Why I don't Use Forex Indicators || Do Forex Indicators work? (Truth Revealed)

our little welcoming us back to my channel to all those that have definitely subscribed if you haven't you can simply hit the subscribe button as I do post a lot of valuable content for you just like what you're gonna be seen in this video industry you're gonna be seeing something like you baby see something that people don't really shake about the difference between the indicators and the clean shots so what happens is that our indicators are just something that a person made which it takes the open of the candlestick the truth that I am the rule and then it gives you that a feedback or something that has already happened but now I'm gonna be seeing something that's a bit different protection what I visualized 18 is that you three put on the hedge fund the fund managers the pens and all these flash companies about we speaking of negative leaders their opinions or millions of dollars and that's what you're gonna be looking at like because I wanted of interesting about this is that the emoji case to slim positive movements because I'm sure you've been caught up in those three survive the entity and then it keeps on just cleaning out on you keep something about kids are clever and Su Su let's see you run out of patience you take those profits or loss it imposes like massively in your anticipated direction that's when the Pens or the hedge funds are entering so that's one everyone she cares for what it is that we can do in order to be able to just come be able to see the market with a different way so let us just jump in on the chat so you can simply see the difference between indicators and what clean shots can do to us you okay yes I'm now I want us to just take a quick look at TVP US dollar yeah so what I'm gonna do that I'm gonna show you two types of um different types of um the indicator when the chatter we have kissed their indicators on the GPS data not only they're all just show you and what it is that we utilize this is the type of um chats the changes that I use okay because remember that way I'm trying to show you why I don't actually use indicators i I just wanna emphasize the fact that I'm transaction works for me doesn't mean that it works for everyone but it works for me so I want us to just um to look at in terms types of indicators that people normally I'm start up with me so you've got a design you've got things such as somebody in Japan you've got things such as our moving averages that you picture here of me so let me just start off first by putting the baddest idea on the chats to address I when I start up with it and then what I'm gonna add to is the moving average and I'm also head of the Bollinger Bands so I just wanna show you guys on how a bit complicated by messed up this is like even if you're beginner trader let me feel like this is just way too complicated for you to be able to UM treat for it's like it's gonna seem like trading Forex it's like a difficult thing to do okay so let me just get up here toka Lynch events and I've treated these like two years ago they didn't work out for me and I don't really know like how how will you be able to develop a strategy with the Jess advice for other people for some people but I wouldn't know yes so even if you just take a quick look at this you can simply see about the arrest I um it has all these different types of numbers you on the right side name so it is this event here is a pretty normal it'll be seventy thirty sometimes it will be 8020 and all those levels so what happens is that when price is just about to leave this lever here to believe that it's it's over overbought make that means that we starting to do for sauce when prices below this level yeah it's over so we started to do for fights so um yes may be there may be some confirmations which you need to take it first but I'm just take a quick look at this one here you would have seen here which you would have liked missed out on all this interest to go to the down setting for learning but also yeah you'd be missing out on all these increase cuz that's even communicated I'm the only time you'd see over what said oversold over body its Amaro and year me and somewhere around here okay and let's take given yeah it's it's ooh so it out of this who I'm free if I'm easy so it give us only liquid traitors of entries okay it give us traitors of entries but not only the realistic and look at weights is over what Palmas hotel in Houma salsa made onion you see that red dress emma has dropped too much sweet sheets that to go up but see where I can't read didn't even go up like Europe being in the negative even yeah instantly see that it's it the same but president we eat house all the way to the upset didn't give us the nice impulsive news that we know married handful even yet see the same thing done yet but didn't give us that much okay but that is the others I am these different types of maybe I'm not explaining it in a much more appropriate manner these people did really do treaties and make money with them but you can simply see where approach it's also on the Bollinger Bands so what people know melodies did they might look at those online yet the top side being a resistant I might also look at this when yet the bottoms and being a support so I never hit support they look for bias whenever he throws but you know that but let's say for instance let's take a look at current market price because remember these things when a person is showing you these things from what has already happened yes it's gonna look like it's waiting because don't be like you see it you see it he j28 work it work and it's not really like that cuz I guess to get current magnetized a bingo buddy look at this be huge in posted to the downside and here would be looking for so because of the way there are three I'm just been explain it to you now okay if you're looking for so so let's say now for instance marketers will be row the slipper on Katie so you can start looking for by and yet already some are you gonna tell me compiled in just six with me but now I want to show you with unseen shirts but it is are you looking