Why Influencer Marketing DOES NOT Work – How To Fix It

what's up everybody once again if you're a man and I gotta talk about something that's been bothering me for a good minute and that is influencers this liar this incorrect or lack of information about influencers let me break it down start back historically most of the time people say a a good influencer is not just someone who had a lot of followers that's right it's somebody who also has this engagement don't just look and see if they have a lot of followers do they have engagement now you know they don't have fake followers now you know that their followers actually cares about them and those are the people that you want to follow up with that's pretty much become the agreed-upon thing but there's one step further people I swear it's one step further that a lot of folks are missing straight-up engagement does not equal influence that's pretty much it engagement does not equal influence what do I mean by that well you know what first let's rewind back for a little bit of story time yeah I had his homegirl his home girl who's throwing an event and she was so excited she had this host that was a IG and no one sir when I say IG influencer I'm talking about this person had a hundred and fifty some thousand followers Real Talk real followers because these people were engaged matter of fact she was super excited because person was so cool that they start posting her event pretty early and then she says Shawn I really want you to come to this event like for real for real come to this event check it out and I said okay okay I come out to the event and I get there late mind you and this is what I see I see about 15 people in the whole venue including myself including the probably about five artists that were performing and their friends and the host why was nobody that interested in coming to see this person because that person was not an influencer at least not in that way being an influencer means being able to actually influence people in their decision making having a certain level of trust this person I believe if I remember correctly was basically like a local media and they had got them scared going if people were going there to their page to laugh but they weren't going to really see what this person was about there was no buy-in as much as people hate them Kardashian a lot of people hate on her there's a lot of people that look to her for influence alright they look at what she's wearing they looked at the lips the button all them things so keep this in mind when you pick your influencers for your campaigns who you're trying to pay because you can end up wasting a lot of money paying somebody who has views and engagement but zero influence there's a lot of people that I know that I'm cool with or I might even pick up the phone if they call but I'm not really checking to them for what shoes they're wearing right jay-z has a lot of influence right but nobody's really looking at his sneakers at least not on the level that they might be looking at Kanye's sneakers right this is just one specific category and this is very important for you guys to consider for your music as well jay-z is obviously the influential person but they're not looking at him for fashion as much or looking at Calle for fashion as a matter of fact people are now looking at some pretty ugly sneakers just because this Kanye like the ladies I know some people might disagree but the ladies TV collection type stuff mmm but people are buying so a great example is a homeboy is a rapper I'm not gonna mention his name or anything like that he went to the page of a very popular dancer named kid it agreat that kid is that Nick like kid it can dance his butt off he's dope however I told him Brett don't pay buddy to put your music on his page and dance to your music and I tried to explain it beforehand why it would not work this is why I said yo people go to his page to see him dance I know there's a lot of views on his videos but they're going through his page to see him dance they're not really listening or caring too much about the music that's in the background they're just watching his dance to the beat so his influence is more so dance based there's probably a lot of dancers they love him and can be influenced by him watch his moves but because he's dancing all the time and that's what's on his page no one's really going to hear the music they're just want to see him dance again the same thing for a lot of these pages where they're twerking all the time I'm sure people throw money at him all the time however people are not really checking the twerk pages it's work they go on for the booty we know what people are going for well they're also people who actually like twerking study and they wonder damn you know twerk do sales and then looking at work move whatever but point is people are not going to those pages for the music that's being listening to you might have some people who drizzle over and actually want to listen to your song and they really get caught by it but it's nowhere near as impactful as going to a different page where someone actually has influence and they're not diluting their brand in a sense of the music that they might listen to now the same artists that I told to not use kids agree also saw amazing results and this other campaign that I mentioned right in there's these girls he got posted on the girls page had nothing to do with them actually dancing to the song or anything like that they were just kind of listening to it in the background more so however these girls do not post music all the time so now the people who are following them and I have some were influenced by him when that song is played by then they think they actually liked that song so now these people that I like liked this song I want to know more about that song what makes them think that's so great but if I'm just dancing the songs all the time that's nothing to do with whether I like the song or not you don't really think that I love this song just cuz I'm dancing to it but if I did a song on one of my pages and I was just like yo this is the best song ever and people never see me talk about music y'all are gonna probably listen to the song because I'm usually talking about artists campaigns I'm not really talking about this is my favorite song on this channel it's the same way you should look at everything there's context so not only is it followers engagement but then you want to look at influence and influence has multiple categories right influence has first two people actually look to this person and actually make decisions or see value in this person's opinion and then the other layer is when you analyze these people and their pages what likely is their influence faced towards like are they influencing other people to dance or are they influencing other people to dance to specific songs they just making people laugh and if they are making people laugh and they can they do a video in a unique way where the song seems so enjoyable they want to check that song too like there's so many ways and so a little bit more nuance than just saying this person has followers and engagement I had to put that out there maybe one day I might go deeper with very specific examples or some things like that I don't know I think that's specific enough because there's a wide range of you guys who have a different scenario so you kind of use it for your own situation but I would like to know what you guys think I hope that was helpful but other than that be like the video go ahead like button if it like he might as well share it and if you're not subscribe you know what to do he dare subscribe

