or are they coming to our house it's gonna be okay no no okay it's gonna be okay man this guy keeps coming back and forth babe come check this out light look at this guy this is like the fifth time I've seen him look at this can you believe this there's some people driving back and forth on my street what are they doing what are they doing look at this look at these guys these guys baby relax I'm not gonna do anything no just chill they're just their point fans but take it take your prayer hey hey could we help you what are you hey what are you doing my house baby I think we got a result this let me take care of this let me take care of this damn on let me take care of this they're just fans I guarantee they're just fans I don't care who you are don't invade our privacy 25 these guys have been coming to our house non-stop different cars is here knowing it and we're gonna we're gonna put an end to this like it's unacceptable let me take care of them you stay inside you stay inside i'ma go outside no you can't go in you can't go stay inside stay inside for right let me go take care of this all right stop all right don't go outside hold on let me see if they're still there let me see they're still there all right you can't go outside let me see this today hey guys can I help you yeah I'm here my son can I help you can I ask you why you're here you're a big fat coming to my house hold on a sec well let me take care of this that put the camera away just put the camera away baby turn in let's go outside you and I face what are you doing my hostel well everyone hey bro why you taking pictures in my house hey but why are you taking pictures in my house yeah that's cool bro roll it up in your Prius if you're cool oh yeah so cool you bro very classy very classy important guys you figure out the photos that you bought your dad's cool be awesome yeah cool right of course let me go your house Kenny what do you think what do you guys live hey I'll have an eight-year-old son and a wife here you guys are bothering here in my house guys look at these guys asking for photos hey I'm gonna count to two minutes by the time I come on you guys better be gone I'm not playing with you I'm not playing with you man they'll be bothering my family like that this is our privacy Tomic co-sin guys tired bye but the fam I don't know how these guys turn out but we live but uh we've been keeping this away from you guys people have been following us so many times and we've never complained we've never called the cops but we're gonna put an end to this as youtubers these things happen but it's not look they're still taking photos still taking for me hey guys this is not cool unacceptable you never follow people to their house and you never bother people when they live it's totally unacceptable and I'm not gonna be they're disrespectful fans leave it up to someone's house and start taking photos of them funny you know why you think your photos to me treat your face you see that's nice if you're a real fan you don't come to my house and bother us like that but I watch you every single day maybe this guy maybe how are you bro how are you like that everybody acts like that sometimes really and you're cool just hide it no I'm not we call the cop this is how you treat them along the top cop believe me Hey cops are coming let's go great what's the use laughing at the end we'll see you get the last laugh based on camera get his face on camera peace cops are coming man great you're not worth my time you're not worth my time nice Prius pack it all home speed comfortable my son you're taking photos of me like that fans people are disrespected I go to your house and violate your privacy is that being a fan you guys not we got nothing but love for each and every one of you guys but unacceptable and we need to put an end to the club we would like to have some cops sent to our house invasion of privacy we feel threatened honestly if there's any way that they could come ASAP that we graded 20 minutes okay that's fine no outside I got it they're gonna come back 20 minutes all right thanks okay no thank you cops come I hope they're still outside you can't be coming to our house and invading our privacy it's not fair it's not nice like someone needs to teach these people a lesson I'm not gonna hurt anyone I'm gonna fight anyone but the laws of law like bother a father home this is my question how did they find out where we leave I don't understand me they told me you told me you followed me home one day I can't believe how the DCCC tell me that taking pictures of us videos of us we know these things go I think I think they left those guys with the Prius laughing yeah because the advice on the car is called the police the cops apart of course oh we still we still here in the cops came well laughing I see a flashlight yeah are you sure I see the cop car as well hold on buttercup meant something okay what you found sorry that we're vlogging this it's just we made a promise to you guys that we would showcase everything that happens in our real life and unfortunately sometimes it's good sometimes it's bad and we don't have a perfect family and these are the things that we deal with sometimes that you guys might not know about but enough is enough like we're putting an end to this basically you know what like we love you so much I know that you guys love love us but this is not fair to go to our house and you know what to be doing this type of stuff I mean like this I'm devastated right now babe babe it's gonna be okay please don't say anything let me just pause oh hey come on in man yeah yeah whatever the house you know I'm here with my wife and my son um but my wife is crying right now so she's not that comfortable so we had an incident like about 30 minutes ago literally these two guys keep talking about my house and they're coming to my