Why Musicbed Membership is INCREDIBLE for YouTubers & Wedding Filmmakers!

– Hey guys, my name is Matt Johnson. And today I want to
talk to you about music licensing because Musicbed,
one of my favorite music licensing websites has made some major changes, and I think they’re gonna
end up being awesome for both wedding filmmakers and YouTubers. And full disclosure, yes this is a sponsored video, but it is one that I reached out to Musicbed about creating, because whenever I heard
about what they’re doing I got really excited about it. Rewinding though, if you don’t know who Musicbed is, they are a music licensing service that has been around for quite awhile. And in my opinion, they have one of the best curated libraries
of music available for license from real musicians. I’ve been able to create films like these through using music license from Musicbed. (suspenseful theme music) They’ve been licensing music since 2010, and in that entire time they’ve mostly been focused on a one-time use business model. For example, you find
this on when you want a license for a wedding film. You license it for a one-time use for $49.00 in that one film. If you wanna license another song, it’s gonna be another $49.00, etc., etc. You pay for each song
that you want to license. Well back in April this all changed when Musicbed announced that they were gonna be introducing a membership option for filmmakers. To be clear, you can still license individual tracks and pay for them if you want to. But you now have a new option of paying a monthly fee and licensing as many songs as you want to for your film projects. And this new membership option is out now. I hear you now saying,
okay, Matt, that’s great, but what is it gonna cost me? Because honestly that
was kind of my reaction whenever I heard that they were gonna be introducing membership. And this is the part
where I’m gonna tell you, you can click the link right down there in the description at the top, to go right to Musicbed’s membership page and you can read all about that. Because this is also the part where I am going to be kind of excitedly rambling all about pricing, because I’ve been wanting to tell you about this for awhile, and I’m really stinkin’ excited about it, so here we go. The monthly membership pricing is tiered based upon what you’re
gonna be using the music for and the size of your audience. If you are a YouTuber, if you make videos for Facebook, for Instagram, Vimeo, basically any social media, then pricing. For you to license unlimited
songs from Musicbed, it’s gonna start at $9.99 per month. What? That’s crazy. And if, aw I’m kickin’ things over, I’m so excited. And if you prepay for a year, it’s gonna start at $99.99. Remember I said the
pricing is tiered though based on the size of your audience. And Musicbed measures your audience size by how many YouTube subscribers that you currently have. So if your YouTube channel has zero to 5,000 YouTube subscribers, you’re gonna be paying
that $9.99 per month. But if you have 5,001 to 10,000 YouTube subscribers, then your price is gonna go up to $19.99 per month. And the price is gonna
grow from there as you go. But the good news is,
that even if you have half a million to a million subscribers, the maximum that you’re gonna be paying per month is $59.99 per month. Ha ha, it’s so great. And just like earlier,
if you prepay for a year, that maximum goes down
to $39.99 per month. I realize that was a lot of numbers. If my explanation wasn’t super clear, I do recommend visiting Musicbed’s site because it is a lot easier
to just plug in your subscriber numbers and figure out what you’re gonna be paying. But what if you’re a
wedding filmmaker, like me, and you license a ton of music every month for your wedding films? Well I’m happy to say
that Musicbed also has a tier for wedding filmmakers as well. And for the wedding filmmaking tier, if you wanna license unlimited songs for your wedding films, it’s gonna cost you $79.99 per month, but, just like earlier,
if you prepay for a year, that goes down to $59.99 per month. Yes, for roughly $10.00 more than the cost of licensing one single
track from Musicbed, you can now license unlimited music for your wedding films. Oh, that makes me so happy
and it’s gonna save me and, I’m sure, a lot of you so much money. Oh and I hear some of
you in the back, too, saying, Matt, some of us license music for commercial videos. Commercial videos are expensive to license music for. Well, I have good news for you as well. Because if you wanna
license unlimited music for commercial videos, pricing starts at $99.99 per month, or if you prepay for a year, that goes down to $89.99 per month. I have friends that film commercial videos that are going to be
shocked by this pricing. The pricing sounds pretty
awesome overall, right? There is one other big thing that we need to talk about though. One of the biggest issues that I run into as a filmmaker on YouTube, is that whenever I upload a video that has music in it that I have licensed, it is still flagged by YouTube’s content ID system. It says I do not have the
rights to use this song and then usually advertisements are slapped onto the video. And this can be a major issue because if I’m trying
to monetize the video, I’m not making the money, some other rights
holder’s making the money. And if I want to turn
off ads on the video, so that my viewers, say the couple that’s watching the wedding film, that I don’t want there to be adds on, I can not turn those ads off. Well I’m pleased to say
that Musicbed has been paying attention to this struggle, and if you have a YouTube membership, a wedding filmmaking membership, a commercial filmmaking membership, basically any membership, then you can now turn
on YouTube monetization for any of the songs you’ve licensed with your membership. Yes. I’m also pleased to say
that this is basically the end of you having
to deal with copyright claims on your YouTube videos that have music that you have licensed with your Musicbed membership. That sounds awesome, Matt. How the heck is this gonna happen, though? Well Musicbed has created a new service called SyncID, and it is basically magic. Every song that you
license with your Musicbed membership will have a
specific code generated for it that is called a SyncID, and this is how Musicbed has told me that it works. If you have a YouTube creator membership with Musicbed, you can
link your YouTube account with your Musicbed membership account. And then if you license any music with your Musicbed membership and you upload a YouTube video that has the music that
you licensed in it, you will receive a content ID claim on your YouTube video. But as soon as you receive it, SyncID goes to work in the background to remove the claim, usually within minutes. You’ll then receive an email from Musicbed saying your content ID
claim has been cleared. In the background, SyncID is doing a ton of work, but you don’t have to
worry about it at all. That is awesome. What if you don’t have a YouTube creator membership with Musicbed though? What if you are a wedding
filmmaker, like me, and you still want to
upload your wedding films to YouTube and monetize them? To be clear, you can still monetize your wedding films, but as far as connecting
your YouTube channel with your wedding film music membership, Musicbed tells me that is not possible to connect those two yet. Hopefully this will be
coming in the future. I have told Musicbed this is important. If you would also like to tell them, please leave a comment on this video, and I will make sure that they see it. I do have good news, though, if you have a different membership account than a YouTube creator, such as a wedding filmmaker, instead of connecting your YouTube channel to your Musicbed membership account, every song you license from Musicbed automatically comes with a SyncID code, that you can paste into
your video description of your YouTube video. Or you can request a SyncID code. And whenever you do receive a content ID claim on
your video for the music, you can select I Have a License, and for the explanation, you can paste that SyncID code. And with either of those options, that should remove the content ID claim from your video within an hour, and then you’re back to
monetizing your video. Keep in mind that because a SyncID code comes with every song license, if you’re delivering
a wedding or corporate video for a client and they want to upload it to their YouTube channel, you can send them the SyncID code, and they can use it to remove any copyright claims. Overall sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Between Musicbed’s new membership option and SyncID, as both a wedding filmmaker and a YouTuber, I am
really excited about this. And I hope you are, too. If you wanna check out
Musicbed’s new membership option, I highly recommend
clicking the link down in the description of this video. It is a referral link,
so it does help me out if you click and sign up using that link. With that, thank you so much for watching. I hope this video was helpful to you and gave you some great insight into music licensing. As always, if you have
any questions or comments, please feel free to leave one below or get in touch with me through my website whoismatt.com. It is also a massive unlimited downloads membership size help to
me if you would consider liking this video, giving it a thumbs up, and subscribing if you
wanna see more videos like this in the future. Thanks so much for watching
and have a great day.

