Why Fitness Influencer Chose to Remove Breast Implants

I'm gonna do 1/4 scoop so she influences people to make healthy choices on social media but SIA Cooper says she couldn't figure out why her help seem to be failing for years I had my second child things just kind of started getting worse rapidly I remember telling my husband I felt better the year before every year that passed I would literally say oh wow last year I felt better than this year it's like just my health was declining the good ready for the easiest milk rep lunch ever you ready SIA says she suffered from aching muscles stiff joints hair loss and unexplained weight gain she says she never told her followers about her symptoms which is why she was surprised when a few of them reached out about something they thought could be of concern to her breast implant illness I've always been open about my breast implants I was posted on them I'm just very open with my body because I would have a lot of people say hey you know how's your breasts of perfect doctor breastfeeding two kids and I'm just like look you know don't feel bad they're not real I had a few people say hey you should look into breasts with my illness now mine too I have not posted about any illnesses or feeling bad whatsoever so I kind of you know brush it off I thought they were just kind of getting haters it's like that's crazy you know I'm a former nurse like there's no way if the doctor says it's safe of this fda-approved come on it's gotta be safe but that's when a light bulb went off in CEA's head she had had her implants for eight years which is also about how long she had her symptoms so she did some research and realized others reported similar symptoms after getting silicone breast implants while some doctors and implant manufacturers dismissed claims that breast implants cause such symptoms the FDA is looking into how states they are after consulting doctors SIA decided to get explant surgery I'm so excited to let you know that I feel wonderful months later she reports she feels much better I still have a little bit of hair loss going on that everything's great in me I've lost 20 pounds since towards the end of my explain I wasn't able to work out my body just puffy I took my implants out on December the 4th and I haven't haven't looked back so the way kind of fell off that's I got back into working out my joints don't swelling work I feel good I feel younger and a lot of my followers have been commenting a same age backwards while many people will not experience what SIA did she hopes women who do will do their research and get checked out she also thanks her followers for helping her solve this health mystery it was awful not having really anywhere to turn but luckily you know I had those few people who I thought were heckling me they're actually supporting me in helping me and my followers are what led me to find out what was wrong with me listen to your body you know your body more than anything guys for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Mara montalbano

40 thoughts on “Why Fitness Influencer Chose to Remove Breast Implants

  1. She doesn’t influence people. She just comments on the Instagram profiles of A list celebrities for followers

  2. So I can get a zip lock bag and fill it with water there he go plastic boobs (not trying to make fun of her it’s jus a joke she’s a queen)

    1% of the comments: I have never heard of this lady before
    Then you have me: I'm hungry

  4. I think I saw her on the comments section on Instagram on I think one of robertdowneyjr's posts??? (she's everywhere)

  5. Everyone is talking about this girl on Instagram and how she does anything for attention so can someone explain 😕

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