front yard literally and and and they're inve my awful sorry coochie-coochie so sorry about that so basically uh my son and my son my wife and I don't feel comfortable because there's a lot of people stalking us we do YouTube we're on social media and apparently someone thought not where we live and they leaked it all over the place and people are coming to our home and bothering us like coming for the front yard they're taking photos they're not asking for our permission disrespecting my family I understand at what time did they come by that was literally 30 minutes ago 30 minutes ago sure like a 38 40 yep and I called the cops I confronted them and I come they come onto the property oh yeah one of the guys came to the front yard right next to the tree and I told me get away like that wasn't acceptable over time no it's happened before but same people those guys I've seen have come several times we've had other interactions where other people have came but we've never called the cops because we never thought it would escalate to this point so just give me a second okay is there anything we can do with as far as like restraining orders goal or anything like that I don't have their information I don't have their IDs I don't know their names well we're kind of stuck here in this position if you don't know anything license plates or anything no no I forgot to get it I was just in there okay so why don't we just do this I'll have a black-and-white posted at the corner of the road yeah if someone does come back call us immediately or right down the street the thing is I've seen those same guys drive by in a separate car different cars I mean they're just they just keep coming back and forward okay well when they show up next time you call us we'll have a black and white down the street there's nothing we can do there's nothing else I know round I mean you know we can definitely survey the area you said what kind of car was there was a white Prius a Prius how many men there was two guys one guy was wearing a hat and he was wearing a hoodie and sunglasses right babe to be honest I don't want to get in trouble but I feel like if those guys come into my house one day I might get put in a weird position to take care of my family we understand so that's why he just call us immediately we'll come take a situation under control I mean I appreciate I do appreciate you coming out here if they do come back give us a call and we'll come together I appreciate it do you think they're gonna come back I don't know I hope they don't come back my guys we want to take this moment to explain how we feel about the situation I feel like we should have dressed it earlier because this has happened before and I'm not used to the challenges you see all the good things about our regular lives and everything looks amazing everything looks beautiful everything looks like a movie but the reality is it's not as good as it looks like we have our problems I look at this this has been occurring so often this is something that we are been going to like already so many these guys that is something that we can we didn't tell you because we were like okay like okay let's deal with this for a couple of days or whatever on time but they would be safe like an office and now you've arrived he's always playing outside with the dogs and everything no we don't feel safe anymore that's a I'm going to dive like I said you guys already know the royalty family loves you guys we love the real fans that people that see us on the streets they ask for photos we always love to participate we love to shake your hand to hug to take photos with you we do shoutouts we give away iPhones we do everything that we can from the bottom of our hearts but like when it comes down to protecting my family I gotta put my foot down and do whatever it takes because at the end of day like who's gonna stop all this oh I really I think maybe you didn't want to do anything but to us you know they just want pictures and they were not little be more about life or personal life but that's so disrespectful guys that they come right now I know so they have a lot of footage of us like these pictures of you as well the truth is sometimes we like to be left alone and just do things as a family and just be here by ourselves and not have anyone bothering us but I don't want my wife to come home from the grocery store and have to live behind her back worried about who's here who was that person part and she called me the other day telling me that there was two cars outside that were suspicious hey it's just not a good way of living every time that we come here do I like a bunch of cars outside like that they don't be long today is that also like I'm afraid I'm scared to let my dogs outside Palladian he's like this is what it takes to be a youtuber to be popular the job is in part the job it's not to be popular there is no proteges to be dealing with this stuff with stuff outside of your house like little youtubers and celebrities they have the right to have their privacy fortunately for us I know who the real royalty family fans are you guys are amazing just because one or two percent don't know how to act properly doesn't mean we're gonna put anyone down no matter what we love everyone we're blessed we're so thankful I mean to have you guys in our life is a blessing which is why I picked up the camera and I said enough was enough because the first couple times I neglected to pick up the camera I put an end to it this is what's happening alive or not so sorry guys we just wanted to show you that back piece that we've got through every single day that's it thank you guys for being a part of this and I will keep you post polling on what's happening in guys you know whatever you need I got you by your side we love you guys

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