Why America’s Military Must Be Strong

From when America’s armed forces entered World
War I in 1917 until today, the United States military has repeatedly made the difference
between Civilization and Barbarism. It’s no exaggeration to say that a militarily strong
America is the one indispensable prerequisite for a peaceful and prosperous world. The witness
of history, as well as our own common sense, bear testament to the fact that when America’s
armed forces are powerful, focused and feared, the globe is a better place than when she
is weak, unprepared and vacillating. In the past century alone there have been four great threats made to peace, democracy and freedom. Each of them have come from enemies
that hate and fear what the United States stands for, as laid down in her Declaration
of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. Three of these have come from differing
mutations of Fascism, and one from its totalitarian twin, Communism. In each case it has been
the US military that has been a principal force protecting the Free World from the tyranny
these threats have sought to impose. The First World War sprung from Germany’s
bid for hegemony over Europe and was powered by a Prussian military machine that was proto-Fascist
in its outlooks, ambitions and assumptions. When the discovery of the infamous Zimmerman
Telegram revealed that Germany wanted to extend the War even into the American heartland,
the Wilson Administration sent hundreds of thousands of young American recruits — nicknamed
‘doughboys’ — onto the battlefields of Europe, and tipped the balance in the Allies’ favor. 25 years later, the American armed forces
were again fighting against the second mutation of Fascist ideology — as espoused by Nazi
Germany and Imperial Japan. On battlefields as distant from America as tiny islands in
the south Pacific, picturesque villages in Italy and desolate towns in Northern Africa
as well as on the sea in the Atlantic and in the skies over Germany, the American armed
forces made another invaluable contribution to victory. Yet the fight for freedom wasn’t over. Almost
as soon as WWII ended a new threat arose, the Red Fascist version of totalitarianism
— Soviet Communism. It soon cast its shadow over Eastern Europe as well as parts of Africa,
Asia and Latin America. American military might, deployed intelligently and globally,
played the key role in neutralizing and then ultimately bankrupting that terrible menace
to the Free World. When victory in the Cold War in the late 1980s and early 1990s finally
came under the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, it was because
the US armed forces were kept strong enough to deal with the ceaseless probing and provocations
of the Soviet Union over nearly half a century. Since 9/11 the world has been faced with yet
another mutation of Fascism, fundamentalist Islamist terrorism. Taking on many of the
features of earlier Fascist movements — hatred of democracy and Christianity, a fanatical
anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism, and a desire for utter uniformity — the Islamist
terror movement has caused death and destruction wherever it has appeared. The Fascist bacillus
has mutated yet again, but it is alive and well. And yet again, the traditional antidote, the
American military, has taken up the task. By taking on the forces of Terror in full-scale
wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US made it clear that it would not permit Fascism
to triumph in our time, any more than earlier generations of Americans permitted it to in
theirs. All this has come at great cost — in lives
and money. The cost of these precious lives, men and women, fighting for others freedom
far from their homes, can never be repaid. But the money — a defense budget that is by
far the largest in the world — has been well spent. It has protected the honor, power and
prestige of the USA, upon which the cause of freedom ultimately relies. When the US armed forces are weak — as they
were before the Second World War, when America had only the 14th largest army in the world
— the likes of Adolf Hitler are encouraged to make larger and larger demands. When US
armed forces are strong, however, even a superpower like the Soviet Union has to acknowledge its
own internal contradictions and inability to overawe the West. With China rearming massively
and posing a growing threat to Western interests and values around the world, and the threat
of Islamist fascism still upon us, it is well to learn the central lesson of the past half-century
of human experience, which is that for her own sake and that of those who love freedom
everywhere, the United States must be militarily pre-eminent. I’m Andrew Roberts for
Prager University.

100 thoughts on “Why America’s Military Must Be Strong

  1. thats why america support ISIS in syria when russian are about to take Deir Ezzor
    us government are responsible of millions death
    we hate america every one hate america keep it up us government

  2. In WWI Germany wasn't fascist, they were evil but not fascist because they didn't kill sevilians outside of the war, or as a policy.

  3. This is BS. The military exists to serve psychopaths. Order followers need to leave their cult. Prager U is nothing more than satanic propaganda masquerading as moral "traditionalism".

  4. Go ahead. See what life will be like without a strong American military. You left tards will be the first to be enslaved by the Muslim caliphs.

  5. US main strategy is no allow a global superpower like themself to show up on a part of the planet as the US does.
    Imperial Germany, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and the Soviet Union were the 4 that threatened to American world dominance. That's why the US has always fought against such super powers and human rights or whatever "US ideology" wasn't the point anyhow.

  6. America contributed little to nothing in Both World Wars. They did contribute to imperialism in East Asia and the Middle East.

