Why Nofap Destroys Social Anxiety-Nofap and social Anxiety

if you take even a quick look at the notepad community you will see hundreds and hundreds of testimonies of guys all over the world claiming that no peb has completely cured them of the social anxiety but the question is why why would a person actually be calmer in social settings just by not watching pornography why would not playing with your friend literally rewire your brain thus eradicating social anxiety there isn't much clear and cut evidence online showing the relationship between PMO and social anxiety so I figured a solution is in place so simply put there are two main reasons why this seems to happen the first reason is a rewiring and chemical rebalance of the brain I'm sure you guys are well aware of the damage that PMO does to the dopamine levels but here's a quick recap of what it does just in case you don't dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that is responsible for seeking out reward it's a thing that makes you crave sex go to the gym or crave a Krispy Kreme donut simply put it provides us with the motivation to get things done however when we PMO dopamine is shot up to level similar to heroin but unlike heroin you can PMO all day if you wanted to with another couple of clicks without fear of overdose so when the brain is presented with ultra high levels of dopamine your brain tries to maintain homeostasis by reducing the total number of dopamine receptors thus lowering our dopamine levels so what does this even mean for social anxiety well low dopamine levels have been shown to cause attention deficits confusion brain fog depression fatigue lack of motivation but most importantly low dopamine has been shown to be a direct correlation with social anxiety so after that whole fiasco happens a hormone called prolactin goes through the roof because levels of dopamine and prolactin have an inverse relationship prolactin is a hormone produced in your pituitary gland high levels of prolactin makes me feel slow and demotivated and in a nutshell makes you feel content with life even if you're a loser but most importantly it has been shown to be one of the main causes of anxiety and social anxiety in people to make this chemical disaster even worse in your brain low levels of dopamine have been shown to lower testosterone the side effects of low testosterone are low sex drive low libido hair loss harder to gain muscle lower energy but of course lo and behold low testosterone has been shown to cause social anxiety so after taking all of this into consideration it is a no brainer why people who masturbate on a regular basis suffer from social anxiety pmo causes low dopamine low dopamine causes social anxiety low dopamine triggers high prolactin and high prolactin causes social anxiety low dopamine causes low testosterone and low testosterone causes you guessed it social anxiety if we asked a scientist right now to create a serum that would guarantee social anxiety and the people that would take it he would just say to masturbate every other day the second reason why pmo causes social anxiety is not necessarily scientifically fact but makes perfect sense when we take a step back and look at it at a pragmatic standpoint okay so when we look at pornography and orgasm our dopamine levels spike followed by a crash we have established that already so when your dopamine levels are shot down we have little to no motivation to talk to real people and why should we when we could get 10 times the dopamine release by staying home and pressing a few buttons but once we remove the option of pmo in our lives our brain starts to crave and actually demand forms of natural dopamine release and lo and behold that's when we actually desire real human interactions instead of saying lame excuses like I'm busy or I gotta do a thing this desire to socialize literally grabs us by the balls and makes us talk to people to satisfy that dopamine craving oh and by the way what happens when we socialize more we get better at it and the thought of interacting with people seems not that scary as before what a surprise so by removing the option of pmo in our lives our brain virtually forces us to socialize more and the more we socialize the more it becomes another thing we just do thank you guys for watching the video and if you enjoyed it make sure to LIKE and subscribe because I will be releasing a series on how I'm currently killing my social anxiety from my life for good and we'll be showing step-by-step on how I'm doing it so with that said guys see you guys in the next video [Applause]

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  1. Thank you so much guys for watching the video. I'm So glad you guys are finding this Video and Channel very helpful!
    Comment below on what videos you guys want me to do next.

  2. Shit man I’ve got a decent size dick and when I’m with girls I eat the pussy but my dick just ain’t getting up but when I’m alone it gets up, does this work?

  3. Does anybody else know what else has benefits like nofap? I'm addicted towards bettering myself & would Love to know what else there is that needs to be fixed that not many people are aware of.

  4. Idc care what anyone says .. weed helped me body that flatline.. not just by itself because somehow it ain't enough to help you (trust me I tried) but mix it with exercise and music .. I tried just exercise and music without weed and it wasnt enough either but yea put those 3 together and .. what flatline ? I tried adding sex but you know how flatlines are… they leave you limp

  5. Ok today is the last day my goal is 100 if you want to see updates go check my comment okk

  6. Typing with one hand as we speak. Can't let go of my chorizo just yet. But tomorrow I'm breaking up with it for a year.

  7. Finally an informative scientific video on NoFap and not jus some horny guy talking about the superpowers they’ve gained with NoFap

  8. Nofap has never cured or diminished my social anxiety and I've had all sorts of different streaks.cfor those of you who have gotten rid of their social anxiety due to nofap yup very lucky

  9. this exactly wat i fucking have i bought a sex toy for men felt good so I was litterly fapping 5 times a day for 4 years my hair thinning low libido plus i was home every day didn't care about going outside

  10. Yooo fam this shit actually works lmao!! I felt like I was a turtle I’ll tucked in, until I tried no fap currently a week so far, I actually went to a festival for the first time in 6 years lmao

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