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What’s up YouTube? Are you applying to the University of Michigan
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admissions officer. Thank you for joining me on my channel. For the best college essay advice, subscribe
and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Tuesday. The Michigan Supplement, “Why This College”
is about 550 words on the longer side of the “Why This College” supplement. By the end of this video, I will show you
what information should be in there and how to find the information a bit quicker. Hi, I’m Dr. Josie with Write Your Acceptance
with hundreds of students already in college or graduates by now, I know what they’re looking
for and I know how to help you stand out. Let’s get to it. Here we are at the homepage for the University
of Michigan. We are going to have two documents in tandem. We’re going to have the website that we’re
going to do most of our research on and we’re going to have a document. I’ve opened a document here, I’ll go over
the notes that I have, but basically you’re going to put Why Michigan and then you can
have these subheadings homepage news, major, so your major and learning in the classroom. For our purposes, because I work with a lot
of students applying to Michigan’s engineering program, we’re going to do mechanical engineering. Research beyond the classroom and then living
in socializing at Michigan. Those are going to be our notes. Then we’re going to go to the homepage and
the homepage is like their sound bite, like their commercial, their own answer to the
“Why Michigan” question. You’ll have different … a newsreel with
different articles and research. You can pick that. You’ll have different facts that you can pick. There are Pulitzer Prize winners, Guggenheim
winners, MacArthur fellows, Emmy winners. Then you’ll have in the news. Because I’m doing mechanical engineering and
I want to find something in STEM. You can do something with the Apollo 11 but
I already did that for Penn, for that video. If you haven’t seen it, you can check that
out. You can do something like decarbonizing travel
in cities and the member’s the memristor. Oh, I can’t say that. Let’s say those two. We have info here according to a new University
of Michigan led study. Perfect. I’m going to copy paste this information onto
our homepage news. That’s one topic that you can start your essay
with. Then AI processing down from the Cloud. Why is this of interest? In medical devices, the ability to run AI
algorithms without the Cloud would enable better security and privacy. If you are interested in mechanical engineering
and health care or you’ve done something with your robotics club and service in hospitals,
in high school, something that you can connect it with, you can say, “This is interesting
because of my experience here.” I’m going to copy and paste that in homepage
news. Now we’re going to go into the major and learning
in the classroom. Now we’re going to go into the mechanical
engineering website and you have different news there that you can bring in as well. This sounds pretty cool. Self-Driving safety. This is specifically what the program is doing
in their own classrooms and labs. I’m going to put this in research and beyond
the classroom. That may be something that you’d want to participate
in and you can use the specific names. Then you’d want to pick … then you’re going
to go to academics, undergraduate. Then they have a couple of projects and research. I’m going to open those two, RISE and MEUS
and then I’m going to go to the courses. Your RISE program to work alongside world
renowned faculty and state of the art facilities, they have a multidisciplinary design program. This all sounds pretty cool. I’m going to copy, paste this to our notes. It’s a symposium to share their RISE research. That’s pretty cool. They go in tandem. Then let’s go to the courses. Here you’re going to pick courses that are
of interest. You can pick two of them, let’s say. I’m just picking random, whichever. But an interesting part is that you can go
to a sample syllabus and all of the websites tend to be different depending on the school. But you can see who’s a professor, what they’re
working on. Oh, you’re going to have a lot of homework. You just copy paste. This is going to be back up in learning in
the classroom. Then for our purposes, I picked a professor,
I just went into one of the random syllabi and I picked assistant Professor Jesse Austin-Brennan. You have here research interests and a copy
of that. Then you have his project based design. This is from his lab and what the students
are doing. This is of interest. They’re not going to hold you to any of this
major information, but all you’re doing basically is saying, “It would be a privilege to participate
in initiatives like the MEUS project based design with Professor Brennan as it’s of great
interest. Junior year during my robotics club I initiated,
I studied blah, blah, blah blah.” Something, some connection but mostly about
them. I would copy, paste this for later. Now going to life at Michigan. You have different arts and culture and music. Let’s see what arts and culture gives us. You can pick anything of interest. Performances and events. You can just say, “While I’m not studying