  7. The Military isn't strengthened under Republican leadership. They start wars and proliferate to funnel money to their friends in the military contract industries. We don't need a gigantic military to be safe. Republicans artificially & unnecessarily inflate our military size. Then insult Dems for pointing it out. Only 5% of the world's population live in the United States, but we dwarf the next 8 countries with our military budget.

    Republicans start wars for fraudulent reasons:
    1. War makes them bulletproof. Any criticism of them no matter how justified is spun as unpatriotic. (Ex. Bush after 9/11 went to war with the wrong country and claimed WMD's that didn't exist).
    2. Republicans oppose any and all funding that isn't funneled through a war-machine. Even when the military disagrees. Even when the evidence disagrees. (Ex: the DOD has stated that Global Warming is the greatest national security threat in the world. Yet the GOP denies that it even exists).

    It's like a mattress sale on President's Day. Weeks before the sale they increase the prices by (for example) 25-40%. Then on the day of the sale lower the price by nearly the same amount and create a fake discount. That's what happens under Republican leadership. Just regarding defense spending. Dems have their flaws, but they at least use reallocation of the budget to spend (Cash & Carry). Republicans use the Budget like a Credit Card to bet away our children's future.

    The founder of this channel is a biased scumbag.

  8. Come on US.america is not unbeatable this is reality we could fall apart crumbling down so very hard like the roman empire did we weren't the first that tried to rule the world with an metal fist of a unfair self-serving of injustices so get it together people nobody's going to rule the world we're just going to destroy it in the end

  9. The Americans just interfere then win. Then they are respected. They joined the war late in world wars 1and 2 however the were treated like saviours. Also the Marshall plan wasn't supposed to help allies. It was to spread economic power and make the USD a regular currency all over the world. That was very sneaky.

  10. That map of Germany during world war one is terrible, second Germany was in no way fascist during ww1. That part is blatantly Anti German Propaganda.

  11. The negative comments below held some sway during the apologetic anemic presidency of BO. We finally have a president with a big pair of brass balls who will stand up to the Islamic terrorists instead of funding them $150 billion. Trump is MAGA!!

  12. Hello @PragerU I'm a student at UCSD. I have translated English subtitle into Korean. It's not perfect, but I believe it translated the essence of the message of the video. Please accept my contribution!

  13. Sorry but it is time for "America First", America is not the babysitter of the rest of the world!

  14. this is more about the military industrial complex financially profitable wars NOT antisemitism globally

  15. What makes it the strongest???

    People pay higher taxes that in the end generate an annual $855 billion dollars in military investment so that the US military later engages in illegal wars and war crimes.

  16. This is true.

    If you forget to ask how all of these forces came into being in the first place, as it usually involves some invasion of some third world country to plunder its natural resources, and the people then becoming more susceptible to radicalisation.

    America is the biggest threat to world peace today. Capitalism is killing our planet.

  17. When the us arrived at the Western Front in ww1 the war was technically over.
    And the German Empire was a constitutional monarchy with democratic elections and in many points far More liberal than england

  18. A lot of people in the comment section can't handle the truth. Throughout history strong nations subdue weaker ones and build empires. The U.S. uses its prosperity to HELP the less fortunate and the oppressed, instead of conquering and assimilating them.

  19. Peaceful? The entire Anglo sphere is the cancer of the world including Israel get the hell out of here your lies don’t work

  20. Every one who thinks that this guy is completely full of lies please watch this video https://youtu.be/vrYhLNQMRro

  21. Fascist and Nazism is better than democracy. In Fascist and Democracy, there will be unified family and 'less corruptions'. In democracy, slavery and more corruptions.

  22. The real reason we need a strong military is because our dept makes our dollar worth nothing. Without a military Americas dollar is just a piece of paper. We need a military to keep us on the global stage and keep our dollar alive.

  23. One simple sentence: If you're a United States Citizens, you should appreciate the US Armed Forces. That doesn't mean you have to.

    A reply to a fellow who believes our homeland(USA) is "imperialistic fascist," check this out: "Oh hey dude. Just a reply, my fellow: If you live in the US and you're a US Citizen, you should appreciate the US Armed Forces. Hell, who's been quicker to give foreign aid? How does charity and foreign aid transport not get stolen and destroyed by warlords, tyrants, and so on? We can donate to destitute people, though will it be stolen by bandits/goons from hostile Militaries, warlord factions, etc? Hmm." Lots of dislikes, hopefully it's non-US citizens, perhaps fellas in the Russian Federation or somewhere else… US-Citizens which deny their allegiance to America? Hmm… The US Armed Forces defend our rights, beyond our homeland aswell. Hm, let's send you to a fun place you can advocate social justice and coexistance where they don't want it, somewhere ruled by a "strongman" that "has such a high approval" like Mr.Un, Castro, etc and go advocate social justice there. The folks there, from proverbs to policemen(of that nation, not in our country) might not appreciate it, and the "strongman" is a control freak(because he or she is truly weak and emotionally sensitive, and only wants to hear his or her own voice. That is why you have the right to criticize the USA, even if you're a US Citizen hmm). And the United States Armed Services aren't gonna come to intervene or help, have fun to advocate social justice there. The UN Army will come help? Goodluck UN Peacekeepers.
    Do you have the freedom to criticize this Nation(US)? Yep, some other fellows might disagree with you.
    Do you have the freedom to pursue the career you'd like? Yep, if you're competing for it, who's gonna get in your way? The officials won't.

