Why Do we hate Eachother? The Indian Gaming Community Explained by The Experiment (Read Description)

to help with what people say dwell with the fact that okay people are like you know my god soul is only camping and this and that and take a look there there's two two ways of playing a game how what was it pay Lane in there right and I will talk specifically what was it the whole thing I remember when I came on the scene people like what the fuck this guy talks too much he can't direction Lucien bully there remember this was the thing initially that I talk too much erasing grade school trip carbo at a core name and you know this this kind that kind this gully in that gully and it's good with Chupke now if if only XD wasn't talking this game would be so much better all that shit so you know I mean um back in the day I mean III realized I got all that and you know that was that was my strategy right my thing was that I I want to you know I like knowing the position of my enemies I like I like I like gathering information and then you know planning what I did at that time these guys were into the whole draws the thing you get a not and you rushed the house remember that was that was the one thing you get a knock and you rushed the house and that people dub that was like – oh my god that was the god gameplay at that time so everybody in their live streams even even now would have what what would the title be Rush gameplays the way it's meant to play and all that shit you know everything would rush tactics or m249 rush rush gameplay because you know that's what people liked people thought that just cuz you had the balls to go up in Russia compound and get it that was that was D tactic and when I say D order like that I'm a CO tasting the shit out of it right again there's no hard and fast rule in pubs you mobile it's a freaking battle royale there there's a hundred and twenty thousand freaking strategies that you can use right I mean it's as simple as that so my point is so these guys started doing that back in the day right and of course you know weaker squads who have no idea what to expect suddenly a couple of cars are pulling in four dudes are getting out with the sole purpose to come inside your house and murder you and him free else in the house and take over that I was basically right so that became the thing so now we should we should we used to argue about one thing now what if mortal and all or in a house and a random clan tries to push up on them now since we know our boys can shoot we know that you know our boys know how to hold the houses and all that it's almost suicide for the guys coming in right because even even for us like suppose when we are in a compound unless or until until unless the car is spotted very late we know the guys are coming that guard er er er er Gardea a rate you can freakin gun them down before they even hit the wall and all that is gonna hit the wall is just there you know the cops is in the freakin vehicle that is what happens at times right so now try doing that on this international stage so again coming now why why ever I told you this rush game play point now this is what us Indians thought was the only way to play right because again we like sheep I'm sorry to say that but we and I'm saying we again and again so that you know it super clear that I also identify myself with this whole situation because I tend to get carried away with the same shit at times – right now I may have a different passport right I don't have an Indian passport I get it it's fine but I've got my OCI citizenship of India I mean overseas citizen orphaned and you can't take that away from me take care another thing is we at that time thought okay that's the only way to go and you know everything else became boring so everybody else was like you know fuck yes you know this is the way to go about it and all that then suddenly came the South East Asian teams and their exposure to us again like why I'm saying she because you know she / right one sheep leads and the other follows you know that's that's how it is that's how that's that's why it's not that difficult to be a sheep herder as compared to a goat herder and you know cattle or something because it's simple you get the first sheep to frickin go in this direction ever you every other sheep follows we've all watched babe for goodness sake remember the movie babe anyway so then when when we were introduced to the Southeast Asian squads then came BTR and they're caught strategies and all that you guys remember when everybody just lost their shit when the first time they saw cars being used as cover in the last few circle then people like oh my god that is the way to play what are these guys rushing houses and all it's so stupid it is not safe it is not this and you know it is blind push that is the way to play no no no no no you have to have your cars and all that shit come on remember so I mean basically what my point is again there's no hard and fast rule and this this this this game this sport so to say is ever-evolving he gets ever-evolving I mean I saw dude oh my goodness yesterday I saw a couple of moves I'm going to say it out loud because I think I wanna you know what I mean photography I mean whoever started it whoever started it that's what I mean I mean somebody's gonna start it and everybody else follows that that's alright the thing is what is wrong with our you know we want to make an Indian gaming community and all that and I'll tell you why that is not gonna be super easy right now because we hate each other for some for some stupid reason us in the Indian gaming community are either jealous of each other not not jealous citizen you know that he's doing better than me jealous jealous in the sense that it's just the wave been brought up I mean honestly I'm gonna hit a couple of nerves right now so please bear with me but it's just that way from from day one as we grow up you know we were taught to differentiate between people right we've all been there I'm not bringing any caste system or anything forget that were talking about that right I'm just saying generally we are taught to treat people differently based on the most common thing is the economic social social status so strata right that is the most common thing I mean we are taught to talk down to people who apparently are considered inferior and you know suck up to people who are apparently considered superior same thing on the road the bigger the car you have apparently you have a fucking right of way in this country and if you own the cycle or a bike or god forbid a maruti then you know apparently you you know you're not even fit to be able you know that that's just the way it is over here that is one thing if until that doesn't change ain't nothing gonna happen why is the West where does everybody you know talk about the whole the West and the East issue and all that a day but we shouldn't have any way so in p.m. is dude we jacked up from game everything was going good towards the last circle then you know now again it's easy so easy to point fingers and say that you snake was legal to carry we all we all know Google tika sneaked away so you know we'll just say the team didn't perform well right and the moment we started choking up right from the beginning it psychologically it's had an effect towards the end second game you've like don't worry don't worry we can bounce back we can bounce back but then again we fucked up right in the beginning third give me legs yeah this is a chance to be top three then fourth give me sex huh Joe low top ten you know so that kind of mindset comes in button tell me one thing it just breaks you right so at at that time literally if I would look into the crowd although it wasn't happening it would be like everybody whoever is looking at me is pointing their finger and saying you suck and you know for the first I remember when the tournament got over all of us we were pretending to be so happy and cheerful when the cameras were around but you know deep inside we were like literally it was it sucked it sucked it didn't suck losing as much as it sucked losing that bad right it just sucked so you know but literally it took all of ten minutes and you know what Jade Jade me up this one guy just random guy he's like can I get a picture with you I'm like you know I even asked him I'm I'm tearing up right now because this is exactly because you know I went through those emotions dude or shit I asked ugh I'm like why would you want to picture with me you know I mean we fucked up so bad because you know I'd never had any kind of exposure like this pillar so he was like dude you know I love your key and I'm like shit dude fuck yes let's let's think that I've literally I'm not even joking I was so people like literally mean me I remember iconic and I were talking with like Jeremy a Seneca little agility because that's we just wanted to fucking run away because you know it sucks when people turn on you and you know when you when you have that why but remember Nova incident when I accidentally shot his car up you know people who were watching history with what I did on purpose but whoever watch my stream realized it was a total complete accident right again I got through much flack for that it sucked it really sucked I don't come online for like a couple of days the reason being because anytime I come on industry debate 3:13 yeah 30 whoa today is key both in use key a I mean now I I know one thing see it's not the finish this is this keyboard warriors right but anyway it's certain that one kid who asked me for that one photograph literally made my fucking day dude

