Why I Hate Society, But Love Humanity

in our society today, do you class yourself
as free? or are you constantly clinging onto things,
which give no guarantee? do our materialistic items ever deliver to us real happiness? or do they distort us from reality and
for our conscience are they poisonous? see happiness comes
within yet we always tend to forget. we spend
our whole lives chasing money and on our death beds seem to regret. I used to be unaware of this I’d let other shape my desires. i’d give
in to authorities logic only to realize it just came from liars. see i’d always be looking for freedom, but i never
found it untill I realized that in order to truly experience it, then
maybe I should just de-materialize however there are only few who live this way,
those sometimes stereotyped as pathetic but honestly to be fair, it’s those who judge that are wrongly apathetic see this was me three years ago, I was
ignorant naive with plenty of confidence. i’m
only twenty now but i realize that back then I just had no social conscience and you may think, this might be me, or you may just not have realized yet but if getting wasted just doesn’t fulfill you, then on that I’d place a bet see apparently we’re doing things the right way, hunting fame for the reward of happiness but does this actually fulfill us, or do we just forget about living in contentedness it’s like just because we don’t break laws, it doesn’t necessarily make us innocent African children are dying and suffering from
illness, and we’re sat there cursing immigrants see first world problems are always seen on
the news, prioritised over third world needs we apparently preach that we’re all human, yet seem to be incapable of such good deeds and this is real immaturity, yet it mostly comes from adults, who would have thought? we don’t accept responsibility for our Planet and we just hope we don’t get caught. in
World War One and World War two those people fought for our peace. we talk
with respect in history but the morals we’ve learnt have mostly deceased. for example if we know that violence only promotes more violence then why do we still fight wars? if we really
want to protect each other then why aren’t we removing the root cause. see we need to stop following public opinion and start thinking properly for ourselves. we need to stop separating nations and throw our pride upon the shelves. i’ve learnt that just because i’m not blind it doesn’t automatically make me see. are
you satisfied with the way things are or are you searching for truth like me? you can’t tell me we’re fulfilling out purpose we seem to ignore it more each day. we pretend we’re on route to peace on earth, but truthfully we’ve lost our way. and you
may think I’m just illogical you may think I’m just a dreamer. you may
think this is all inevitable but trust me I’m not just your average believer. see it’s our society that is unworthy we seem to be forgetting how we got here.
you would have thought we had matured by now and realized that time is dear. because if humanity doesn’t become aware of this and if our ignorance goes too far. then
the future for all life is ruined because one day, our earth will scar

100 thoughts on “Why I Hate Society, But Love Humanity

  1. Great video, well done Jamie and thanks for sharing. I think many of the negative things in the world today stem from the politics of fear. Fear of the 'other', whether society thinks that's 'Muslims', immigrants or just 'foreigners' in general. Fear whipped up in newspapers like the Daily Mail. Fear and ignorance breed and feed on each other. Fear is used by governments to demonise the 'enemy', while at the same time our government takes away our freedoms. So who is really the enemy? Is it Islamic terrorism, or is it Theresa May and the Counter Terrorism and Security Bill currently being rushed through Parliament? These people are tearing up the Magna Carta and suspending ancient rights to liberty, in the name of security. But who is really safe, and who is really a threat? I fear for our society, but not from outside threats. I fear that we are in danger of falling apart from within, as the politics of greed and fear dismantles the freedom that this country once had. We need a new politics, a politics of hope, but the politicians that offer it seem to think it's a joke. There are no easy answers, but awareness is a start. Thanks for sharing this video, and let's fight to shake off this empty consumerist yoke. 🙂

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93fDYUSGVnY everyone if you wana follow a poem that has a similar message then plz do watch my new one that I have just recently released "From Cynical to Spiritual" thanks 🙂 when you get a moment peace x

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    May God Bless You Very Much.

  4. I just found you on youtube and LOVE your messages!!  Please keep making the poems and video's and hopefully more people will wake up!!  Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  5. youve spoke my heart! woke up something ive been wanting to find in my heart! needed it spelled out for me, i feel so ashamed!! ive displayed it in anger.

  6. You are word leader material! I never thought that I would ever take a person who could be my son as a role model.  You are brilliant! You are spiritual!  You are a true humanitarian.  Please go into politics and spread your message to the world.  Your mother, or whoever raised you, must be VERY proud, they raised an exceptionally kind human genius.