at name the library, you can find me at,” and just mentioned a couple of these. Then any initiatives. Anything you want to be a part of. Entrepreneurship and innovation maybe. Global Michigan may be of interest, heritage,
sustainability. You’re not going to go through all of them,
but just quickly scan and the sustainability one is also something that’s really relevant
today. You have the information and feel free to
… you watch any of these videos and you can quote if there’s a student talking about
this, you can say, “Oh, because I saw the UM sustainability planet Blue YouTube video
and learned how students are coming together to X, Y, Z. Are you applying to other schools that are
requiring the “Why Us” supplement? If you have any questions on the research
process, comment below. I’d love to help. Ideally you would start with something from
the home page news, whether the autonomous fleet. That the we first … the electric autonomous
taxis that are of interest as a mechanical engineer or as a future engineer, you are
interested in solving real world problems like carbon emission, like global warming
through solution oriented engineering initiatives. You can mention this. The, I can never say that, memristor computer. That may be something else. If you have service in hospitals or community
service in high school that related to anything with regards to medical or security, I don’t
know. That may be of interest. Then you go into learning and major in the
classroom. You would state mechanical engineering. There was a course that I found that’s Engineering
100 and so you say first semester of students in robotics compete in the class, inverting
the traditional students sit in desks approach. You can mention freshman, Leah Rousseau and
her experience has a wolverine. This is from a YouTube video and you can say
something like, “I have great interest or it would be a privilege in learning from assistant
professor of mechanical engineering, Jesse Austin-Brennan, Professor Austin-Brennan or
Dr. Austin-Brennan going forward focuses on X, Y, Z. You would say, “Two courses of interest are
336 Thermodynamics II and 350 Design, for instance. You have other language here that you can
borrow always in your own words, but you can lift different phrases here and there and
then you put them in quotes. Especially mottos and soundbite phrases that
they want to be memorable. Then you would move into research and beyond
the classroom. You would say something like, “Not only is
learning action path and hands on, but outside of the classroom, the number one rank U of
Ms entrepreneurship program in the College of Engineering is teaching engineer’s how
to launch their own business projects.” We saw this in one of the web pages. Then you can mention, “The multidisciplinary
design program is of interest and how enriching it would be to learn and work alongside peers
of different majors. Further the opportunity to work and learn
from Bosh robust plant path planning for automated vehicles, DA, DA, DA.” Then you would do a quick connection to your
robotics club. Let’s say you didn’t start with this specific
from the essay. You have other information that you can bring
in and you can say, “Two initiatives that I would love to be a part of our RISE and
MEUS.” Then you can talk about what they do, what
their learning outcomes are for their students. Then you go into something social, so, “As
an avid musical music festival fan,” or, “As a street fair lover back home, I would love
to, when I’m not studying, go to the museum around town or a gifts of art, DA, DA, DA.” Definitely organize all of your information
on a document and then start picking and choosing what you’re going to put, but very specific
terminology from their websites so they know that this “Why Michigan” essay cannot be swapped
with an NYU or UCF. Feel free to sprinkle in some catch phrases
in lingo of the university, like go blue. A couple of years ago they started to directly
translating that into Spanish, vamps azel. If you’re a bilingual student, you can definitely
end with that. They also say hail to the victors and you
can use their school mission. Also, you can say that when you get to the
Michigan Union, you’d want to spin the cube. It’s this sculptural cube shaped Colt sculpture. It’s huge, but it’s surprisingly lightweight
and there’s a legend that school president since I don’t know when have basically started
their academic years and first days of of school by spinning the cube. You can emulate that tradition as well. Make sure you research your school beyond
brand power. Like I’ve segmented in this video, there are
components you want to hit in this, “Why this college” essay, whether it’s from Michigan
or another institution. Also, don’t forget your main essay. I have a free college essay guide download
in the description below. You want to grab that. I show you how to organize information where
depending on the essay type and information on diversity, information on how to write
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