Why become a Eurometaux member?

All companies are busy preparing their future, and as you know there are a lot of challenges. Challenges in terms of energy costs, environmental legislation, and preparing for the circular economy. We can do that individually as a company, but we can also do that collectively. I think doing it collectively is the best way and the most efficient way. And Eurometaux is very well fitted to do that, because they are in contact with the European decision-makers. The big benefit of Eurometaux is that they provide a platform for the industry to come together, discuss things, work out solutions together, and work out especially a consistent approach towards these regulations. Close to 80% percent of regulation comes from Europe and comes from Brussels. Having someone in Brussels who is a spearhead in lobbying for the non-ferrous metals industry; that’s a big value for Aurubis. This is why we are a strong and proud partner of Eurometaux. The main benefits are getting access to all the information but also create strong alliances with our partners – partners in the industry, but also partners outside like the politicians but also the NGOs and so on With Eurometaux, we really have the opportunity to develop methodologies which are very specific to metals and which we can then use to be taken into account in the European regulations. One particular benefit we enjoyed in the last half year: We were invited as a sector for non-ferrous industries to participate in a discussion with DG GROW and the Joint Research Centre on how the future industrial landscape in Europe should look like. So we spent about three days, to discuss with all kind of stakeholders about this topic, and we achieved a very good result, with a vision statement, and also how to get there.

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