Why Every Hollywood Western Is Secretly A Mad Max-Type Movie – Today’s Topic

(Electronic Music) – Hey did you see Mad Max: Fury Road? – I showed my newborn
child Mad Max: Fury Road. – It’s awesome, isn’t it? Man, Australia sure can make a western. – False, Mad Max is a
post-apocalypse movie. – Right, which makes it a western. All movie westerns happen
after the apocalypse in the future, not the past. – Alex, what fresh bullshit is this? – So you know how the actual old west was nothing like Hollywood westerns? – Let’s say I’m willing to know. – If we’re talking about
westerns as an overall genre mashing them all together, treating all 83 westerns
John Wayne did as one movie. – If we have to. – A couple big tropes emerge, gun violence, bank robberies, big hats. – The three most American
things in the history of things. – And none of them match
the actual old west. That’s an actual historical period, that there are records of. – I mean there’s records
of white western settlers mistreating Native Americans,
that’s in westerns. There’s records of farmers and ranchers fighting over land use,
that’s in westerns. – And do you watch
Westerns to see that stuff? – Hell no, I fast forward
to the gun fights. – Exactly, and gun fights
were so rare in the old west it was a land of frontier
villages, not the Thunderdome. Also by the 1870’s, most western towns had some kind of local law in the books against waving pistols
around on main street. – Gun control, scariest form of safety. – Also, they had banks that
were really hard to rob. Tons of security, no emergency exits, hard-ass townsfolk all around. That’s why in a 40 year period, the old west had eight
bank robberies. Total. Also also, they didn’t really wear what we think of as a cowboy hat, – No, cowboys wore cowboy hats, that’s why we call them cowboy hats and not some asshole hats. Why you trying to ruin
cowboy movies for me, you’re supposed to be
ruining Mad Max for me. – Oh, right, so in
post-apocalyptic movies, when does the world end? – Well some of them say we don’t know, some of them say we don’t know
and we’re radiation mutants. – Exactly, post-apocalyptic
movies are about a distant future society
trying to remember some scrap of the past. In The Book Of Eli, they’ve got the bible. In Water World, they’ve got cigarettes. In Snow Piercer, They’ve
got Ed Harris’ man cave. – And in Mad Max, they’ve got gasoline, – And cars, and misogyny. – Yeah… I mean yeah, you’re
getting it, not yeah misogyny. Although, I will say this for misogyny. – I’d rather you didn’t. – Misogyny is a key clue
that normal movie westerns happen in a Mad Max
future, not the old west. – So you’re gonna tell me the
old west was good for women? – It wasn’t perfect, but
women in the old west led communities, led pioneering, and generally had it better than the average american woman of that time. Women even got the right
to vote in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming in the 1800’s. Decades before American
universal suffrage. – Huh, kinda makes me
proud to be from the west. – I thought you’re from Virginia. – West Virginia. – Movie westerns have to take place after a Mad Max type Armageddon. That’s the only way they make sense. Because what would we do if we ran out of electricity and laws? We’d probably try to adapt to it, by doing whatever pioneer-y stuff we think people used to do, but we’d also hang on to a lot of our current societies key features. Misogyny, gun violence, dental hygiene. – Yeah, and lots of other
stuff too, like vitamins. – Oh, yeah. – I mean all those cowboys just look like tall handsome Hollywood actors. Their diet is just whiskey. – Which would have killed
you in the actual old west. Modern whiskey is merely poison, but before congress passed the
Bottled in Bond act in 1897, there were no rules. You could put any old junk in whiskey, random other alcohols,
varnish, sulfuric acid. Also, most westerns show people drinking sarsaparilla,
all the time, but… – Wait, I know this one, sarsaparilla that’s like a Hays Code thing right, it’s Hollywood for whiskey. – Or it’s a distant future society, where sarsaparilla has
become a popular fad. – Oh like right now with
kombucha, or snapchat, or fascism. – All movie westerns make sense if they’re after a Mad
Max type Armageddon. That’s why there’s
cookie cutter type towns, healthy people and animals,
everybody’s armed to the teeth. – And black cowboys like in Unforgiven. I’m cowboy Morgan Freeman,
a historical impossibility. – Actually there were a lot of
black cowboys in the old west and basically every western
ignores it, except Unforgiven. – And Blazing Saddles. – Oh, yeah. – Piss on you, I’m working for Mel Brooks. – Not in the face! – Man, that movie is all
over the time stream. – Mel Brooks is so cool. – Yeah, he’s the best. – I’m tired of ruining cowboy movies, let’s talk about Spaceballs. You wanna talk about Spaceballs? – I mean, I guess, why Spaceballs? – Cause this is a dream, Alex. My dream. (Dramatic Music) – Spaceballs. 1987. Co-written, produced and
directed by Mel Brooks. – It’s the only thing
I’ve used this tablet for, in like a year. – It doesn’t look like anything to me. – Hey you wanna talk about Spaceballs? – I showed my newborn child Spaceballs. – It’s so good. – It’s so good. – So good! (Western Music) (Peppy Music) – Oh, Hi. Thanks for watching that video. Hit the big C to subscribe. Click to the right to see more videos. Click that notification bell if you wanna know when
our next video comes out. So long.

100 thoughts on “Why Every Hollywood Western Is Secretly A Mad Max-Type Movie – Today’s Topic

  1. I would like to congratulate the people saying Mad Max is actually a Western. You found a way to have the video go over your head and make an accurate statement at the same time.