for okay so let me just move but in children's out of the way and maybe in insert a moving averages which is something that we are all familiar with okay you can simply see as a blue lane okay I don't know what um region they normally use but I've seen something like a 50 there we go okay there we go 50 Peter yeah she can simply see the moving average it's almost like the same thing whenever preys on one's conduct it can be found a supporter support response let's say up below it like it he's it from the forum site can be found as I'm the moving average treating it as resistance but that can also give you false a lot of false because cause chicken look at what happened here with me this would have just been on a continuation pattern even me put it that way could've just been a continuation pattern which I'll be looking for by at the break some are on gel do you get that but I do see a bit deeper not only to so she a bit deeper but here they'll be looking for and then when in public that would be level it pro caught yourself and all those types of things so these years they do with for other people or they do work for different types of strategies at the same time it also depends on what it is that you want you want to UM have complicated charts oriented from extensions do you don't have iron chest that you can easily understand all let's say be able to just um look at it in a much more simpler way or do you want have just that you can I have to have all these things to just come back up what you have to say about a specific trade so let me show you a quick example on UPS toll on what it is that I'm gonna start doing let's see if I'm analyzing this from a bigger time finding then I also go to a different aud/usd which I already had ten illnesses course the most important thing is for you to be able to UM forecast like to be able to know the materials going in the future like in the next thing moves instead of doing what happened before so that's what I'm gonna do me just gonna on the bigger timeframe this is the pattern that I see mmm can simply see that we had a beautiful as Indian type pattern price Brook structure here can simply see this double top formation that then book to the downside okay which means that I'm not the ninety percent do I teach this in my co so the mentee person rule it pressure should always come back to UM the starting point of the correct symmetry of the structure that apricot like current it is the structure a broker so ninety percent of the time this should come take down here okay but you can simply see here places going all the way down today but let me just also give you something like this again yeah we had a beautiful structure saw me yeah so maybe you could simply see what also this is this is the nature spirit race moves in three on three types of impulses and corrections so normally it's an impulse it's a correction a means an impulse and impulses way the market is moving and we wouldn't see a direction and a correction is where the market um stops a bit in three just so it can be able to gather the next impulse that's coming so that's what we started treating DC this impulse Christian damnit ever didn't have any clear movement and not impulse all the way down but we would have still been looking for cells because you know the money has to come all the way down here okay so so far this is just love with the bigot in three years obviously I'm gonna drop down to the for our the one hour just to come up with fear movement just go to to an hour and give you guys how we would have chorus so yeah just like I look at a levy you've got a treaty which always a she guess not okay so knowing where the market is going in stuff this is what I'll be definitely I'm looking at a move such as this one okay now cause of press I'm already there impulse only say much but you can simply see what what price is telling us here so let me just have some interest as soon as proved you know stretch out here this so stop okay stop let's just about this area here and obviously my target yet the ninety percent rule can simply see there is a simple on nine percent renters and one justice trade so already would have been running at any way through street 4.5% can you see this is just dumb work it's not making a big deal it's just me saying you guys are more areas that the difference between the indicators like utilizing indicators interesting shots so what I'm gonna do now is that I'm gonna jump onto AEG Esther okay I'm Before we jump quickly on to UM the chart on eight years the law and I show you here's something and we can simply see what this here we had a UDL we cut it in sick what we called the multi-touch conformation exactly they were recording the new one all the way done at the disco for our attention but also an issue under on our time free but it is that we also got we saw something like this innocent in Tibetan and give us a touch which he was a high probability setup for us we took the street which Nicky and I still able to hold it all the way don't you can you see like how it was before um before there's after or was it just showed you now in his mother for our tempering she dropped all the way don't mess with me and now we spotted another um increase a modern chair which means that we spoken all the way down here to the 90 percent room um let me just go to the 60 minutes you can simply see this new collection thereso and it gave us a lot of increase because you can simply see an entry where nausea and angrier in the entry and even an entry at the one that which is recent recording so I am going to do now is that come on of me jump on the charts and go to the AED us donor just to see what it is that it is from do you know okay there we go so this is the same or setup data I just showed you guys a few seconds ago which means that um with the way we treat okay with the way we change has a method on the network's is they just simply look at the info screeching impulses okay it's very much simple like you look at the info scalation so it's the richest theory what what happens is that the magnet moves in three types of menacing like way by 8 impulses that's when the bangs