20 thoughts on “Why Influencer Marketing DOES NOT Work – How To Fix It

  1. My nigguh I appreciate u fa keepin it a stack in yo videos…
    I was thinking I should try to get in touch with influencers but u make a good point..

  2. Hey Brand Man, My Name is Max Million, I was reposted by Noah Centineo, the guy is a teen actor with almost 16 million followers on Instagram.

    A wonderful guy, but he reposted me on his story, and I was a bit shocked on why I didn’t reach a level of success or what I deem as success.

    I had a couple A&R’s reach out to me, but of course one was a scam, and the other a&r wants to sign a lisenceing deal to where their brand would have exclusive ownership to my content for 15 years, and would own my catalog.

    So I figured man what the hell is going on, why hasn’t my influence buzzed up yet, yeah I achieved 800 + followers from Noah, but no real A&R’s no serious label deals.

    So I watched this video and learned this small concept.

    The concept is, market you music to MUSICAL influencers, market your material in the same brand.

    I love how you connected the Dance move page with the artist and how people are genuinely going to the dancers page for the artist but for the dancer.

  3. Definitely specific enough. Great post! You just saved me some money fr…sent out emails this morning but now I'm gonna revise my strategy. Makes a lot of sense

  4. Never thought about it this way, it actually makes a lot of sense! Thanks for saving some money my man i was about to throw some on this type of stuff.

  5. When you work with influencers, always audit them before anything else to make sure you are working with real influencers. Fake influencers may look the part but they are poor in quality. You can try Influencer Auditor to verify legitimacy and check the quality of the influencer.

  6. A good "influencer" is influential on and offline (in the community the are in). Where influencer marketing works is brand awareness. Many brands would not have come to light with out influencer marketing. If you want an influencer to sell a product you should see or ask if they have things like an email list and a actual backend business. If you want a promoter of events you should make sure they are going to events and hosting/moderating events. But marketing and sales are two different things so you have to decide that for your business.

  7. wow im learning so much from this video before i actually put money on some influencers I have in mind, thanks Brandman!

  8. Thanks for another perspective on social media marketing. You’re showing us that marketing is an art in itself!

  9. I agree to disagree on this one. Lil Donald for Example, paid a few influential person to workout while listening to his song the song went viral because of that which grabbed the attention of several blogs than in 3 months it was on world star but he was already on at 20mil views but a week after hitting world star he was on my radio station. Only reason I heard Panda my designer was because 2 little girls was dancing to his song which made me wanna download it. Alot of influencers are useless but there are some legit thats worth it, like Trina page on Facebook she has millions of real engagement on every post that can bring you alot of attention

  10. Okay I get what you mean, some influencers' followers and fans are not interested in the music(if the music isn't relating to the video properly) but wouldn't it still make people aware of your brand?

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