  2. Over the course of finals week a friend and I watched Blazing Saddles, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Spaceballs, History of the World: Part I, and Young Frankenstein.
    Mel Brooks was awesome.

  3. 'Post-apocalypse' is after the apocalypse, implying a time when the apocalypse has finished and things aren't so bad.

  4. Today's topic is still good, OPCD is still good, After hours is still good…and cracked focuses on releasing those shitty minute and a half videos that are all poor animation and subtitles.

  5. Can we get a series of just these two guys talking about shit? or maybe a podcast? am I the only one who wants this?

  6. "what fresh bullshit is this?"

    Ahahahaha!! I mean the line is good. Not great. Good. But the delivery? The timing? Perfect.

  7. 1:19 "Gun control, the scariest form of safety"
    3:44 "A popular fad… like Kambucha, Snapchat or Facism"

    Only in Cracked video's are these points subtly garnished into movie discussions.

  8. Umm, shouldn't that be "Why every Mad Max movie is secretly a Hollywood Western"? That's like calling the old Flash Gordon and Commando Cody serials a ripoff of Star Wars.

  9. Or maybe, just maybe…crazy theory I know, but her me out, all westerns take place in a fictionalized and highly romanticized version of the Old West. I mean, it's not like Hollywood does that kind of thing all the time or anything…

  10. Nerds writing revisionist history where nobody dies and everybody was friends? Reality if they time traveled they would still be considered weak in their version of the old west. Fun fact nobody talks about… The Civil War was not fought on the west coast. So from like Oklahoma on they haf their own thing going on. Thats North and South btw. So Arizona New Mexico Nevada Utah California Washington Oregon Nebraska and others were not part of Americas Civil War.

  11. I feel like this concept and video could have been really good but ended up being a meandering waste of time.

  12. This wasn't an issue for me before so don't reply with your angry, anti-SJW bullshit but, as a Black man, it's nice to finally see someone in one of these videos who isn't a skinny white guy (often with glasses). I know there's some Asian woman who pops up every once in a blue when you're all sitting around that conference room table but her appearances are rare and she's never in one of the scripted sketches. Again, not an issue! Please don't go forcing all your Black, Asian and Latino staff, who may not be at all interested in being on camera, to memorize lines, rehearse and "commit". You got a Dominican-American guy in the office who's just an editor, with no interest in being on camera, let him be. There's a Hmong-American woman in your research department who's acting experience tops out at pretending to like the homemade cookies brought in by that one person on staff who's not that great at baking cookies, don't force makeup into her face, sit her in front of a camera and make her read a list of the top ten Jean Claude van Dam (straight to video) movies. But if there is someone who's interested that's not, well, a skinny white guy (often with glasses), it'd be nice to see that bit of variety in some of these bits.

  13. Spaceballs!!! Let's ALL admit it, we know FOR A FACT, that the president of the spaceballs is who tump based his character 'President tump' on. Every time he rolls aback another environmental regulation all I see is mel brooks on the phone reassuring a constituent that their is plenty of air and then he hangs up and down a bottle of "perri-air". It makes me laugh and then I bawl like a baby because we're all SO FUCKED!!!!!

  14. all 10 newguy reaction shots!!!: 0:22, 0:43, 1:08, 1:33, 2:10, 2:13, 2:32, 3:18, 3:26, 3:32
    you're welcome. wish i knew how to cut them together.

  15. I, I, I didn't love spaceball, but I voted for it in the poll, because it was the option with a line with a dot under it, and they excite me.
    Mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa

  16. Ok I figured out, you guys record the end plate first, then the actual entertainment video last. You fix it up later in editing dept.
    How do I know this?
    Well let me tell you this, isn't it better if we ask 'Cracked, just, what the hell?'

  17. Hi, new guy! And…other new guy…this is getting confusing…best ending to a today's topic yet. Very meta.

  18. Faulty logic. If all movie westerns are actually post-apocalyptic, that does not make all post-apocalyptic movies westerns. All apples are fruit. Not all fruits are apples. End of nitpick.

  19. Akira Kurosawa was a huge fan of John Ford, and you can see the influence dripping from movies like Seven Samurai, but especially Yojimbo. John Ford essentially created the modern western with "Stagecoach!" and Kurosawa essentially created the spaghetti western with "Yojimbo". The spaghetti western seems to be the particular sub-genre that post-apolyptic movies take the most inspiration from.

  20. I always knew Alex Schmidt was a robot. How else could he keep dying and coming back to make more videos?

  21. "I showed my newborn child Mad Max Fury Road."
    The earliest memory i have as a child was watching the first Mad Max on VHS with my dad.

    p.s. We're an Australian family.

  22. also Id like to point out.
    Post Apocalypse
    and westerns are almost all interchangeable.

  23. Alright, I'll bite. How's there misogyny in Mad Max? Unless you are of course talking LITERALLY in the films that there are big asthmatic dr Wiley's that use women like napkins

  24. This is like the "Aladdin takes place in the far future after society and technology have been destroyed and humanity started over because Genie uses 20th century pop culture references" theory.

  25. Never thought id hear anyone say they are proud to be from west virginia i lived there for almost 10 years and everyone wanted out

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  27. Yeah, could be . Well no.How about a fictional version that sells tickets. Better then glasses man`s mental masterbation.

  28. "Kinda makes me proud to be from the west"
    "I thought you were from Virginia"
    "West Virginia"


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