are in and then Abed corrects that's when most retail traders are in and that's when there is no actual movement on the market me it's edits just correcting oh it's anything more highly recorded maybe a driver you 100 and then it involves a certain and normally happen is that what the impulse it shows us the first thing where the momentum is XO if it impossible the weight owners you know that the momentum is to the downside then you wait for correcting a correction once it does present absorb its commercial as whether it's it is for a continuation pretend that is presented itself in there if it's a continuation it's still gonna continue Queen town if it's a reversal it's gonna go back up so wait for the next important but the next when we execute trades so this trade is the exact one that I showed you guys a few seconds ago and upon the public group of my 1 telegram group so what happened is that I shared it on the premium group and then I yeah I did cheat on the premium group and then we cut that set up we went in store looking in some maximum profits on it and then recently just come today I said to wonder we to today under telegram public group so I believe that you guys can also like all of you guys watching this videos can also um maybe get a get a chance to be in the public group so it's just free and you'll be able to just um get some of the setups that I share normally obviously I do see a lot in the premium crew would the premium members but I'm telling you members I do get to share something which is also high probability so now I'll just you what does being said like you can simply see that the first tacit among the first type second I said touch first a second touch we did know that it is true picture downside why is it because it gives us this multi-touch confirmation not only that it also gave us this beautiful ascend interpret and within the structure which makes it a bit more like it adds up to I'm asked looking for what it is that we're looking for questions let me see that effect touches here and also at attention which makes it high probability fortunately recorded somewhere around here at the brink in the week group all the way down what they did prove this reach stretch a year most people don't know when breakups are going to happen but we are able to anticipate it because of understanding how stretchy moves the impose the corrections and all these types of multi-touch confirmations and stuff so even that we did know um where the target has to be so it's not organized everyday prints them doesn't mean they're all treats are always going as we anticipate it doesn't happen that way just that out of ten three seven three to go in the direction and others to reward is always one is true three or more years and you see it's way more than a lot even years like what four point seven percent which is amazing but target being somewhere around here ninety percent of it like I said and now we're able to just down bend a few let me see the one that just got activated recently advantage of it is that as soon as it does activate you once it doesn't cause all we get that the ability to place your to local profits if I missus okay so it didn't clear this after we saw this beautiful correction yeah so stop loss is 15 pips as you can see many one stop loss and I get is someone went yeah okay and this is how we actually look at the markets like this is the difference between the seen charts in their indicators so I believe the GTS are able to just know what it is that you prefer to come utilize you don't have to use this because I use this but you just have to know the ones interest or you want um maybe chest there are they look a bit more extreme so it depends on what it is that you prefer and then you have a thank you so much for watching it up until the very end anything took notes well done to you because you hardly gonna starts in the market in a different way like I said cuz that's the whole point of this video to be able to see the market in a 3d perspective not only there but to be able to be ten steps ahead of the market but yeah if you do if you have personal traits indicators please please just comment below and let me know I just like what it is that they've being come to them for you if they really do wake just let me know how you've been tricking them and stuff like that so someone who also trees thinking you want to play to you and if you do wanna be able to treat like the way that I do see that my getting a 3d perspective or you can this just visit my website and the other try to put the link down below for also my telegram pocket channel on which you can also get on my website just um go into 4ft so stop comment scroll all the way down and you will be able to just keep and the instructions are what to do to be able to get into the public channel but I thank you so much and be on the lookout for the next video because ah we just come with a lot of valuable videos for you thank you

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  2. I beg to disagree with you big chief, but don't have the time to argue on comment section. I use an algorithm of indicators even since I started using then I'm been green every month.

  3. Indicators and moving averages are pointless if you don't know what they are for and how to use them. RSI is great for identifying peaks and troughs on various markets and time frames, but the default setting of 14 (days, on RSI) cannot be compatible with everyone's strategy. I personally think such data should not be used to form trading ideas, but they should support the trader's setup as supplementary information.

  4. Indicators are no good I use 200ema and just support and resistance and then need 3 confirmation dat gets me in trade and win a lot of trade

  5. Let me agree to disagree, reason being that I'm one of those who were using the RSI strategy and I still do use. Back in 2014 when I started trading, I managed to withdraw 2700 USD as my first withdrawal. Yes the strategy runs around 70% accurate trade and therefore is the best strategy for those who are still building their accounts.

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