could be" doesn't exist. people use the energy available to them. some people have more than others. when people are in situations where they could be productive but are being forced not to (i.e. some parts of school), they become visibly restless and it is plain to see their excess energy of which they wish to take advantage.

  30. Guilty as charged…I am a lazy mother fucker, but I'm trying though man! I need to get into the habit of just going outside and exercising more.

  31. I am lazy as fuck… and a internet junkie… and up to no good and prospering !?!
    This is the only reason why I have the time to listen and watch some of your informative and also some of times your misinformed jive ass videos… DUDE !?!

  32. Man… tell me about it. I live in a lazy environment. Where I reside at, it's rare to see people come out of their apartment and actually enjoy nature. I am legit like the only one that steps out and goes for a walk. I'm the Light of my neighborhood. Without me, this place will be a ghost town. Lol.

  33. Thank you . The thing I’m struggling with is , if you are a compassionate being , how can things such as inequality and poverty don’t get you down . Being an immigrant I can see that in some cases , is not because people are lazy that they can’t get out of the system but it has more to do with the lack of resources and lack of legal rights . How can you actually not let bigger problems or problems outside of your hands affect you and your love for life and your purpose to become the best version of yourself ?

  34. Efficiency, God shit you moron. I bet you don't even know what "God" is cause I do, Ego death, there's nothing wrong with Ego, unless you're dumbass. You're not worthy of ascending.

  35. Do you know what Akasha is? Christos oil? The clues in the name, 9 times outta 10 sorry 0-8 times out of 9 your instincts are correct, listen to them, telepathy and that shit is real, if your brain is strong enough, the headache, Mind fluid, sea, drink, Radiola… Merkaba, Magnetite, Pyramids, Geometry, Cymatics, DNA, put the pieces together.

  36. Im starting to cry (not sure if its because of my pregnant hormones) but in all honestly, I'm crying because not only am I happy, but also ashamed of myself to getting to this point in a slight way these last couple of years (32), and being a new mother to be, have been setting myself back to being the best mother I can be and provide to my child which I also never really had the privilage, being a postmartum child with my mother for 11 years of abuse, seperated family since me and little brother were 2 and just born, and this is a fear, I've felt for again last couple of years, that I was incapable of getting back to my old supportave self again as i took care of me and my brother.
    NamASTe, sorry, for helping me see that this fear i have is just that, silly lol
    and that theres always a choice, (which I have always believed in, just feels nice to hear from others sometimes you know?) <3

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