91 thoughts on “Why Musicbed Membership is INCREDIBLE for YouTubers & Wedding Filmmakers!

  1. Hey,
    So just to be clear, do you personally, currently pay for both the Youtube tier of 136k subscribers as well as a film-makers license per month?

  2. Unfortunately, this sucks for non-profit companies like the one I work for. The minimum starting price (and the company doesn't qualify as we have 115 or 150 something employees) is $1,000 for prepaid plan. I really wish they would fix the way they price for employees as a non-profit company, like mine can't afford/can't justify spending $2,000.

    Could we afford it? Technically yes. Is it affordable in the budget? Not really. Can a company like mine justify paying this much? No.

    This is great for youtubers though, which I'm excited about.

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  8. @Matt this is definitely a game changing move for them. I honestly, could not believer the pricing I was seeing. Creating an account now.

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  16. Awesome! I’ve used Musicbed a bit. Been using Epidemic sound lately. No copyright claims at all. They must not be logged with YouTube content ID at all. At that price I can afford both! I do like Epidemic’s stems for each track where you can split out the drums, melody, bass etc. makes it easy to create fill music. Thanks for the video!

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  20. Not all artists are part of the membership. Artists such as Ben Rector who is popular for a lot of wedding songs. Also, artists such as Tim Halperin (also very popular wedding music) who is listed on the roster.. only includes some of his songs as part of the membership and not all.

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  27. The pricing is not good for a youtube content creators. For weddings etc it looks good pricing wise. I use Epidemicsound. I don`t have to deal with any copyright claims. This musicbed SyncID looks very idiotic.. Having a pricing structure for Youtube Subscribers is also stupid.. Most views on videos comes from NON SUBSCRIBERS. So that is a bummer. So for me, This is not going to cut it.

  28. The FB rates look good – I was just about to sign up for Artlist – need to check if Musicbed has the same amount of music.

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  30. Good stuff Matt, as always. I’ve been using TMB since it came out and love it. Immediately signed up for the membership! Wish I would have seen your link so I could help you out. Thanks again for all the awesome content! 👍🏻🎉

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  35. This is HUGE! I'm about to enter into my editing season, especially thanks to a new Custom PC build that can finally handle 4K footage, and I was stressing about the finances for music for my edits. Thank you so much for this recommendation and breakdown!!!

  36. So if I am making videos for OTHER people that they can put on THEIR youtube / Facebook, I cant get it for 9$month? I have to pay 99 a month? I was hoping this would be affordable.

  37. After all the afternoon thinking and reading all the diferents options to take a new music license web (I have Soundstripe which is good but not enough music…) Just licensed with your url Matt, thanks for all the information!

  38. nice video but i wanna know one thing if i ll take membership which is for 5000 K as you said $ 9 and after if have 10000k subscribers then how it will work ?

  39. Question ! So if you have a membership and you a song for your video and your membership ends is your YouTube video ok for licensing or do you loose the licensing for that video until you subscribe again ?

  40. What happens when you purchase the plan for under 5000 subs but then you reach 5001? Does it automatically change your plan price? Also, when you want to cancel your membership will they reclaim the music? Or, whatever I download is mine to use? I hope that makes sense! I would love to hear some answers!

  41. So if I have no subscribers, and I have one client with no subscribers, can I produce for them at $10 per month and just give them a sync id code? If so, I'll use your link to sign up.

    I've been using epidemic, and in order for this to work, I would need a subscription, and my client would need a subscription. I don't want my client to have to get overly involved with the details of something as mundane as music subscriptions. I want to just give him the content to upload and be done.

    But I'm also broke right now

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