Why Commonwealth countries need climate finance?

How does climate change pose a risk? You
know a lot of times when there’s discussions and dialogue on climate
change, there’s an inherent message and belief and misconception
that climate change is something that will happen down the line in the future
sometimes. For us for small island developing states, and in particular
low lying coral atolls like ours which do not rise 2 meters above sea level,
it poses major major risk, particularly from sea level rise in time know some of
our Islands would be submerged to the extent that I think eventually some of
them will have to leave the islands and be resettled somewhere we just did the estimate actually about two years ago of the costs implications of all that. We
know now that we need about 5 hundred million dollars annually to address all
these impacts of climate change. What I understand by climate finance so I
supposed to achieve is, very generally it is all of those means of financial
support whether money, grants, loans insurance products whatever that are directed
towards resilience building activities things that will help us survive the
current changes and indeed thrive under them. But I think in principle climate
finance skills of the very very good thing i like the idea of south/south learning
because you know God bless our friends in some more developed countries but
they don’t necessarily know the kind of things that we have to face and so
hearing how other people like us solve the problem will do a lot of good furthermore i like the focus that seems
to be emerging on making sure the capacity is embedded and an indigenous
we don’t want a situation where a consultant parachutes and jets off what
we want is to build the capacity in hole so we can hold onto it for the long term
because we’re talking about a long-term problem i do like the approach So we just need to think outside the box
and come up with intuitive solutions that that that can address the problems
the magnitude of the the challenges and the problems

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