    Irrelevant: Skip to 2, thanks dude(alright, reply, exchange ideas, US Citizens, if you don't like the title of 'American' because you see the 'Americas' as a continent instead have the ability to write, say, and publish something withou fear of punishment, 1st Amendment. Think of the other US Constitutional rights that we enjoy, the Police Forces, the one that's been criticised of being "heavily militarized" can't search your home without a search warrant. If you know your rights, an abusive prick who's hiding behind his false title can get busted by US justice, though don't blame the police: Most of the Police Forces are good, and they protect us. Hell, it's the parts that ain't got no Policemen that feel like crap, along with food deserts, criminals, so on. Though can they bust your door down and treat you like a criminal without a warrant? Nope. Has it happened before? We can't deny that. Few people have suffered with a political incompetence, though is that you? Did the Special Weapons and Tactics ever bust you down? Well, you probably dealt with an incompetence of some judge or something, as again: Most are good, they serve and protect us. Think about this: The US gets conquered, you're now a subject to an annex, yay! You will probably be treated as a "subhuman" by the new authority that hypothetically conquers our strong Nation because it's potential Armed Services is now absent after your "fight for justice(just so we know, our leaders are strong for now, and our freedom will last)" protest, what will they do to you and I? Hmm, they'll disarm everyone, yay well the evil subhumans which have planned to harm innocent people don't have guns anymore, right? Those "in possession of weapons" who didn't die as pro-American Militia men will have their tools confiscated, even if they were innocent. What comes next? Tyranny, yay! Go make a peace, justice, and rights protest and see what that hypothetical new authority does to you… So we're saying the US Police Forces, among with many others across the globe us weapons such as tear gas banned in warfare against their own citizens? Whatever that hypothetical 'new authority' does to you is gonna be worse, they might not want to waste ammunition, however…
    Yep, and the new order's police force can kick your door down whenever they want, without a warrant, and: They don't care if you are innocent and don't have any drugs or weapons(guns illegalized by this new order), they'll 'confiscate' your valuables like jewelry, money, and food: Leaving you hungry and destitute! That's already happened across our world! Now let's form a global government, good idea? Servicemen: Thanks for serving and keeping us protected.
    1. Do you get free education when you're young? Yea, it's kinda becoming indoctrination. And however, it someone else's falt you chose that "higher education," they taught you a bunch of scribal fun intellect, though left(no pun intended) you without teaching you the skills you and I need to learn to get certificates of helping your fellow people(money) to put food on your table.

    2.What if the brave men who defend us, the US Armed Forces all suddenly(this will not happen, they are courageous, honorable, loyal, and brave folks who protect you and I, if you're a US Citizen in US soil), could you still advocate social justice? What would happen to us? Hint hint: A foreign power may bully every one of us, and do other nations have the freedoms we enjoy in our Nation? Aren't there some Nations with fewer less-regulations on what someone could put in what you eat, if you can even eat by then? Hm, can you still advocate "coexistence," LGTB rights(if you think the US is the lowest there, you haven't seen the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China, which are barking at our motherland(USA), in the Russian Federation, homosexuality is considered a mental disorder, in the People's Republic of China, they are slaughtered. What happens if they conquered our beloved country? Good luck protesting, wow you've been liberated)!
    Wow, you've been liberated huh? Fortunately, that hypothetical situation isn't going to happen to us, for now at least.
    Among some pro-USA folks: Alright, there may be some control-freaks whom are emotionally pitiful and cry all the time, and can't deal with other's perspectives: Future tyrants which deprive our constitutional freedoms-rights through soft-power like fancy "college vocabulary" words: That's another debate.

    Let's make a hypothetical situation(this isn't real, just a fantasy. However, it could happen to you and I, thankfully the US Armed Forces helps prevent the horrors, looks like we don't want the US Military to defend us… Huh? Anyway: say you weren't born in the US, or you aren't in the USA: You're a noncombatant in a wartorn country, you don't have any weapons! Yep, you're an ordinary guy for example: What'll be better: Your country gets invaded by a NATO power such as America(USA), United Kingdom, etc: You might die in collateral damage from an aircraft or shelling. Ouch, war isn't fun though you survive: It's going to be hard, your probably homeless or suffered great losses, though: Charitable organizations might help you, mostly from western countries. Yea, the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China send foreign aid too, right? You've probably seen some Chinese television depicting how good the PRC is! Though do Chinese citizens have the right to criticize the PRC? Not much, and they've got consequences if they decide to.