24 thoughts on “Why Do we hate Eachother? The Indian Gaming Community Explained by The Experiment (Read Description)

  1. Wow experiment! Skip to 5:30 he just pointed out the sorry state of society we are living in. Can't agree more with you brother.

  2. Guys 8bit thug ka Strm dako 1 toxic comment sida ban karta hain wo . Sab streamers Ko ya karna chahiya . Aur competitive matchs main chats mat dako gameplay dako . If you cannot change others then chenge yourself .

  3. Indian gaming community is not/will not grow if people/streamers keep watching/streaming pubg mobile only (not including competitive pubg mobile players), we viewers should step up and try watching other game streams. I’m a soul fan and I agree that soul fanbase consist large numbers of immature fans. And to those who are hating SouL, they made it to PMCO with their skills and hardwork. PMCO is a fucking pubg mobile worldcup, what do you expect?


  5. I don't hate Soul I hate the OVERHYPE they got.Me and many others know what is the level of soul.There are many better players than Soul guys.Even IND and IT is better that Soul.But Soul kid fans everywhere telling Soul is God lol and this makes the hate more intense.
    And India have only Pubg community not Indian gaming community. where the fuck This gaming community lol. before Pubg.

  6. People giving their opinion that soul loosing gave them satisfaction , indians are spamming noobs for soul shows the mentality of these jealous people , mortal or soul member never abused anyone they are the few people who spread peace and positivity in the IGC and they won among 11,000 squads so they represented india whats the deal you have problem put your own squad in the battle . Half of these esports geniues didnt existed year ago

    Ps : people hating soul because of spamming soul in every chat makes them no different than the ones spamming like idiots

  7. True reason
    Foreign Gaming Community :
    1) kids = Fortnite , PUBG mobile , etc
    2) mature audience = 17+ games , Highly PC games
    3) they respect each other.
    4) gaming community only have gamers .
    5) No emulator .
    6) use Twitch ( Now think why they made Twitch)

    1) Kids everywhere
    2) everyone plays PUBG mobile ( not even PC) .
    3) everywhere emulators
    4) lack of mature audience
    5) should introduce Twitch
    6) no other games , only PUBG vo bhi mobile.
    7) there's no Gaming Community in India .

    ( As usual, you can see immature comments in the comment section in this video . And stop calling yourself mature until you are mature )

  8. Bro soul was being stragetic i get this at the point of being ! camping all the time yes they were gathering Information but bro they coulf have 3rd party most team were taking action But Souls were hiding that made them look bad i dont disrespect that … but u understand what i m trynna say still i love soul they did work hard and i respect that

  9. Agreed to u all chat in pubg Be Like abusing all the time thinking they are something else like better and all

  10. A lot of people from India actually say themselves that they find themselves not only as the best but they most vcompetitive players and do have a bit of a cocky attitude

  11. Indian audience need to be mature now. Being a fan of any clan,we have to accept the loss if we had cheered up in the victories and also we have to respect the opponent who played better than us. Game is all about win and loss. We just have to stay calm and accept what it is. Stop spamming soul everywhere,stop trolling other team with hate messages after they beat out your fav squad,be a man.cheer for the vicotry and appreciate on the bad times too..peace out

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