Who Will Support You During Health Research – Chief Investigator

I’m joined by Dr Ed Datale who’s a
Chief Investigator. He has overall responsibility for the research. Hi Ed. Hi.
So can you tell me a bit about your role and what it involves. As Chief
Investigator you have responsibility to the overall project and that goes from
the very start right up to using the results. At the start of a project the
first thing we do is try to think of what our research question is, what we’re
trying to answer. The next stage would be to write a grant application which should be a formal description of the study, to obtain funding to carry it out. Then if
that’s successful, we would then be looking to design the research in detail. It may be a study where the patients are having some kind of treatment, and it may
take place all in one hospital or it may take place in many hospitals around the
country or around the world. In that stage, as a chief investigator, I would
have responsibility for making sure all of those hospital sites are set up and
working correctly that everyone’s working together and that things are
progressing as planned. At the end of the project when we’ve recruited our
participants and collected our data, we would have to collect up all that data,
analyze it, understand what it means and then we’d usually try to disseminate our
results. And then there’s the stage beyond that, is to then make sure that
those results are actually used to benefit patients. If we’ve discovered a
new diagnostic test or a new treatment we then have to make sure that gets
implemented into the NHS.

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