    Compared to: Same situation, however: It's not NATO or the US "imperialists," it's actual Imperialists: Maybe a rogue state! What will happen? You might die in collateral damage from an aircraft or shelling. Ouch, though was it really a collateral accident? Every side has accidents, though do these invaders really care about you? Probably not, they might be hungry, they might not be given as many provisions, might 'need' take from your food… Who's gonna be hungry?
    They might use you as a human shield. Afterward, they won't let the UN or any charitable organization come and help: They'll shoot and loot.
    Yay! You are now a subject of an annexed area, you are being treated like a subhuman, and they aren't really feeding you!

    One irrelevant comment: Some fellows have called Soldiers "murderers." What have they called mass murderers(terrorists that stab, shoot, or attack in some 'assault' way)? "Killers."
    Killing and murdering are two different things.

  24. The United States runs this planet, and we FINALLY may be returning to not giving a damn what the rest of the world thinks of us. In fact, the only reason, ONLY REASON, any of your counties exist, IS BECAUSE WE HERE IN THE UNITED STATES ALLOW YOU TO EXIST….don't you punk bitches complaining here in this comments section forget that shit, cuz whether you wanna admit it or not, we own 2/3 of the worlds nukes, and that means we can own your gov'ts at any time we so choose to….suck it you chumps…

  25. Prager U: the bigger the government the smaller the citizen

    Also prager U: we must coerce money via taxation to fund government sanctioned murder

  26. If America loves democracy and freedom, why was it against India in the 1971 Bangladesh War, as a result of which Bangladesh was liberated? Was it just because India had a Socialist economy?

  27. It really annoys me that this video is basically saying America did ww1 and ww2 on its own and just forgetting about the Russians the British the French the polish the Indians the Belgians the Canadians and the Australians who all fought in these wars in fact it was the Indians who stopped the Germans and Italians from invading the Middle East through North Africa and taking control of the oil reserves and it was the Indians who stopped the the Japanese in Burma from invading India and it was the Russians and the polish who entered and captured Berlin marking the end the war in Europe

  28. When you said hatred of democracy and christianity you were right about the christian part and the democracy part but the us isn'tba christian nation

  29. Lol your map of Prussia’s borders were about as accurate as your description of them.

    Prussia is the Military industrialist empire the US wishes it could be.

  30. Yes of course. Imperial Germany which had Jews in its army,was fighting Europeans for a European ally,was a Christian nation and was itself nowhere near as engaged in colonialism was the true fascist of WW1. AntiSemetic, Anti American and Anti Christian.

  31. no it should not be
    us should have no power only colonialism and stealing thats all they do i truly blame the democrats

  32. Most of the people in this comment section are ungrateful filth! The US army is the best of all. All US war crimes are justifiable. The US saved the world multiple. War is USEFUL when it comes to replacing autocracy with democracy. If it wasn’t for the US everyone would be speaking German, Japanese, and Russian. Give me one example that shows that this video is bias! Just ONE!

  33. Honestly I think America could go without a military because we are surrounded by seas and don’t have any enemy’s on our borders

  34. you fools…consider yourself on your own then…if ur not going to stand behind our soldiers then stand in front of them…china is teaching their kids to fight… we are teaching our kids to trans and seek a safe space…

  35. according to Henry Kissinger: America is strong for two reasons: Looks for its traitors and kill them .And looks and uses other countries' traitors.

  36. We certainly do not want Russian troops or Chinese troops being strong, because we don’t want to live under communist ruling.

  37. 0:21– We don't deliver peace anymore. Iraq doesn't want us around.

    3:10– Why were we attacking Iraq and Afghanistan? Saudi Arabia was where the attackers are from.

    5:02– If we want to beat China, we need a stronger GDP. China currently isn't militant much outside of their borders. It's not like they are invading Vietnam for example.

    5:15– We can cut our military budget by 67% and still be the 2nd strongest in the world. If we want to defend freedom in South Korea, we can make the place a state. China won't mess with the place then.

  38. Prager U: The left calls anything it doesn’t like fascist.

    Also Prager U: Everybody the US fought against was fascist.

  39. Sorry, but as a libertarian myself, I couldn't care less for the US military, even if I was "american" myself. Heck, I don't care even for the military of my own country. The army is an instituiton financed with public money that comes from taxes. And sadly (for you, of course), taxation is theft, which is something that even contradicts conservative values.

  40. Why does the left support weak militaries?
    Stalin is one of the most leftist person i have found, and he wanted a strong military

  41. The US military is a losing team. It can not keep the peace or win any wars either. US military officers have NO performance standards. The US military is just a corporate tool bag. What a joke without any genuine sense of purpose.

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