  7. Jamie, THANK YOU, every word you speak, has been in my heart for so long, without any idea as to how to communicate that to others. And when I tried, I was laughed at. THANK YOU for your courage, its hard to believe you're so young.  The planet needs all that you speak of and more that speak of it. I pray every day that society will wake up to the liars and snake oil sales reps, and when I hear your words, my hope is lifted that soon there might be a greater change that might come about.  Keep speaking those wonderful words, and hopefully more will follow!  Thank you, Jamie, you made my day today, the 4th of July.

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  9. Hello everyone, I write Spoken Word Poetry… I know how annoying these kind of posts are; the kind that have absolutely nothing to do with video posted above, however it would really mean A TON if you could take the time or a moment and check out some of my work on my channel. I would really, really…REALLY appreciate it!! God Bless!

  10. this is amazing!! im  not materialistic myself, although i used to be!! i couldn't wait for the latest gadget to come out lol, i even wanted one of those stupid mugs that some guy invented that you push a button on the handle, and it stirs itself lol, but then i grew up and realised that life is more about experiences than material things!!

  11. Jamie would I be able to use this for school on a project and I would change a few words so I'm not copying all of it but anyways would I be able to

  12. Humans are a self parasite, destined to devour itself in seek of total control. In the end, no matter how far we advance.. We're weak and all it takes is the perfect disaster to end it all. So I don't value humanity. My time is short, and so is everyone elses's. This life of materialism and finding humanity in objects and seeking to control others is our innevitable death.

  13. Real fucking talk I do 5 compliments a day to random strangers/friends any human being its a blessings guys it really puts me in a good mood

  14. I agree 110%. But in the end it does not matter, what can a few people do against tyranny? What can we do to stop war? How can we feed others when our own starve? How can we face those responsible when it will bring us to our knees? How can we stand out when we are pushed back down?
    Nothing will matter if money is involved. Like it or not, our greatest enemy is not people, it is money, and that will never go away.

  15. God did loved is first ,That's wey he gave his only son to die for you and I .love others as i have loved you , sensirely God.

  16. You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will live as one John Lennon 🙂

  17. Glad someone saying it, I know I could never talk this stuff, but glad someone else can, happiness comes not from material needs but from asking yourself Am I Truly Happy? and then acting on it.

  18. Finally someone I can relate to. Most of the people misunderstanding that hating society is not hating people. If you would search for "do I hate society quiz" It always pops up do you hate people. I despite society, but love people

  19. cant stand society it's so hate filled, people killing over money, a piece of paper is worth more than life, killing off animals for sport, listening to mainstream media like it's reality. fighting wars for the rich to keep people in enslavement

  20. This is incredible!!!!! I'm a Canadian High School student, currently doing a project on Slam Poetry. Would you mind if I used your poem as a model for mine?

  21. I am so grateful to young people like you Jamie. You make me wish I was young again. For all of my life I thought I was one of a few who thought as you do. It gives me hope to know that now, there can be hope for humanity, because the world has people like you in it. Your poetry is inspirational and truly comes from the heart. Thank you for being you, Jamie, you will make a difference. I believe that our home, called planet Earth, is undergoing a transition, and people are being awakened; and starting to think of humanity as a whole, as well as being concerned for the welfare of all living things.

  22. Wow! I didn't realise so many dissenters commented…why do they bother? Take no notice! You are an enlightened human being.

  23. A few years later

    Okay, Timmy, how do you spell: Society?

    Society. I-D-I-O-T-I C P-L-A-C-E W-H-E-R-E E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E I-S B-R-A-I-N-D-E-A-D. Society.

    That is correct! Timmy won the spelling bee! 😀

  24. I want you on my staff in DC when I run for office. It isn't about America its about humanity. Im 24 going on 25 I was ignorant and all that as well but I woke up. We are the generation that will inharit the earth. We are here and we can stand together for this world and fix it. We can do something about it.

  25. And whats the point of this video ? Drama and views ? or are you actually political and have answers? No you're just complaining in a fashionable way to get views and money. You are just one of the millions. Fuck you and fuck society

  26. The reason I hate society and humanity is religion and capitalism one is mental control and the other slavery to the wealthy , they make the rules that all of us follow like the sheeple we are , greed and control that's why I hate society and humanity

  27. With a brain like that on your shoulders I'd be very afraid……………………………………they'll come for you to silence you and they will win. Power concedes nothing without demand it never has and it never will.

  28. we cant do anything without getting anxious about what would people say and judge us in the wronge way in todays society thats what i hate most it i can do a an hour long presentation about this subject really

  29. You creatures who have fought with strength, violence, blood and death, who built a tower of corpses that rises to the sky and call yourselves wise, tell me this: What is the difference between you and the dumb beasts?

    Tet-god of games.

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